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My brow dropped and was laying below my eyelashes....

My brow dropped and was laying below my eyelashes. I had the zig zag cut done at my hairline. What happened that I now have a hole/ open sore in my forehead? My surgery was February 20th and this is my second week post op. I had one office visit thus far. The nurse took a photo of the problem area.

gaping hole

I saw a wound and hyperbaric specialist today. They are doing a culture to determine the type of infection and they told me the wound died. I have to have a home health wound specialist come to my home every day. They ordered a medication to try to sloth off the areas that died. They said they will let me know after , we're I go from there. I'm so sad this happened!!!! Everyone has been so concerned and kind. I'm very grateful.

gaping hole update

My doctor has been sending a home care wound nurse to my home. The doctor ordered santyl ointment that basically eats away the dead layers so the wound can heal from the bottom up.
After the nurse left she called back and said my doctor wanted me to remove the santyl ointment and let the wound dry out. He said he is going to remove the dead skin with a scalpel so new cells will start the healing sooner.
He is paying of everything himself until everything is healed. He will then lazer any scar that might be left. He has been wonderful, calling , sending a car to pick me up and bring me home. His bedside manner is 5 star. Everyone who works for him, his staff, the nurses, office manager are all really dedicated and care about your concerns. I feel I'm in good hands and that the final outcome will be more than satisfactory. I'll keep posting and show photos right up to the final results.

gaping hole today


open wound / brow lift

The nurse came again today and cleaned the wound. I see my doctor on Wednesday and he will remove the dead layers. I hope that will trigger new cells and the start of a healing. I will continue to post photos until everything is final. My hope is by the time this is over there will be no scaring.

open wound/ brow lift

My doctor has been wonderful. He calls and gave me his personal cell phone number in case I have any more concerns. He sends a home care wound specialist to my home everyday. I'll be seeing him this week and his plan is to remove the dead layers so new cells will start a healing process. I'm still worried that there might be a scar after all is said and done. The brow lift it self is looking really good and the incision along my hairline looks better than I expected at this point, since I'm 17 days post op.


The nurse came again today. My doctor hopes to recruit her to come to the office with me and explain how to care for my wound after. Here's the photo of how the wound looks today.


I had the necrotic tissue removed today. Everyone was wonderful and I'll have daily care until the wound is healed. My doctor is a doll and he really wants the very best for me. I can't wait until the end and the final reveal. Other than this unexpected wound, everything looks really nice. Love the brow lift!

Wound update

The nurse came again today and finally the wound is beginning to heal....yippy!!
There is nice red skin showing instead of the old dead skin. The nurses tried many things and finally decided my skin doesn't respond well to products or adhesives. I now have a type of bandage that creates moisture and nothing else. They found the answer. I see her again tomorrow and will update again.

Wound finally got moisture.

My brow lift came out awesome...happy.

Things are looking better with my new brow lift. Even the zig zag forehead incision looks much better. New hair as growing in. (See tiny hairs)

Wound still making improvements

The home care nurse just left. She'll be back tomorrow. She's using promo gran.
More dead skin is sloughing off.

My it's looking much better today!

Wound is looking much better.

The nurse measures the wound daily. It's finally getting smaller and looking better.


The nurse said about one more week and the wound will be healed. It looks great.


I'm not needing bandages anymore or any promo gran. I'll be discharged from home wound care shortly. The nurses were wonderful from greystone and the staff at the doctors office. My doctor is an amazing guy. He took care of everything for me. I posted another photo to show how good things are looking.

Wound today

I've been discharged from home heath care. I see my PS April 15th.

Wound update

I went to my PS he asked I wait one more month and he'll laser the wound and remove the red

My brow lift

I feel like I'm having a break down, my forehead throbs non - stop. It's so tight it's like there's a huge elastic around my forehead and it's pulled tight. I go the 16th to have the wound lazered, maybe the red will be gone, but I feel like I traded a droopy brow for a scar and a throbbing forehead.

Wound Lasered day one

Name not provided

The doctor has not come in to see me, only his nurse. I'm scared there is going to be a scar

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