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Hello everyone, My surgery is scheduled for...

Hello everyone,
My surgery is scheduled for 4/23/14. I've been planning this for quite some time & finally ready to go through with it. Truth be told I'm extremely nervous & concerned. I was referred to Dr.Widder through my cousin who has a friend that got 565 ccs. She is very pleased with hers. After reading all of the reviews on this site..I'm concerned that 565 ccs will not suit my expectations. Sooo I'm heading to Dr.Widders office early tomorrow morning to discuss the size of the implants & possible a larger implant. I will upload pics,my opinion & experience. :)

I made it lol

Soo.. I got my surgery this am @6:30. Everything went very smooth. The staff was amazingly pleasant and cool. Dr.Widder gave me 2 options; Anasthesia or epidural. at first I was like "nope..put me to sleep" until the Anesthesiologist explained that I won't have nausea..also he would be able to give me something to sleep during entire procedure. So I went with epidural. I wasn't nauseous whatsoever. But when I woke up I had sharp pains in my abdomen (like terrible menstrual cramps) .The nurse inserted a catheter tube (didn't feel it because of epidural) and I had a full bladder. The pain immediately stopped. I'm not in the hotel chillin. My butt is in discomfort but not "Pain"....yet. I took my meds. And my ass looks great. I'll do an update soon.

Obstacle night

Last night was surely an obstacle. Getting up and going to bathroom is tough.. U def need assistance. thank god for my mother. My butt is heavy and feels like I did 5000 squats 1000 days straight. But again, def bearable. just take the meds for sure.
Hint : I find it MUCH easier to pee-pee using a cup & then pouring it in toilet & washing up after words. I cannot sit on toilet nor lay on side yet.

All that

All that

Results. perfect natural ass :) thx Dr. Widder!

5th day

Everyday gets easier. I read everyone's reviews on how the pain is so horrible. No it's not. Just take ur meds. And my ass looks even better everyday.

Cabin Fever. Miserable with Tube.

OK. So I'm a few hours shy of it being a total week since surgery. The tube is the most annoying part of this entire process. Also, not being able to lay ANY other way then on your stomach is miserable. I take pics of my butt everyday and stare at the picture to remind myself why I'm going through this. I absolutely LOVE my butt. But I have cabin fever... and all I do is lay in bed ALL day. I get up about 3 times that's it. It hurts to get up because of the heaviness and frustration with tubes. "Can you say SACRIFICE???""

Tube out! :)

Yesterday I got my tube taken out. Thank god. I feel so much better. I did a little walking yesterday. I'm able to lay on side & sit now. I also tried so a dress. I'm absolutely in love with my body. Dr Widder did a PERFECT job. I will post pics this week.

Basically 2 weeks post surgery

I'm sitting, gettin in and out of bed easily. Going up & down stairs. I just can't drive just yet. Also, I'm still not walking naturally. But my butt looks great and I'm making progress everyday. I just can't wait to hit the gym.

3 weeks in

Ok so I'm 1 day shy of 3 weeks. Let me just say this.. Starting yesterday I've been feeling this constant sharp pain in my left butt cheek. This pain is getting worse. I don't understand why it's only in my left cheek. The only thing I can think of is that the numbness is wearing off and I haven't taken my meds in like a few days. Whatever is it..this hurts bad!

2 tills till a Month!

I made it thru. just like the Dr said.. I will be about 75% bac to normal in a month. I feel about 65% bac to normal. My butt got smaller but it's very plump & natural. It's a lot softer. When I sit I still feel like I'm sitting on something. if you are bigger then me def get a larger implant.. But if u are about my size get 565 for a natural juicy butt. my implant is oval size.

Seems cool so far. Informative. Only wants to do 565 ccs.

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