Looking Forward to See the Results of my Coolsculpting - Vienna, VA

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My experience with coolsculpting: I had...

My experience with coolsculpting: I had coolscultping on Weds the 27th of april on my belly and lovehandles. This equals 4 zones: left and right lovehandle and left and right side belly. They charged 500$ per zone. Each zone took 1 hour to treat.

When they put the machine (some sort of big vacuum cleaner) on my body it hurted like hell for 5-10 minutes. Knowing that it only lasts for a short while is good. The rest of the time (50min) were painless. I slept most of the time. 5 Minutes after they took "the thing" of my body I got an excrutiating pain in the treated area, I thought I was going to faint. This pain lasted for 5-8 minutes and after that I was good to go. :-)

After the treatment my belly was completely swollen, so I looked even fatter then before and this lastest for about 7-8 days. I was and still am unable to wear jeans and only wear dresses. I also have a tingling, numb, uncomfortable feeling, very annoying the first week but a lot better now. And it is just mostly uncomfortable, I never needed any painkillers. One more week and I'm probably back to wearing skinny jeans. When I touch my belly or bump into something it hurts. It takes a couple of months to see the results so, so far I can't tell if it was worth doing it. Since I'm wearing dresses every day I get a lot of compliments on my looks though :-)


A week ago I had lots of itches. I scratched like...

A week ago I had lots of itches. I scratched like an idiot for about 5 days. Especially at night it itched. But since a couple of days I look in the mirror and although I gained 2 pounds since the treatment (oops), my belly is almost completely flat. So I start too believe this actually works.

Well. It worked. Although I can't mesure the...

Well. It worked. Although I can't mesure the difference because I don't know how much I mesured before. I can clearly see a difference by now. Don't expect miracles but you'll definitely look more sculpted and feel more comfortable in your jeans. It also motivated me to start working on a six pack ;-) It is nicer to do sit ups or crunches when you don't have three bellies when you do them. And who knows, now that my layer of fat is gone I might actually get to see my abs :-)
So yes, coolsculpting in combination with the right work outs might actually give you the belly you've always wanted. So yes, if you only have a little belly, stay away from lipo and go for coolsculpting.
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He was kind and professional. He took measurements before I started the treatment. He didn't mention anything about measuring me again in a couple of months.

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