30 Y/o No Kids, Struggled with Weight Loss All My Life. Finally Getting a Nip/tuck! - Vienna, VA

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Hello all, this is my very first review on real...

Hello all, this is my very first review on real self. A little incite on me; I am a 30 year old with no kids. I have struggled with weight gain all my life and have tried almost all the diet fads. I've lost over 50lbs, (5 times), only to gain it all back within a few years. It's safe to say, my body has been through it all with the stretch marks and saggy skin to prove it.

For over a decade I've been contemplating plastic surgery, but have always been scared. I've gone from consultation to consultation but never fully committed...until now. I've lost over 50 lbs, (for the 6th time), and finally decided to get a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin.

I've scheduled my survey with Dr. Tavallali in Vienna, VA on December 18th, 2015.

16 days left!

It's coming close to my surgery and I am uber anxious! Living in this fat suit all my life it feels surreal that I'll finally know how it feels to live on the flat side! I uploaded some pix of my current belly situation. ????????

Just picked up my meds!!!

2 weeks left and I just picked up my meds! I am so nervous! All I can focus my mind on is this surgery. I have waited so long for this and I'm praying it turns out beautifully. I've been searching past patients of Dr. Tavallali and have been reading mixed reviews, but I truly believe I chose the right Doctor and believe he will do an amazing job. Only time will tell... Stay tuned!

7 more days!!!

Reality is starting to kick in and I can't stop my stomach from doing flips! I can't wait!

3 1/2 hours to the flat side!!!

Feels so surreal to not have a muffin too and kangaroo pouch any longer! I'm beyond excited! Will post my last before pix when I get to the hospital.

The first 24 hours post-op are no joke!

First thing I will stress is stay on schedule with your meds! Because without them you will feel authentic pain!!!!!

The first 24 hours I was helpless and laid in bed most of the day. I'm very blessed as I had my sis and mom's aid to attend to any of my needs. By the 2nd day I felt a lot stronger and was able to get up out of bed alone and walk around. I even hung out all day in the living room with my family which felt really good!

Today I'm feeling even more stronger and so glad about my decision!! I haven't seen my results as yet but I'm pleased with how my figure looks. I have my post op with Dr. Tavallali today and will post the results later. I hope my TT twins are recovering nicely as well! And thank you for those who reached out to see if I made it through my surgery. Many blessings to you!

Tried to upload these to previous post...

Not totally loving my results

Hello lovely ladies! Today I am 4 days post op and I know I am experiencing the aftermath we call "swell hell" but I'm not loving my results. :( I feel my incision was done way to high and my belly button was done way to low. My hips look great but I will always have to wear high-waisted swim suits and jeans to cover the scarring... Now let's talk about the stitch work!! I really like Dr. Tavallali, I think he is a kind man, but I absolutely HATE the way I was sewn together. The stitching is uneven, there is rippling and some bunching up at the seams. I'm too embarrassed to even show you all.. :( I just pray it will all flatten up.

Swell hell update

It's been almost 2 weeks since my tummy tuck with lipo and I can definitely see results, however you can see that the right side is much more swollen than be left. I can't wait for the to even out but my PS told me to be patient so I have to trust him...
Vienna Plastic Surgeon

From my first interaction with Dr. Tavallali, I knew he was well experienced in his profession. He was very personable and easy to talk to. I haven't done the surgery as yet, but I'm confident I am in good hands.

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