My Picosure Experience - Vienna, VA

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I have a consultation on Thursday (March 26th) for...

I have a consultation on Thursday (March 26th) for my unfinished half sleeve. I had originally planned on only having black ink and shading on this tattoo but I was talked into getting color... terrible idea. I've always been nervous about putting color on my skin since its light brown and I hate that from a bit of a distance it looks like a dark blob on my arm. I've been in a deep depression over this. It's a grenade in a bunch of roses that I got started while I was in the army. The tattoo artist I went to that was suppose to "fix" a flower for me, ended up changing the rose into some other kind of messy flower. On top of me hating the flower, it's purple and he added so many leaves around it that weren't there when it was drawn onto my skin (he free-handed it). I fell asleep during the tattoo so I wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing. Needless to say... Ill never fall asleep during a tattoo again. He also added ugly blue shading around it that we didn't agree on. It makes me sick to look at it. Everyone I've shown it to loves it and says it looks great on me. But I feel like it's just not my personality at all and it's embarrassing. Ill post pictures after I'm sure I can go through with this. This site keeps me sane and I'm so grateful for all of the people here! I do have 7 other tattoos that I love.

Consultation Day!!

I had my consultation at Untattoou in Vienna, VA with Hilary. She has really put my mind at ease and I feel like I can sleep well knowing that she's so optimistic about this mess on my arm. She says that my skin tone is not an issue and she is very confident that we will get this tattoo lightened up enough for a coverup. She says 3 treatments but as I've seen on this site plenty of times, I can bet it'll take a couple, if not a few more than that. My first treatment will be next Saturday (April 4th). As you can see from the picture, I have a lot of purple and green PLUS I'm Caucasian, African American, and Japanese so who knows how my skin will react. Fingers crossed this all works out for me. I'm ready for this journey and I'm so glad I have all of you wonderful people to ride along with me.

Treatment #1

I had my first treatment today and let me just start off by saying that it was definitely not as bad as I was expecting. I used the Emla cream for numbing but I could tell it wasn't doing it's job even though I followed the instructions to a T. It was totally bearable though. I can describe the feeling of the laser as hot grease hitting my skin. Doesn't feel great but could be worse. She used the cooling machine as she was going so that helped a lot. I already see a big difference. The light blue shading that was around my purple flower has turned grey and there are lines broken up and black shading starting to fade. I'm excited to see continuous changes over the next few weeks. My next appointment is in 7 weeks (May 23rd). We were going to do 6 weeks but I'd like to stick with the same nurse for all of my treatments and she won't be at work that day so I decided to wait another week. She's that great :)

48 hours after treatment #1

My arm is huuuuuge. It's about 13.5 inches around and I have tiny blisters on the green areas. Nothing over the top just yet which is good. I've been icing it on and off and applying aquaphor. Not much pain but the itch is beginning...

Treatment #2

Went for my 2nd treatment today. The settings were higher this time and I used the Emla cream again... felt it all, especially the inside and back of my arm. It actually hurt a bit more than last time. But, I closed my eyes and went to that happy place in my head and ended up falling asleep for a couple of minutes. Then she woke me up so she could zap the inside of my arm and my face was saying "this is bearable" but my mind was saying "FU*******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I noticed tiny blisters as soon as I got home. They sting and they are only on the purple and greens. I will post pictures soon.

24 hours after second treatment

3 weeks after second treatment

I'm extremely happy with the progress, especially in the black lines and shading. The color has lightened up, not enough to really get excited about. But, progress is progress, right? I'm thinking I'm going to just go for one more treatment on the entire thing and then, just continue treatments on the colored portion of the tattoo until it's light enough for my cover up.

4 hours after treatment #3

Soooo... We upped the settings... Can you tell?!?! OMG!!! These blisters are the size of ping pong balls!!! I freaked out when I noticed them. Still a little freaked out... She used the Picosure, but then went over the little bit of red ink with the Medlite laser. Hopefully I see a more significant difference this time.

Morning after treatment #3

I woke up to the mother and father of all blisters!!

One week after treatment #3

The blisters are gone!!!! Hallelujah!! My arm is just very red but no swelling. The entire tattoo is covered by a layer of darker skin... Probably and hopefully going to fall off or lighten up. I will post pictures soon.

Big giant scab!

The entire tattoo is covered in a giant scab. It's crusting and falling off now. Lots of hypopigmentation under but hopefully that will take care of itself just like last time. Finally free of any pain.

2 weeks after treatment #3

EXTREMELY happy with my results this time!! Most of the scabs have fallen off. I've decided to only continue treatments on the colored portion of the tattoo since the rest is light enough for the cover up. I've scheduled 2 more treatments and the price is about $300 less than what I was paying to get the entire tattoo treated. These colors are sooo stubborn. I'm thinking it's because it was a cover up and was super deep and dark. Hopefully it's light enough after 2 more treatments. We shall see!!

4 weeks after treatment #3

No more scabs and no more pain. It's healing nicely. Still some hypopigmentation, but it's slowly returning to my normal skin tone.


I have less than 2 weeks until my 4th treatment... And I still have some stubborn hypopigmentation. I think it make look lighter because I went to the beach and my skin tanned a bit. I'll probably delay my next treatment if it doesn't seem to look any better in time.

No change... Feeling discouraged.

Well... Nothing has changed since the last update. Still happy with the fading but not very happy with the hypopigmentation. I've been feeling a bit discouraged... And kind of like my skin is just ruined and I should just give up. But I'm hoping it gets better with time. I'll probably have to find a new tattoo removal clinic since we will likely be moving next month. Hopefully I'll get to go in for one more treatment before then though considering I already paid half of the cost.

So so sad...

Rescheduled my next appointment. Going to try to go in next week to just go over the green and purple and avoid the areas that still need to heal.

Back at it.

I took about a year long break from treatments because of the hypopigmentation. Most of my color has come back and I just went for another treatment a couple of days ago. Keeping it lubed up and bandaged, but I will try to remember to post pictures.

3 days post tx 4

Just took the bandages off. My arm is super swollen and jiggly. The blisters aren't as bad as last time which is good. The purple hasn't blistered at all. Hopefully this will be the last treatment before a coverup.

3 weeks post tx 4

The swelling, scabs, and blisters are gone. The colors are still there. They're not as light as I hoped they'd be but lighter than when we started.

A little less than a month post Tx 4

There is some skin color coming through the leaves, finally. Everything else is pretty much the same. I've decided that the coverup will be basically the same thing but the flower will be a light red or a lighter purple tone instead of this super dark purple so that people can actually tell that it's a flower. Fingers crossed that it will be lightened up enough to change the look of the flower. The main thing that bothered me was the blue shading which is now lighter than my skin color so some kind of filler will go there with a tan tone behind it to cover the whiteness if it's still there by the time I go to do this. I'm hoping that one more treatment will lighten the leaves up a little more so that I can have black and gray leaves but I'm not holding my breath. Ill try my best to keep this updated though. The colors look a bit darker in these photos because I had just put oil on my arm.

Preparing for treatment 5

In 2 days I will be going in for my 5th treatment. Fingers crossed for big changes! I've attached here a picture of what my tattoo looks like in direct sunlight. It's hardly noticeable.
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