Consultation review: awful experience

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This was my first consult with a plastic surgeon...

This was my first consult with a plastic surgeon for upper ear reconstruction i got my ears pointed 3 years ago and want to get them fixed, i was very nervous and insecure it couldn't have gone much worse. Dr.Widder didn't even want to do reconstruction just injections but didn't seem to know much and asked if i did them to look like a devil. I'm obviously coming to a surgeon to get them fixed because I'm ashamed and insecure about them not to be made fun of. the receptionist Lynn was even worse took me in another room and persistently asked what i did to my body and if my parents killed me, if i ever wanted to be a mother and that my children would think I'm weird, called me pretty but that it was F*** up and that i was very very weird, using foul language and kept talking about sexual things please save your time. obviously nobody in there understood or had compassion for someone who did something stupid when they were young and was actively trying to fix themselves. please please save your time, i left crying.
McLean Plastic Surgeon

very unprofessional, didn't seem to know much of anything, whole staff made fun of me, didn't talk to me about much of anything or any options i had, didn't know prices of things, left crying do not waste your time.

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