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I am a naturally thin girl, 5'7" about 120 lbs. I...

I am a naturally thin girl, 5'7" about 120 lbs. I wanted to add some curves so decided to get the butt implants. Originally, I was supposed to get them done in Atlanta where I live with Dr. Jimerson, but not only did he raise his prices after being on TV but he is booked for the next year almost. I found Dr. Widder here on RealSelf and after spending a long time on here and on his website and blog, I scheduled a consultation with him. The consultation went very well all of the staff were very friendly. I scheduled my procedure for three weeks following my consultation. Dr. widder was very nice he even called me personally about a week after my consultation to walk me through the sizing as i was having some doubts. The morning of the procedure I had to get there very early 6am and everything seemed to go well. I was under general anesthesia so time flew by. When I woke up I was very cold to the point where I was in pain because I couldn't stop shivering, I guess this always happens but I was not told to bring socks, so bring socks!!! My husband came with my medication and we left to go to the hotel shortly after. I was given before surgery post-surgery instructions but I feel like some of this should have been reiterated after the surgery to my husband and it was not. Additionally, that night Dr. Widder was supposed to give me a call to check on me however i never received the call. the first day was not all that painful, (disclaimer: I have had a c section so in comparison to that this surgery was nothing), I went in the next day for a follow up visit and was told I needed to come in a week later for the drains to come out, however the older Caucasian lady said that for out of town patients they remove them the next day or so. This miscommunication within the office cost me an extra $400 as I had to rebook a plane ticket. So as far as my experience goes I think the staff is all very nice, I think there is some miscommunication and that the staff could do a better job ensuring you as a patient know everything you need to know. Now as far as the procedure goes, I think it looks great, very natural yet still the shape I wanted. I got the 565cc and was going back and forth about getting the 650cc however Dr. Wider advised against this so I listened. I wish it was a tad bit bigger but can't completely tell bc the bandages are still on. I tried to take a couple pictures and will answer questions as I wish there was more info available when I did it.

One week post op-mixed feelings

Okay on Tuesday I flew home, it wasn't bad uncomfortable but not unbearable. I know people do it the next day or two after surgery I think they are crazy I would be in so much pain! I'm a lot more mobile than I was before, don't take the pain meds but maybe once or twice a day now. It's more soreness like from a workout and discomfort than actual pain. Can't sit for more than 20 minutes though. The swelling has gone down a bit so now it looks smaller than I thought, but still 100 times better than before, my implants are hard and I'm hoping like most of the girls they loosen up in a month or so. I think that I still have projection and I fill out my clothes MUCH better so I love that. I thought it was going to be so big that I was going to need new pants but that's not the case. I think that if anyone wants that "stripper booty" or a true bubble butt you would have to get the round implant I also do not think the round would look good done subfascially which is what I have, but I'm also not down with a twice as long recovery and 5x more painful surgery so I'm good LOL. To be 100% it's not as big as I thought and I wish I would have gotten the 650 for a little more umph but who knows if there would have been complications. I will post another picture at one month when I stop wearing the compression garment.

Okay I'm happy lol

I think i got pretty close to my goal picture (girl in black)...Okay pain is gone now its mostly discomfort. No sitting for a long time, walked the mall today and now I'm paying for it. Tried on new underwear for a boost and it did the trick :)...I can feel the implant which I am a little worried about if it will always be that way, aside from that I think I'm healing well. Next picture at 1 month when there's a difference...

Update: two part update please read if you are considering implants

Okay the two photos are about two months out. I was healed up, the scar looked good, it was easier to sit down still had to get up after hours of sitting however. You can feel the implants so for any lady that has that concern yes is the answer. Maybe if you are bigger and you have more fat you can't but for me at 5'7" 125 lbs yes you can. I will say that they didn't have as much projection as I would have liked but I think I also was seeking the fake looking butts but I am glad at the one I have because it looks 100% natural and simply enhances my frame. So yep I am happy with it.

Now for the scary part and the advice I want everyone to take if they get the procedure done. You HAVE to wait the 6 weeks for sex and you HAVE to wait the 3 months for your partner to be on top!!!! If you don't you will be sorry. Okay so my story, it was my anniversary so I thought the scar looked good I should be good right? Wrong. About a day later I had this pain like I pulled a muscle, thought no biggie. The next day I was in excruciating pain. My right cheek was three times bigger than the left side and it hurt. I went to the ER sat there for three hours only for them to give me morphine and tell me I had a hematoma and was bleeding internally but they wouldn't fix it because they were not familiar with the procedure. So I had to drive from Georgia to VA back to Dr. widder. 9 hours of PAIN!!! Once I got there Dr. Widder was the best, he said he could drain the blood and fluid built up and I should be good to go. He drained it that morning and I instantly felt better. That night ALL of the blood returned and I was in pain again. He drained it again the next morning but it wouldn't come out bc it was all clotted. He told me I would have to go back in to surgery for him to stop the bleeding. Well turns out I had already lost too much blood so I had to go to the ER in VA and have a blood transfusion bc Dr. Widder was scared I might go into shock. I was pale couldn't see anything and scared! Long story short, he was able to stop the bleeding and the pain was gone but I am now healing once again. My advice listen to the timeframe your doctor gives you. What happened to me was my own fault, through a combination of sex too soon and bending over to pick up my baby and do stuff instead of take it easy I ripped ALL of the sutures surrounding my implant internally. While Dr. Widder is the best and took great care of me, if I had listened I would be enjoying my butt not recovering again!

Meant to include this pic

Finally all healed up again

Okay so I am all healed up for the second time. I did get a minor infection at the surgery site that I had to take antibiotics to clear up but no worries. I thought the scar would be terrible the second time around but there is about half an inch of an actual scar and the rest is completely blended in with my skin. I'm very happy with the results. Still 1 more month until I can have "normal sex" but in definitely following doctors orders this time. Here a profile pic a couple of you ladies asked for. I will respond to comments or private messages anytime but won't answer anything I previously answered in a public forum....reading is fundamental lol

No longer happy

Hi all its been 2 years and there have been some major changes and I'm not happy with my implant. 1. I think for my size and natural frame it just looks odd at this point too big. 2. You can see the outline of the implant, I think part of this is due to the fact that they are huge and I'm super skinny (585cc), and they have shifted downward which makes it look bigger. I wish I would have gotten it under the muscle. Other issues I have is that it's hard, I hate that and I have random pains from time to time. Good news is, I have a consultation for a revision to get them placed under the muscle in a few weeks along with a breast augmentation. I have had another baby (1 year ago) and am ready to REALLY be a new an improved me! Any experience with revisions (from over to under muscle)? Or removals? That is also an option

Remove, Replace or...

Hi all,

So I have decided to do nothing regarding my butt implants at this time. I have gotten varying opinions but overall each surgeon said while my pocket is a bit too big from where there was a hematoma, they still look great. While removal was an option, I'm not trying to risk saggy old lady butt, and mentally I'm not ready to go through replacement to under the muscle at this time. One doctor did say that my oval implant was upside down, which he fixed and said it could happen again due to my over large pocket. Overall, I recommend that someone considering this type of surgery go under the muscle to avoid some of the issues I have had. If I could go back, I would have waited for Dr. Jimerson to become available and do under the muscle (due primarily to my size and lack of fat). I also discussed fat transfer but literally have no fat anywhere (shouldn't complain about that!) hope this helps someone else in their journey

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