A Male Friend Who Prefers Natural Refers to my Breasts As the Holy Grail of Implants.

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[The amount spent is the total of two separate...

[The amount spent is the total of two separate operations combined.]

I first got saline implants back in '93 - I went from a droopy A cup to a modest B. The surgeon, who now practices in Dubai, was very conservative in his approach. He did a very nice job but I still envied other women who filled out larger bras. However, no one was able to figure out that my breasts weren't real. It was that natural looking.

[I'd like to add that the pain was severe. The whole weekend was spent in agony. I couldn't even lift a fork to my mouth to eat.]

Several years later I decided to take the "plunge" and increase to a mid range C cup. I'd seen the doctor's ad in the Yellow Pages and arranged an appointment. Deciding that he was the one, I scheduled surgery and weeks later I awoke to gigantic sized melons!

[Let me quickly add again that the pain this time around was nothing like the first time. Definitely manageable.]

Freaking out, I couldn't believe he made me so huge. I was assured that it was temporary swelling but, but, the doctor decided to make me a small D because he felt that he needed to fill the pocket space to make my chest more aesthetically pleasing. I was a tiny bit miffed but I got over it because after the swelling went down and weeks and weeks of intense massage to battle the scar tissue, they looked good. I mean DAMN GOOD! They finally fell to it's respective position and ever since then I've been turning heads.

Not a week goes by that someone - male or female - doesn't ask if they can touch them and they are always amazed at how squeezable they are. I think people are so used to seeing bad breast jobs that look and feel like bolt ons that the're blown away by a good job.

Honestly, I would love to go even bigger, maybe a full D because my body has gotten thicker with age but the doctor refuses saying it would look out of proportion. He told me to go on a diet instead.

I feel I've got a discriminating eye for breast jobs and am very critical of other people's work. I can say that the Washington DC area is blessed with doctors who are very skilled in that area.

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