Attempting to Remove a Cover-Up with Picosure - Vienna, VA

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I got the original tattoo when I was 18, which was...

I got the original tattoo when I was 18, which was small, black footprints in a spiral pattern. I liked it at first, but changed my mind over time so I decided to get it covered with another tattoo when I was 27. I immediately knew it was a mistake. The artist did the cover-up free hand, so I didn't know what the outcome would be. I asked for a galaxy, but to me it didn't really look like anything when it was done. It's three years, and after paying off debt and waiting for the Picosure laser to arrive in the DC area, I've decided to start the removal process. I had my first treatment on April 26, 2014. It wasn't very painful because the clinic I went to used lidocaine injections, and it was over in about 90 seconds. The recovery process wasn't the easiest because of the tattoo location lower ankle/foot; I had a lot of swelling for about four days. Blisters developed on the second day and lasted about a week. Overall, the healing period wasn't that bad, and I have honestly seen a lot more fading than I expected. The clinic estimated that I'll need 5 treatments. I am preparing for my second treatment on June 7th.
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