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I am a 34 years young mother of two lovely girls 7...

I am a 34 years young mother of two lovely girls 7 and 10. Both were big babies one weighing over 9lbs and the other well into 8lbs. I am 5'10" about 175 lbs. I am very active in the gym and I eat pretty healthy, so I'm looking to lose at least 15 more lbs before my surgery which will put me at my goal weight. I am scheduled to have surgery 10/28/15 and will be having a full tummy tuck with lipo of the abs and flanks and a breast lift with augmentation. I chose Dr. Sundin after seeing four other PS's. I knew right away that I wanted him to perform my surgeries. I loved his honesty and overall demeanor. He answered the majority of my questions without me even having to ask. So that tells me he knows his stuff. It was also nice meeting with the surgery coordinator Rachel. She seemed very sweet and was very helpful. I have my pre-op scheduled for 9/28 so I'm taking this time to come up with any additional questions or concerns as well as things I need to do to prepare. Two months will definitely fly by for sure. After stalking this site for about a month, I figured I would document my journey and share with you lovely people :-). I wish you all the best whether you're thinking about, preparing for, or recovering from a surgery. Here we go.....

Paid in full and 4 weeks to go...eeeeek!!

Hey all. Just wanted to come on for a quick update. I had my first preop yesterday. I say first because I have another scheduled the week before surgery. I'm so torn. I'm really worried about the breast the most. I tried on 300cc implants and I thought they looked huge, but all of my wish boobs are over 350ccs. I'm worried about looking fake and I'm worried about not doing enough. Dr. Sundin was great . He gets me. He knows it's a big decision and he gave me all of my options. So now I just need to decide implants or no implants and get a better idea of what size I want. I'm definitely leaning towards implants. I just don't know the size. Anyway I'll figure it out.

Now I'm thinking about preparing. I need to start thinking about the things I'll need for recovery and start gradually getting things together. 10/28 will be here before you know it!!

12 days left and counting!! Getting a tad bit nervous.

So it's almost time for the big day. I've been getting things together, having my blood work and other preop things completed. So far everything is on track! I must say I absolutely love my PS and everyone that works at his office. I emailed him a bunch of questions today and within a couple hours I get a call answering all of my questions. This has been the way its been since I decided to go with Dr. Sundin. :-)

I'm still undecided with the boobs. I'm having them done, but I'm torn as to what size implants to go with. Or should I wait on the implants and just do the lift now and implants later? It's all paid for, but I'm just a little uneasy about the implant. On the flip side I'm worried about not having much boobies after the lift. That's the way it was for so long and it made me so self conscious growing up so flat chested. I didn't get any until I had my kids and then they sagged. I just haven't had the best experience with my breast.

Anyway, I'm so excited! I meet with Dr. Sundin one more time before my surgery. I'm sure I'll decide before then. Good luck to everyone out there preparing for an upcoming surgery! XOXOXO

Had my final pre-op today!!!

So today I met with Dr. Sundin one last time before surgery. We just went over so questions, he wrote my prescriptions and I filled those and I tried on some sizers. So I'm definitely leaning toward the smaller side like 300 cc's. I'm going for a natural look. I trust Dr sundin knows what I want and I have no doubts.
I'm just waiting for my results from my mammogram. I had a biopsy done about 6 years ago that turned out to be nothing and though I'm not technically of mammogram age, I requested one before surgery and the doc thought it was a good idea. My pcm and dr sundin did a breast exam and didn't feel anything so we're not expecting any issues...I'm praying. Once we have the results from that we're good to go.
I have everything I need aside from a little things but im good to go. I have comfy button up and zip tops. Comfy sweats and pj's. A few extra sports bras that zip and everything else. I just have to decide whether to setup my area in my bedroom or by my recliner. Any suggestions? Which worked best for you all? It's nice that I have both options.
So my mom will be staying with me at the hospital. Dr. Sundin requires an overnight stay especially since I'm having multiple procedures. I can certainly appreciate that and he'll be in to check on me before I leave the hospital. It will also be nice to have professional around the clock care for the first night as well.
That's it for no . I'll check in the day before or the day if surgery. 6 more days!!!!

Two more days!!!

I'm all set. My nerves are kicking in! I'm going to have my husband move the recliner next to my bed so that I can easily transition as needed. I posted a few pics of my supplies.

Made out!!

I'm all done and back home. Had one night stay at the hospital. That was great not having to rush home and being able to have the round the clock care. I'm feeling pretty good not a lot of pain just a little discomfort everywhere. But it has been tolerable. No pics right now. Im gonna give it some time before I post pictures. Feeling tired so back to sleep I go. Ttyl. :-)

Took a shower today!!

I had my first shower. It was sooo nice and the shower seat cones in handy. Feeling good but tired. I'm trying to scale back on the heavy duty meds. They take away the pain but then I'm just out if it. Doc said everything went great no issues and from what I can see it looks like he did his thing :-). I'll post pics soon. Just haven't been feeling up to it. I'll be in touch. I hope all of my RS family is recovering well. Ttys. Xoxo.

Day 3 Post op

Feeling ok. Spoke with Dr. Sundin yesterday. He called to check in on me which was nice. I have my first post op appointment next Thurs. Here's a little peak of what of my outcome. I'm looking great so far to me so I wanted to share. A lot of swelling and tightening, but that's a part of healing. Still staying doped up for the pain but I'm only using the percocet, volume, colace (stool softener) and antibiotics not the dauladid unless I'm in extreme pain. I haven't had a bowel movement yet. I may take some milk of magnesium or something because I'm feeling super bloated and on top of it all I got my period...lovely..just lovely. Happy healing to you all!! Xoxo

Why did I do this to myself blues..5 days post op.

Not having a good morning. My back is killlling me and nothing seems to relieve that. My mom is gone so that makes me sad. The pain isn't too bad but I hate the way the meds make me feel. I just want to feel normal. I'll post more pics later after I take a shower. Maybe that will help me feel better. I hope everyone is recovering well.

A few pics 5 days post op

A few pics after a nice long shower. I'm loving the boobs. My tummy is super swollen and bloated from the visit of my monthly friend.

7 days post op!!

Can't believe it has been a week. I'm feeling great. Down to taking a half of percocet as needed. Mainly for my back. I'm not experiencing much pain at all. Just a little sore at drainage sites. I'm praying my doc will remove them tomorrow at my post op. I'm draining no more than 10 cc's a day. Fingers crossed I can say bye bye drains. My boobs and tummy are pretty swollen and my tummy is still pretty numb. I have sensation in both nipples so that's awesome. They feel pretty firm but I'm sure that's normal right now. I really can't complain. Just anxious to see the doc tomorrow! Hope everyone is healing well out there. Xoxo :-)

Post op #1

Well first post op went well. The doc removed one drain:-( one is better then none. He removed all of my old steristrips. So now I'm adding ointment and gauze. I'll post new pics later. I love Dr. Sundin. He's the bomb.com..lol.

Here are a few pics after my post op today!!

I'm really feeling my results do far and I have a lot of healing to do. I alot of swelling and of course my back is on fire. But I'd do this all again in a heartbeat :-). I hope my RS family is healing well. Xoxo mmmuah!!

Not much new today...

Same story.. Swelling and tenderness..lol. I was able to get out of the house the past few days. Take my baby to the movies to see peanuts (cute movie). Did a little shopping. Oh let me tell y'all I got a white button up dress shirt from old navy for .21ยข!!! Yes you heard me right, twenty-one cents..lol. They have some good deals there if you need to get out and up off of that recliner for a bit :-).

I'm officially off the heavy duty meds just taking extra strength Tylenol and muscle relaxers when needed oh and of course my antibiotics and ointments. I'm improving by the day. Trying to be patient and keep my eye on the prize :-). I have one more official day off from work and then I'll work from home Tues and Weds then it's back to reality. I'm feeling good though. I'm ready!! :-) I hope all my ladies are healing well and keeping your spirits up. Go hit up old navy ;-). Happy healing xoxo.

Took a few updated pics

Realize I never posted pics of my tummy tuck scar. My breast scars are doing great I can't wait to start massages because they just feel really firm. I also can't wait to start scar treatment. Hopefully at my two week post op on Thurs I can start scar treatment, massages and get this horrible drain out! Sounds like I'm asking for a lot...lol. I just want to get back to normal asap and BACK IN THE GYM!!!! I'm losing weight meaning im losing all of my muscle tone :-(

Hit the road drains!!!

Had my 2 week post op Appt today. My doc removed that last dreadful drain and a few sutures. My incisions are healing well and I don't have to use the ointment anymore. I meant to ask Dr. Sundin when I can start scar treatment/silicone strips. Curious, when did you all start scar treatments? He didn't tell me to start breast massages yet, but that's probably because I still have a few sutures. I see him again Tues to have the rest removed. I have one gripe about my breast right now...my nipples are sooooo sensitive they're uncomfortable. When does that go away!?!? I'm very grateful to have nipple sensation, but damn this is a bit much. Anywho..I'm a happy camper. I got a new swimsuit I can't wait to try on. I'm not ready yet because I still have swelling, but when that subsides it's on! That's all for now. No new pics not much of a change from my last pics. Probably post new pics next week. Talk to you lovely gals later. I hope you all are happy and healing well. :-) xoxo

A few days shy of 4 weeks post...

So I saw my doctor for my three weeks post and everything is looking great. All sutures are out. I feel great. Still sore on some in my tummy. My breast are fine. My nips are still sensitive and that's a bit of a pain. But I can deal with it. I'm still on pretty light activity per my doctors orders. So no gym yet and that's a blower. That's about it. Not much new. I hope all is well with you all. Happy healing!! :-)

6 weeks post

Hi girlies,
Today marks my 6 week post op mark. (Updated pics posted) I saw Dr sundin and everything is looking great. I was told I can go back to the gym!!! Whoohooo! I still have to avoid really heavy weights and abdominal weights. I plan to just ease my way back in. I did have one small concern to address at my appointment. A small hole on my left breast. Apparently I'm spitting stitches. It's super small and not concerning at all. Dr sundin just removed the stitches and told me to apply bactrin ointment on it which I had been doing when I first noticed it over the weekend . It's already closing up. I just keep it dry, apply the ointment and cover it with a bandage. Other than that all is fantastic. I'm still experiencing some swelling on my tummy especially by the end of the day and today after exercise. I just put my cg on and wear it to bed and I wake up with a super flat tummy. I'll be happy when I don't have to worry about the swelling at all. But it's all good. So I don't see Dr Sundin again until February. I'll keep you all posted on my progress. I think I can officially say Dr. Sundin has Brought Back the Hottie!! ;- )
Well that's all for now. I hope everyone is healing well out there. Xoxo :-)

Bra shopping!!!

I did a bit of bra shopping I thought I would share with you lovely ladies. I was looking for some comfy wireless bras. Found some cute lacey ones at Lord and Taylor. Friends and Family discount is going on and I had an additional $20 savings. So I found four for a really good price. All four cost me about $58 total. So that was a great deal! I ordered a couple wireless bras from Victoria's Secret that I'm waiting to get in the mail and a few others from other sites. As much as I love my sports bras, I needed a change. It's so much fun bra shopping now that I have nice boobies...lol!! :-) Happy Holidays to all my real self girlfriends. Xoxo.
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Dr. Sundin is very knowledgeable and experienced based on my research and initial consultation. His overall demeanor seems very laid back and relaxed which I love. Everyone in the Vienna office seems very nice and extremely helpful. I feel like top priority whenever I have questions or any concerns. I definitely feel like I'm in great hands. So far so good! Well the day of surgery went well. Dr sundin discussed the process with me and made me feel at ease. He is a bit of a perfectionist I must say because he spent a good amount of time marking me up and prepping me for surgery and I really appreciated his thoroughness. It definitely showed in his work. He checked in on me in the recovery room and came back the next day to make sure all was well and to answer any questions I had. I would definitely see Dr. Sundin for any other procedures I may consider. The entire team was awesome! Two thumbs up!! He officially Brought Back the Hottie!! :- )

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