33 Years Old, 660cc Oval Butt Implants with Dr. Widder - Vienna, VA

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After about a year of research on real self and...

After about a year of research on real self and several consultations with Dr. Widder I decided to get butt implants. Dr. Widder is the only surgeon in the area who doesn't go under the muscle allowing for a larger size implant and easier recovery. He placed the implant under the fascia but on top of the muscle. I was torn between going with a 565cc and 660cc implant but decided on the larger because so many girls on realself said they wished they went with a larger size and I had a little motivation from my man to go with the bigger implant.

Day of surgery

Photos from the procedure

One day post op.

Recovery has not been too bad so far. I've experienced some lower back pain and discomfort but nothing unbearable. The worst part is the same as everyone else has said and that's not being able to sit or lay on your back. I had a body pillow from my pregnancy that had helped out a lot. I've mostly slept and rested. I had a post op appointment yesterday, Dr. Widder said everything looked great. I'm very happy with the results. Here are photos of one day post op.

Day four post op

Feeling very numb on my butt cheeks, plus I'm having some lower back pain so I didn't get much sleep last night. Have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow so hopefully he will tell me all is good. Side note, my man cannot stop telling me how good it looks! ????

Day 7 post op

Well, I'm day 7 after getting my implants and HOT DAMN! My ass looks amazing! Still really high and a tiny bit swollen on one side and omg...SO numb but it looks SO good! Went to the doctor yesterday and he said I'm looking good, still have my drain in-said the blood was a little redder than he hopes for at this point after surgery, so I've gotta keep my activity to a minimum. I can't wait to get the drain out on Friday!

Day 10 Post Op

Today is the first day I woke up feeling great! Got my kids up and ready for the day and we went out! I drove for the first time..which honestly, sucked. That's been the worst part so far, there is literally just no comfortable way to sit in either our car or truck. But other than that, I feel good. Got home after running errands with the girls and am a bit sore, but feelin good otherwise! SO happy to have the drain out and loving how I look. My butt is still really really hard but the projection is amazing and I know it's just gonna continue to look better! Back to work on Monday...wonder if anyone will actually ask if I had work done or if they'll all just silently wonder. LOL. Can't wait! I'll update again next week.

Almost 5 weeks Post-Op

Hey ladies!
Sorry for not posting sooner, things have just been insanely busy lately, but every day, I am LOVING my new booty more and more! I’ve had a few little hiccups in my recovery, mainly that I got a couple holes/gaps in my incision and it’s taken a good amount longer to heel. It has FINALLY now almost closed up, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I’m allowed to take off the binder at my appt this Friday! I’ll post a few pics of my incision, I’m not gonna lie, me and my fiancé were really freaked out when we first saw the holes in the incision a few weeks ago. It’s pretty creepy looking, so I am really happy that its almost closed now! For all of you out there having this surgery in the future, ALWAYS keep your binder on for as long as the doctor says! I took mine off at about 2.5 weeks post-op and left it off for like 2.5 hours and I am sure that is what caused my incision to gap! It just caused more of a headache, rushed trips to see the doctor, lots of rounds of double antibiotics, a scary discovery of MRSA near my open wound, and a longer time of wearing this damn binder! Other than those things, my new butt is SO AMAZING. Everything looks SO much better on me and I just know its gonna continue to look better and better!

8 weeks post op

I don't think I've ever been so happy with my body as I am now. My booty looks AMAZING. I thoroughly enjoy picking out an outfit every morning. My fiancé bought me like 6 pairs of leggings and it's incredible how good they can look with a big bouncy ass. It's slowly starting to not feel foreign to my body. I can comfortably sit now, I can even touch my cheeks or let my man touch them, without being sore. I am still mainly sleeping on my tummy, but I am allowed to lay on my back-I just don't bc it's still not quite comfortable. As for the incision-I am alllllmost healed. I have an autoimmune disease so I am an unusually slow healer, so I think it took longer for my incision to heal than it would take a normal person but either way, I am extremely impressed and happy with how my scar is looking. Just looks like a big pink line at this point. The only real different thing I'm doing is not wearing underwear during the day. I only ever wear thongs with my work clothes but I feel like it rubs directly on my incision and irritates it-so I am much more comfortable not wearing anything under my pants for now. As for the feel, it's still slowly softening and dropping, tho it is FOR SURE still getting bigger. I can definitely shake it and if I jump around, I already get a pretty good jiggle, so it's starting to look and feel more natural. I'm pretty thin, so when I move one certain way I feel like I can see the outline of the implant, but I think that'll go away as it drops more. Anyways, for all you ladies out there unable to make that final decision to get the surgery, i one hungered percent would say Go For It!! You will not regret it!!

14 weeks post op

Still loving my results, still a little sore if I sit too long but other than that, I'm thrilled!!


Photos from the last week...about 5 months post op!

Pictures-as requested

Dr. Widder is the best. He took the time to meet with me on four occasions over the past year. He followed up with phone calls and answered all my questions. He arranged for two consults that included meeting other patients who were coming in for follow ups. This was the best part because I could see the girls and their results in person and ask how the recovery was. His bedside manner is great and my man says he is the Michelangelo of ass implants.

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