my new BOOBIES :-) BA from 20th Jan. 32A + 330cc

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Hi girls, I can not believe it's my turn to make...

Hi girls,
I can not believe it's my turn to make my dream become true.
First of all please excuse my English, it's not my mother tongue but I'll try my best :-)
About me:
21 /soon 22
172cm tall, 48kg, currently a 34a and hoping to archive a big B or small C.
My doctor is Dr. Knabl in Vienna who is known to be the best in the country. Two friends of mine had their ba done by him, both look amazing, very natural and only told me good things about him. He was also part of a documentary on tv about plastic surgery.
I had two consultations with him so far, once I brought mum, once my boyfriend.
We are all impressed with the doctors professionalism and in just about an hour I'll be having my last meeting with him before my surgery on the 20th!
Wow so soon!!!
So far we decided to go for a 250cc or 295cc implant, eurosilicone, natural shape, under the muscle as I got not much tissue.
I prefer the 300 but he said he will decide during the surgery what fits better. My body is very slim so he does not want to push something inside me that's too big. We want to archive a natural look so less is better I guess. We will see :-)
I'm so excited about the whole process, nervous and scared too. Last few nights I could not sleep much because I am worried that I might not like the result or something could go wrong..
On my way to the doctor now so I'll update you guys later! Wish me luck :-)

pre op!

Heyaa, so I had my pre surgery meeting with the doc. He said the 300cc suited me very well but they only come in 270 or 330... great. Now I was torn between the two. I decided to choose 330cc (anatomical silicone under the muscle). I had to sign about 6 sheets of paper with all the information I need before and after the surgery. I received everything in a package including before pictures.
When I left, it kinda hit me... Omg! I am having booobies soon! It feels so unreal.
I went to a store ,recommended by the doctor, to buy my compression bras. One nude, one black. They were like 60$ each but the doctor clearly asked me to buy those as they give the right support and give best results. Oh well.. I am asked to wear those 3 weeks min., day and night. I will try to wear them as long as possible to make sure everything goes right :-)

worried about size.... ughh

At night I stared to worry..
What if 330cc are too big for my small frame? Currently I am a 32A (yes only 32, no 34 anymore..) I really don't want massive boobs that are so obviously fake. Mum said she also thinks 330 are way too much. Great, now I am so worried. Maybe I should call the doc again? Maybe I could just go with 270 instead?.. Oh gooood..
After thinking about it for the whole weekend, I decided to just go with the 330cc. I always see girls wishing they went a bit bigger, never smaller. Also I trust the doctor and he knows what I am looking for. Apparently you "loose" a few cc`s by going under the muscle so I'll be just hoping for a good result.


Good morning ladies :-)
The wait was driving me mad and I was not able to sleep at all. Therefore I went to London yesterday until Friday to relax a bit.
As soon as I am back I will be able to show you guys some photos of the bras I bought.
For now I am gonna show you some before photos of me. Somehow my boobies are swollen at the moment because I am gonna get my period soon. So normally they are a little smaller than what you can see on the photos.
It's not easy for me to post this kinda pictures of myself, but I just have to because I want to help and support other women in my position and am so thankful for every single review on here. It has been helping me so much!
I have also added some wish photos, one I might have copied from someone on here.. so thanks for showing and sorry for robbing, you got a good taste :-)
Do you girls think I can archive this look?

more before pics while I'm stuck in london.. ughhh

Heya! Yesterday I had the pleasure of being stuck in traffic for 2h, so yes I missed my flight back home...!
I was so worried because my surgery is booked for Monday and I am stuck here.
Thank god I got the best fiance ever who just booked me a new flight for tomorrow :-)
The last few days I've have not as nervous because London really kept me busy.
Yesterday I was looking at the mirror and kinda thought.. wow.. I am so used to my small babies, I can't really imagine myself with big ones. I will maybe miss my cute small assets but I am soooo looking forward to the bigger version of them :-)
I have attached before photos in a tank top for you.
Only 2days to go... omg!!!!!!!

post OP bras and skin treatment

Finally made it back home from London.
As promised I uploaded a photo showing my post op bras in size 32B but would also stretch to fit a C depending on swelling. I have been advised to wear them min 3 weeks day and night, however the longer I wear them, the better :-) they are very soft and comfortable.
As you can see I also bought a bioil and cocoa butter lotion.. strechmarks are one of my worries.
1.5 days to go!!

post bra and skin treatment photo

the night before BA

It's Sunday night and tomorrow ill be in the hospital already. I have been advised to be there at 10am and hopefully everything will happen fast.

In my bag I've packed:
Leggings, hoodie with frontal zipper, stretchy shirt, socks, knickers, toiletries, the map with all documents I have received, my 2 post surgery bras, ID card and my charger of course.
I have also packed some chocolate haha, naughty!

Right now everything feels a little unreal and so far away. I have not realized that it's actually happening tomorrow already! I will be spending 2 nights in the private clinic. My doc said he likes to keep his patients in for longer to make sure everything is perfect before he let's them go home.

Next to my bed I have set up a little table with snacks, drinks + straws, tissues, magazines, laptop and my remote control of course :-)
I have opened the bottles already as I'm not very strong in my arms, so worried that might hurt after surgery.
Also put a few pillows out as I heard it's better to sit up right. Sleeping will be hard for me as I usually sleep with my arms over my head or on my side. I guess after watching tv all day, I will fall asleep in whatever position possible.

I forgot to tell you guys about my piercing (related to the surgery) ... I have had a dermal anchor piercing done 3 years ago. It's a tiny plate out under the skin and you can screw different heads on it. So it looks like a single rhinestone sitting on your skin. I have mine down very very low... I told the doctor about it when he advised that all piercings need to be taken out for surgery. Mine can not be removed as it's set in the muscle...
it would be possible that I get burning in that area, he said!!!
Omg so worried now, he made a note about it and said they will place some cables on my back instead of on my legs and hope that will prevent any burns.
Ugh! AND my mum doesn't know about the piercing and will be there with me tomorrow. AWKWARD!!!! Hahaaa..

I will update you guys tomorrow,
Wish me luuuuuuck! :-)
Can't wait to show the results!

one last pre op picture..

Bye bye boobies, time for some much deserved tuning! :-)


Hi giiirls!!
I arrived as advised at 10am at the hospital. Thought I would be getting surgery around 12.. now they told me it will be 17:00 !!? Oh my days.. Don't want to wait and starve for another 6h.
I also thought I would be seeing the doctor before the op but have been told he is busy with surgeries but will come if possible. Ugggggh noooo!!! :/
I'm not happy today. So hungry so thirsty and now I gotta wait for 6h..
The nurses are very nice and I will be given a fluid bag to hydrate me.

I'll update later :-)

in hospital! :-)

Heyaaa, I have just been given a pill to become calm. According to my bed neighbor I'll be "high as duck" once it kicks in.
Arrived here at 10am to find out that surgery won't be till 5pm. That wasn't really what I expected. No food n no drink for sooo long.
Mum is very nervous aswell, she took some herbal calm drops :-)
The doctor has come in for a quick "hi" and I have changed into the most horrible surgery clothes :-) oh well...
I will update you guys once I'm for enough to hold my phone!

I DID IT !!!! b0000bies!!!!! =)

Giiiiirls! I did it!
I have been all dizZy and tired after I took the pill to calm me down.. But as soon as they took me to the op room, I started crying so so much because I was worried the results might not look good and disappointing.. the assistance was a very nice lady who was very excited for me and jumped a little up and down saying: "u need to be happyyy, imagine what awesome bikinis you will be wearing!!!"
That was so nice and cheered me up. The team all were in a good mood and joked around. The doc came in and draw on my chest and been covered afterwards with something that looked like a blow up air mattress that was filled with hot air.
They asked me where I would like to go right now: Chanel, Gucci or Hermes. Hahaha!! :-)
I felt them injecting me something and started to feel warm and dizzy.. seconds later I was gone to sleep.
I have been dreaming about Harry potter and some other stuff I can't remember.
When waking up, I saw everything super blurry and some hot doctor was leaning over me. I said something like, wow there is a handsome doctor or am I dreaming? Haha how embarrassing!!
The doctor said we put in 330cc and that I'll be loving them. I was so high that I pulled down my pants and asked the doctor if I was getting burned because of the piercing. But everything looked fine :-)
After an hour I was sent to my room where mum was waiting for me and held my hand. "They look huge" she said.
They really do! :-) but not much swelling there according to the nurse.
I'm very very pleased so far although the bandages are still on.
I have been eating but didn't have much appetite. I drank loads of water which tasted like lemon?! Weird! Ha..
Mum left home around 9pm and from there the pain started to get really intense.. so much that I was crying uncontrollably. The nurses sent me a doctor and been given injections 3 times now. The pain was so bad that I could not even talk properly and started to feel my stomach getting sick.
I was aware that pain can be very different from person to person, unfortunately I was a unlucky one. Now after the third injection I'm feeling soooo much better :-)
I had a cheeky peek and lifted the bandages at the top to see a few centimetres of my new babies. They are very nice and close together, where the doc said he wasn't sure if they was possible (due to my original shape) but he would try it's best.
Awesome if they stay like this!
Can't believe It's all done now! So happy so far!!!!! They said it looks like it might up as a big b or more possibly a C.


7h post op pics

first photo without bandages!

The doctor said I will end up as a C With the 330cc he put in. I'm very happy with the results! :-) they are not set too high and doctor told me that the shape will become more natural over the first months. So glad!

I'm back!

Hiya! So the last 2 days are just a big blur.. I actually don't remember the last posts I made on here, and totally have no clue what I was watching on tv. Guess that's from the strong medication.
The first night was really really bad.. so bad I was crying all the time and the nurses have given me so many injections until they said that they can't give me anymore for now. The pain was coming from between my boobies and I felt so sick but could not throw up.
It was maybe the worse night ever.. my friends didn't have that much pain after their surgery so guess I am just unlucky.
The day after surgery I was feeling better towards the evening and was moving around easily. As I woke up today, everything hurt and I felt so bruised. It was not just my chest, my whole body was hurting like after a looooong workout. My belly muscles are killing me everything I try to sit up.
My belly is very bloated and I can feel tiny airbubbles underneath my skin..
The nurse said that's totally normal.
My boobies are very hard and I have no sensation in them at all.. Hope that comes back tho !
Every movement is a challenge right now but I'll stay positive and will feel better soon :-)
Right now I am waiting for the doc to come, who will hopefully give me the ok to go home.
My friend will pick me up and hope she won't hate me after she has to carry all my stuff and treat me like a old granny :-)
I have uploaded a new photo for you guys, once I can move my arms better, I'll take more :-)


back home <3

After 2 nights at the hospital, I was allowed to go home. On my way out of the building I realized how difficult the next few days are gonna be.. my chest muscle keeps tighten up and I walked like quasimodo through the corridor. It was a struggle to carry the roses I got from my Prince charming. My arms feel so heavy..
The drive home wasn't as bad as expected but I felt a little sick after a while.
Now I am back in my bed and just feel depressed and super exhausted. I am sick of sleeping on my back and the stinging pain I get in my left breast, when moving my arm to far away from my chest. Everything is annoying me and my memory of what happened is just a big blur. So what to do when you are experiencing the downside of your boobjob? Right.. I downloaded the Victoria's secret app and just shopped thru the New swim collection. I just need to focus and in a weeks time, I'll be glad I did this.
Thank you for all your lovely comments, it really really helps me a lot and motivates me :-)
Happy healing everyone, think positive!!!

4 days post BA

Hi girls!
The last few days have been exhausting although I didn't do anything other than sleeping and watching tv. My chest feels sooo tight and my muscles keep crumping together. It is just very tiring if you can't even pick up the bottle standing right next to you. I'm fine with my hands but my arms are hard to move away from my chest. I have had very bad zingers in my left breast for the first days but they have nearly disappeared today :-) zingers feel like a burning shooting pain in a small area that only lasts a few seconds. Apparently those are nerves trying to reconnect. Good!!
I also experienced the oh so bad MORNING BOOB, it's just a tightening pain when waking up in the morning because you didn't move at all for the last few hours. It's annoying but once you start moving, the pain goes away :-)
Of course I am not allowed to shower at the moment so I just whipe my boobies with wipes and leave out the plasters. Then I apply cocoa butter and before sleeping I also give them a soft massage with bioil. I really have noticed them softening a bit and hope for no strechmarks. I'm also taking arnica to support the healing process.
Today was the first day without painkillers (so far).. yay! I really feel much better and not as sleepy like the last few days.
Sometimes I'm annoyed and just want this to be over with but on the other hand I'm glad I Did this and can't wait for the final results. So far I don't think I have gone too small, for my frame they feel maaaaaaaassive! :-)
Just as massive as my belly is right now.. someone tell me this will resolve itself? Ughh

had to share this...

Took another peek at my babies before bed time and had to take a photo :-) so happy and hope for an even better results once they dropped. :-)
Happy healing everyone! Think positive!

yay!! 1 week post op appointment!

Oneee full week!
I'm starting to feel normal again and don't need any painkillers anymore. That's good considering that I swallowed two packs of those so far... ugh.
The last days were hard but I'm feeling better and better every day.
I'm so fascinated by my new boobies, sometimes I grab them (ok actually pretty often) and can't believe they are MINE! :-) yessss! I got booobs! Big ones!
It just makes me so happy and makes me forget about the painful first week. It's worth it!

Today I went in for my post op appointment. The doctor actually had a proud grin on his face when he saw the results. Guess that's a good sign :-) he's very happy with how they healed so far and gave me a strap to help dropping. The left one looks a little bit more swollen and sits higher but this will resolve itself, he said.
My doc was a little surprised when I told him about the pain I went thru and was a little upset at me for not calling him. He would have given me a different medication and said that that much pain wasn't not common.. My fault but I am glad that I'm feeling sooooo much better already. I promised to call next time :-)

Dear compression strap. I HATE YOU!
Yes I really do. I was feeling so much better and now this stupid strap puts me back in pain. Everything feels so bruised and sore.. grrr! The good thing is that it's more comfortable to sleep with a strap because everything sits in place and can't move around and hurt.. But the tightness of the strap hurts itself f..that.
Just can't wait for this to be over but it will be so worth it! They look amazing already and doc said they will get even better in time. Can't wait for my first cocktail at the beach, wearing a sexy non padded bikini and just feel comfortable in my skin.

Regarding bioil, cocoa lotion etc.
My doctor said it wasn't necessary to use those as they would not work much in his opinion..
My skin feels a little sore and stretched so I'll continue to use the cocoa butter lotion just so I can't say "I wish I would have". However I will stop using bioil. Unfortunately I got small red spots all over my chest and I look like a teenager with acne. It looks like a sun allergy.
A shame, so many good recommendations for this product and I react allergic to it =(

Of course I uploaded some photos for you guys, hope you like the results so far. I'm very happy and daydreaming soo
oooo much - bikinis, cleavage, dresses, lingerie, ... uhhh :-)

Speak soon!


Please comment below if you have any questions about my personal progress and experiences so far. I know there are soooo many questions we ask ourselves before surgery (even silly ones), I'm here to share my own experience and hope I can help that way :-)

11 days post, trying on first lace bra :-)

.. You all know those lace bras that have no padding whatsoever and are very transparent? I always found those very sexy but was not able to wear one because I was totally flat and didn't look good on me..
This has changed now so I ran to the stores and picked up one of those with no wire and no padding. I feel like these are comfortable to wear once my sport bra can retire.
And OMG I loooooove it!
It looks so sexy and I can't believe my babies look great without any pushup.
A milestone in my healing process, it really made me think positive again and look forward to the end result.
So if you are feeling down during your healing process, go and treat yourself to something you were not able to wear in the past. Try it on and boost your confidence! It's a hard way but we will all get there! :-)
Happy healing ladies.

help! red spots still there....=(

Hey girls!
I still got those red spots all over my chest. I have had some when I was a teenager but this time they are even around my nipples and not just in the center of my chest...
I have stopped using bioil and cocoa butter days ago but it does not seem to get better....
Anyone had this too? Any ideas or advice?
Thank you :-) makes me worry..

a few New pictures..

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the late post.
I am feeling great and love my new boobies. So far I don't have any complications and no problems with them. They are a 32D at the moment and I totally enjoy shopping for New lingerie :-)
Hope everyone's doing well!


a few more..

Heya :-)
I hope everyone is healing well and those who have their surgery soon don't worry too much.
This is the last week with a sports bra & strap for me. Occasionally I already wore a normal bra for a nice outfit.
The sports bra makes you look a little flat compared to normal bras..God I love the look of a full cup!!
I am leaving for a few month's in Australia on Sunday and packed 2 bras, 2 bikinis and one of my sports bras. I also bring my strap because I would like to wear it during sleep, although I don't have to anymore. I just want to make sure I get the best results possible for me :-)
Here are a few more photos for you guys. Hope you like what turned out to be my best investment so far =D

Male reactions and attention change?!

Oh yes!
Yes yes yes, that my definite answer.
Now that my boobies are brand new, I do want to show them off a bit. Hey I paid a lot for them so I might aswell not hide them. I think that's normal and I'm just very proud and happy that I went through with the surgery.
In the past I got some make attention, with or without push up bra..but now? Oh my days... it's ridiculous. Yesterday I went to the bar to order a pizza and the waiter could not say a normal sentence at first, combined with some stumbled "wow's" and "oh's".. I was confused what might be wrong with him. I realized quickly that he was talking to my boobs instead of my face. How awkward.. My Friends started laughing loudly and I just couldn't hold myself and had to aswell.
He was so overwhelmed by my Cleavage that he forgot about my drink.
In clubs I had the same, guys stopping to say "oh hellooo.." or some were telling each other to check out my cleavage until I wrapped my arms around my chest and heard them saying "shit, she noticed.."
I have to admit it flattered me the first few times but then it just gets annoying. My boobs are not thaaat huge?!?! I really didn't think guys would react that much on my new assets as they actually do.
New rule for myself:
less cleavage, less drama :-)

How did you feel the male world reacting after your surgery?
Dr Knabl

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