Fraxel Dual Treatment - near vienna / austria

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Hy! i am 25 years old and i had my first fraxel...

hy! i am 25 years old and i had my first fraxel treatment yesterday.
i suffered my whole youth from acne and i have now very bad acne scars on both cheeks and also some scars from "windpocken".

so i was looking for a treatment who can help me. i went to different skindoctors and they all wanted me for peelings and microdermabrasion. nothing seemed to work.

so i searched in the web for laser methodics. the normal co2 laser is nothing for me because i am too much scarred and its not possible to be at home for 2-4 weeks.

i heard from the fraxel laser and i was now thinking one year about i should make this treatment or not.

i had first some questions and the doctor was really very nice and helpfull with all of my questions. so three weeks later, yesterday, i had my first treatment.

first a had a cream on my face, that i cannot feel the pain too much. about 50 minutes the cream was on my face before fraxeling.

the fraxeling with the fraxel dual laser was very very painfull. i thought there are thousands of needles put into my face and it feels very hot like fire.
the doctor went 8 times on my cheeks and the scars on my forehead.
i think it takes about 10-15 minutes, then she put a cold wet towel on my face and i could relax for another 10 minutes.

after the treatment and the cold compress i became a sunblocker on my face.

the next 2-3 hours my whole face feelt like very bad sunburned and it was red (not as bad as i expected).

at home my face wasn`t that bad and it just feels a little bit hot.

today, is the second day. my face is swollen a little bit, but it doesnt hurt any more. if i would, i could go out and i think nobody does starr at my face.
now a little bit of my ski is turning to light brown areas. it looks like little brown points (the points from the laser).

so i will post in a few days and share my experiences with you.
i hope that i could watch in a few weeks or month on a better skin.

my next treatment is in about 3 weeks.

Day 4 after treatment: i feel comfortable and i...

day 4 after treatment:

i feel comfortable and i am doing well. my skin start to peel off and its dry. i wear my sunblocker (la roche-posay anthelios 50+) every day in the morning. the little brown spots i am covering with makeup and powder from eau thermale avene. before going to bed i clean my face with cleanance gel from eau thermale avene. its a gel without soap and for sensitive skin.
in work my collegues see little results. maybe because my skin is a little bit swollen. some areas start to peel off and there is very fresh and smoth skin underneath.

i post this and write this review because i want to share my experience with other people, but its not easy for me to post so much photos. hope i can help anyone with my reviews.

One week ago i had my second treatment. it was...

one week ago i had my second treatment. it was more painfull then the first time with a higher setting. i was very swollen after the treatment, but now i think most of my skin peeled off and my skin is just a little rough.
i have to wait know minimum 2-3 months before the next treatment, but i decided to wait for 5-6 months, that i can be sure the most of the collagen rebuilding is done.
now i am sure that my skin is a little bit better. i can cover my scars much better then before and my skin is smoother than before.
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