Yesterday My Implants Were Removed

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I am having implants (300) above the muscles for...

I am having implants (300) above the muscles for the last 10 years. I went from a cup B to a cup C. My nipples were a bit saggy and this result was kept if not accentuated with the breast implant. I am thinking about having a baby, and since my skin is not strong (I got yet stretches from a pregnancy which ended without giving birth to a child)I decided to take the implants first out before getting pregnant. after pregnancy and breast feeding (I hope it will be possible), I will judge what is necessary to do (either just lift the breast without implants, or add implants under the muscle).

I got the surgery yesterday. it wasn't painful at all, but I was very afraid of getting saggy empty breasts and my dream would be to find again my B cup. I came back the same day to my home after a 30 minutes operation. one of the implants was even ruptured and I remember that I started crying when I knew that :) but the doctor told me that there is no problem with this since he cleaned everything and since the implants were from a serious manufacturer.

I saw my breasts. they seam to be empty but they don't look dis-formed. I am positively surprised since I was expecting a horrible result. I will post here pictures for the ladies who are intending to take out their implants so they can see what they couls expect. at the moment I have pics with implants and pics 1 day after removal. hope it will help you girls, I was myself looking like crazy for such testimonials.

Hi girls, I just saw today all your posts and...

Hi girls,

I just saw today all your posts and your messages! because of your feedback I am even more happy that I shared this experience with you! our boobs are o important for us ladies that we get very emotional when it comes to them :)!
I remember how afraid I was when I decided to take the implants out! how will I look like? I felt I will perhaps not feel like a woman anymore!
on 14.02 my husband bought me new Push Up BH.
he asked me before which size I have and I said 75B (this is the size I had before the surgery).
the 2 BH were too small for me, and I went back with him to the shop and I exchanged them and got 75 C :)!

after 2 weeks i could yet say that I made the right decision! my breast are stil not feeling firm and still hurt, but only 2 weeks went after the surgery!
the skin of my breast ist the weakest skin quality I have in my hole body. almost the only region with strech marks! so I was afraid that I will get empty balloons!
after 2 weeks, they are not full and standing, but they are not empty balloons!

so girls if you wanna make the OP, do it! don't be afraid! if you have a good skin quality than they will be exactly as they were before the implants, even if you had them for 10 years and more, and if you have a not very good skin quality, like mine, than they will take time to get better, and you can discover with me together how they will progress.
i will be posting once a week my pics!

I hope it will help you and thanks again to all the encouraging ladies n this forum!
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