33 Years Old, Two children, Skinnier Patient BBL - Travelled from sydney to melbourne

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The night before surgery, Well technically it's...

The night before surgery,

Well technically it's the day of the surgery, up late and waiting for my Stiltox to kick in.

Last November I decided I wanted to do this but I was so skinny naturally, no matter how bad I ate. I weighed 50.1kg when I first saw Gavin and he said I am one of the skinniest girls that he would have to lipo to get fat, he said he would need to lipo my whole body. I said I will put on a few kilos of fat to gain some do our fat cells. Let me tell you I struggled hard with that, my metabolism was working fast and weight was not coming on, was eating healthy fats and having high calorie protein shakes, then decided to hurry it along and let's just say that burgers, chips, pasta and pizza know me very well! Not good I know but have put weight on finally and today weigh in at 56.5!
Feeling excited and nervous at the same time. Had my IV treatment a couple of days ago and saw Dr Gavin Chan yesterday for another follow up, to go through any last min questions etc. tried on my next two items of clothing that I will be living in for the next few weeks, compression garments! He was amazing as usual. Dr Gavin Chan from the Victorian cosmetic institute is known as the " cheek" expert in Australia and has been featured on Tv shows on so many occasions. Which is why I traveled from Sydney to Melbourne to have this done. He really truely is amazing, so professional, caring and honest and his staff, they are all just as fabulous.
The anaesthetist called me last night and spoke to me for almost an hour, thoroughly going through medical history and any concerns, he made sure to put me at ease. We were laughing after all the serious questions and made me look forward to it more. The girls at the clinic raved about him, his technique and his track record of ppl not having nausea or vomiting after surgery.
My heart at times is beating so fast and anxious. Had a shower, took off my rings and tried to get some clothes prepared for surgery. I left this too late but I realised that anything I wear I have to consider being ok with potentially getting fluid on my clothes from the incursion sites. So I think I'll be walking into the clinic looking like a homeless hobbo! With things on, have to be comfortable!

Wish me luck!

Post op day of surgery

Ok I made it and feeling good, no real pain. Just feels more like sore muscles. They managed to take out over 2 litres of fat. But only had 500cc transferred into each buttocks, plus filling out my indent of my outer thighs. They also transferred some fat into my lips.

I got them to take some pictures while on operating table.

When I got in the morning the staff were there usual self, amazing, friendly and accommodating. Was nervous, they checked my blood pressure and my sitting heart rate was at 110 but I was all good. Had a great laugh and talk with me, my girlfriend that came to support from Melb and with dr Gavin chan. Also had a great laugh with Robert the anesthesiest.
Went into theatre room and was feeling good, don't even remember passing out!

Lipo took 4 hours on the dot. Woke up feeling groggy and tired and a little sore. Also have some fluid mixed with blood leaking but seriously all good, must be the anaesthetic in my system still! ????

So he took over 2 litres of fat and transferred the 500cc into each buttock, I know I'll def want more so thanks to it being frozen and kept at clinic I can go back another three times if I want! Loving my instant shape of my hips! The results already show, see the pictures. So I have been awake for only two hours and feeling great. Obviously as I'm able to update. At my rented serviced apartment now and laying on my side, with towels and with Foxtel, the best!!

Going in tomorrow for my first post op app with my amazing sweet nurse. Will update further.

Decided to do this review as real self and all the dolls on here have been so helpful with their reviews.

Day 1 post op

Feeling a lot more soreness today and walking real funny but still managing a lot better than I thought. I started walking within 2 hours of surgery, I try get up and move as much as possible but trying to get up or position my self is a mission. My incision sites are hurting today but on my pain killers. Have not got much of an appetite so I'm slowly eating a little here and there.

I am very swollen today and leaking out fluids from incision points, apart from that all good. Went to see the nurses today for a check up and all is good, minimum bruising so far. Will upload some pics next week. But for now thought I would post some pics of my lips as I got fat injected there as well.

Day 4 post op update

So day 4 post op, had my second catch up today at the Victorian cosmetic institute, had my second mineral and vitamin IV infusion and my first lymphatic drainage massage. Had a little nausea but have realised its been all from the pain killer endone I have taken so I have stopped and just having Panadine forte when needed. The massage was great and not painful at all, if anything it felt weird in certain places as the skin is kind of numb.
Have a little brushing too but mainly one one side, been taking the arnica tablets and spray under the tongue as well as my vitamin C, B12 and iron and magnesium. My butt is def a lot fuller, I'll upload pics but more next week. They said my butt could only take 500cc per buttock, my frame was small though so I'm not surprised. Still swollen and now I got how some days are better than others, it's def a journey in healing after surgery but worth it. Had the foam taken off today and a obviously the compression garment taken off for an hour and it felt so so good! Can't wait to have a shower in the next few days!! Actually can't wait to get back home in Sydney, missing my bed but love Melbourne!

9th to 10th day post op review

Ok so on day 6 post op I went in to the Victorian cosmetic institute, had my catch up with Dr Gavin Chan and all went so well, he showed a few potential clients the pictures he took while on the operating table and girls loved the instant shape and curves and said it was such a great surgery success! Then had my stitches taken out, was expecting it to hurt but nurses are so gentle and amazing. Then followed by my lymphatic massage. I just have to take a moment to really say how incredibly happy I am with the clinic, amazing staff and the very talented Dr Gavin Chan, I'm so happy. I thought I would of had to travel to the states but happy I stayed here is Australia, he really is amazing.
Considering I was so tiny and his skinniest patient, he gave me curves, small waist and a fuller butt!
Felt great and had so much more energy by day 6 and was off pain killers.

Then only thing was that the same day I went into my second compression garment but it was so tight I could not get it over my hips and butt! Was a work out but I got it down packed now on putting it on. Bruising gone down heaps. I'm still swollen. My pictures from the day of surgery on operating table to now is different as I'm swollen but I know that will take some time and I'm fine with that. Here's the bad thing....

The next day I got gastro!! My girlfriend had it and I was so sick having to go to the toilet over 25 times first day and 18 times the next day, was horrible, then I got my period! Ahhhh, talk about bad luck! But all good now and feeling great and energy is coming back stronger and stronger each day! It's a weird sensation as certain parts of my body are still sore, swollen and numb at the same time.
Feeling great!
Trying to post pictures but I'm having trouble so might try add them later.

10 days post op pictures

10 days post op pictures update

Continued 10 days post op pic

By this point at 10 days post op was feeling great and energy levels really good, ordered my self this amazing butt pillow for sitting and driving etc. butt is still very firm and sweeling was sever, so I went to have a lymphatic drainage and wow, the therapist did one side of my waist compared to the other and was a big difference. I have photo shopped my back tattoo.

3 weeks post op

Wow what a difference it is, pretty much almost back to normal, putting on scar cream often and the swelling has gone down dramatically. Brusing was gone after a week in a half. Today was the fist day I went out and decided not to wear my garment, wow it felt great as my butt looked amazing, but in the garment it almost Hides your hump and holds it in if that makes sense. My butt is still firm but it's starting to soften up now. My waist still feels a little sore but numb at the same time, but more than bearable. When I do sit now I either sit with my special butt pillow or found that if I put all my weight on my lower thighs lifting up my butt is fine too.

Loving loving my butt, was so scared that maybe 500cc per cheek would not be enough but so far it's more than enough. Will see if I lose any more volume. If anything my butt is smaller now as no swelling, but a better Perkier shape as opposed to just big and swollen.

Dr Gavin Chan has stayed in contact via email checking up on me and they have even sent me scar treatments for free and they really are amazing, he said to trust him to give me a natural sqouting butt and he has, no wonder he does so many of these procedures! Wish I had this done earlier, so so happy! My girlfriend that I have been staying with in Melbourne has been my rock and now she wants to get it done too! Anyway, all is great and so so happy with my shape, butt projection and fullness and the Victorian cosmetic institute. My god I LOVE shopping now, my waist is amazingly tiny and my butt looks great in everything!!!!! Have gone crazy mad on shopping!!

Continued from 3 weeks post op

Sorry forgot Afew other pictures from before and 3 weeks after surgery
Melbourne Physician

Dr Gavin Chan, from The Victorian cosmetic institute. THE man, also known as Australias 'cheek' expert. Does so many Brazilian butt lift procedures weekly! The nicest most amazing surgeon I have met. Feel so so safe in his hands.

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