300cc Silicone over Muscle - Victoria, TX

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My procedure date is actually October 1st,...

My procedure date is actually October 1st, tomorrow. I have had two appointments so far and I have another one tonight. I am getting 300cc smooth round moderate high profile silicone implants over the muscle and the incision is under the breast in the fold. I am 5'2" and 125 pounds. No children, 25 years old, under breast measures 29", breasts at fullest point measure 32", waist is 25" and hips are 36". My breasts are slightly uneven and I normally do not wear a bra but I almost fill out a 32A.

Surgery Day

My surgery was at 7:30 and I woke up at 10:30. My chest was pretty swollen when I woke up and I could see and touch my boobs because my doctor glued my nipples and stitches and I did not have any bandages or a bra on and he told me not to wear a bra in general when I got home either. I was not in any pain when I woke up or throughout the day. Once the local anesthesia wore off I was expecting to be in a lot of pain but that never happened and I'm on day 3 now and I never needed to take any pain meds. I'm assuming my diet has helped with the swelling and pain. I eat an anti-inflamatory diet that's mostly all vegetables and protein with minimal packaged foods. I also don't have any bruising either which is nice. I definitely feel uncomfortable when I get up from laying down though because the implants feel so heavy like they are going to fall off my chest. I just usually hold them up for a couple minutes until my skin adjusts and then they feel good again. Right now my boobs obviously look interesting and the glue on my nipples is orange from the iodine so it looks like my nipples are oddly shaped now and big haha but I am excited to see how everything ends up looking once they are healed and settled.

Choosing my size

I wanted to add the pictures of when I tried on the 300cc sizers and the picture of the "wish" boobs I want. I think the sizers were very accurate and right now my breast measurement is 36.5. Obviously they will change and go down a little and fluctuate but it still feels good to not be flat!

11 Days

So I've had boobs for 11 days now and I haven't figured out how to edit my first post but I AM sure that I made the right decision and it was worth it haha I can now sleep on my side and I feel like they are starting to look like normal boobs now. They have started to move when I walk which I really like and I can't wait for them to move like normal. Almost all my glue is gone and my stitches are out. I still have some marks and swelling on the incision area but they look much better. My dr said they won't go down in size much more if they do. I'm still getting adjusted to them and I always seem to hit them when I open doors haha but I'm sure that will fade!

11th Day Pictures

11th day

I should add that the incision areas are actually not red at all. The pictures look really red and concerning haha but it's just the photo for some reason!

5 weeks

Hi, I'm sorry for not updating in a long time! I unexpectedly had to move 3,000 miles away so life has been busy! Normally when I have to move like this it is not a big deal because I can do everything myself but obviously after surgery I couldnt lift anything so the timing was terrible. Anyway , I am a little over 5 weeks now and I feel fantastic! My boobs have dropped down and look very real! They are still a little flat on the bottom where the incisions were but besides that they look totally normal. I went to a few places to try on bras and I am a size 32DD which is two cup sizes bigger than I thought I wanted but these are perfect for my body. Obviously a 32DD is much smaller than a 36DD so they still don't look crazy huge or anything thank goodness! I can still fit into my regular XS and S clothes which I did not expect. Now they actually fit how they should though instead of being so baggy! I took a picture just to give a quick update but I will be taking more later and doing another update once I have a little more time to focus on it. I also want to update my dr review since Dr Mondolfi is seriously the best dr I've ever experienced in any practice!! So anyway I will add more pictures later bit I just wanted to do at least a short update so everyone knows my recovery is still positive and going well!!

I picked Dr Mondolfi because I felt I could trust him and I was confident he would do a good job and I would be happy. Other doctors made me nervous and unsure. My surgery is in the morning and I still do not feel any nervousness or worry. I only feel calm and completely confident that I have made the right choices. I will update how follow up appointments go.

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