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I'm 25 years old, and I've been considering a...

I'm 25 years old, and I've been considering a breast reduction since I was 17. I'm finally on a surgery wait list (I live in Canada) and hoping to have the surgery this summer.

Since I was 10, I've had huge boobs. I developed very quickly and was teased about it relentlessly for most of middle school. Luckily I went to a private school in high school where we wore uniforms that hid my figure, and the teasing mostly stopped. I've learned to dress to hide them, but I'm fairly active (running and yoga), so it has always bothered me.

I'm really excited to finally have smaller boobs, but also terrified of everything that could go wrong. My mom had breast cancer and a bilateral mastectomy. She has since had breast reconstruction, but during the whole process she endured lots of problems from pain to infection to being unhappy with the outcome. I'm terrified that I'll end up with a awful outcome and wishing that I'd never had the surgery.

My boobs are big, saggy and out of proportion with my body frame -- but is it worth it to have the surgery and risk all the potential complications? Infection, bad scarring, poor aesthetic result..?

I'm still undecided, but luckily I have a few months still before I'm expecting my surgery date to make my final decision.

I've had my initial consultation with the plastic surgeon, who has suggested the lollipop technique to reduce scarring and ensure optimal breast shape. I'll also be consulting with a general surgeon in a couple of weeks to discuss removal of axillary breast tissue in my armpit (AKA the armpit boob in my right armpit).

The two surgeons will be coordinating their OR time so that both procedures will be done under one anaesthesia.

I've been lurking on these message boards for years trying to decide if I want to go ahead with this procedure. Now that I'm on here, I can hardly believe it. I'm excited and terrified all at once. Looking forward to sharing my story and reading about yours as well! Thanks for reading.

So I saw the general surgeon today...

I had my consultation with the general surgeon today about the removal of the axillary breast tissue in my armpit. Bad news. She's basically 9 months pregnant and will be on maternity leave at the time my surgery is scheduled. So now I have to go back on the wait list to see another surgeon for the consultation. I'm just so frustrated now. I waited three months to see this surgeon! Why couldn't she have let my PS know when she received my referral letter that she wouldn't be able to take me on as a patient?! What a waste of time...

Before pics

Here are my before pictures. Hoping to get my surgery date this summer.

Finally close to getting a surgery date

After being promised a surgery date during spring/summer, and not hearing a word, it seems I'm finally one step closer. The surgeon's office told me today they're booking for September, so fingers crossed it actually happens.

Got a surgery date! T minus 66 days.

So I finally have my surgery date. It's going to be too complicated to try to find a general surgeon who is willing to do the armpit procedure during the same OR time as the plastic surgeon, so I've opted to have that done separately at a later date to avoid having to wait even longer for the BR itself. Of course, now my armpit lump is bigger and more tender than ever! Go figure.

Anyway, so now I'm booked! Sept. 17.

Eeek! I can't believe it's actually happening.

So, ladies, what do I need to be doing in the two-month countdown? Right now, I'm just focusing on carrying on with healthy eating and exercising so I'm at my optimal weight before surgery. I'd like to be a B cup after surgery. The smaller the better, really.

Second day post-op

It's been a while since I've updated, but I thought I'd share my progress now that I've finally had my surgery.

Yesterday was the big day! I had my surgery at 8:50 a.m. I was a little nervous going in, but more excited to finally be getting it over and done with. I've now waited two years for the surgery, so it was high time to get it finished!

Waiting to go into the OR is probably the hardest part. Three different nurses all asked me the same serious of questions. Luckily I'm young and healthy with no major health problems, so I was an easy patient. After two hours of waiting, I was eventually wheeled into the operating room, where I was introduced to the whole team and asked to slide over to the operating table. Then they hooked me up to the IV, placed the ECG monitors on my shoulders, and started giving me oxygen. I was then asked to announce my name and what type of procedure I was having to the whole room, which I was not expecting to do! Haha.

The anaesthetist then told me she was starting to inject the sleepy drugs, and they switched the oxygen to some other gas (I think nitrous oxide?) which made me start coughing like crazy. Luckily I quickly fell asleep soon after.

My first memory of waking up was seeing a nurse at my bedside telling me that I was OK, and that I was just waking up from the surgery. I remember feeling a little bit of pain and confusion, but it wasn't too bad. My surgeon was also beside my bed later on and told me that I did great and that the surgery went very well. I struggled to keep my eyes open and kept sleeping for a little while. In between dozing, I remember shaking uncontrollably. I felt extremely cold and they kept covering me with warm blankets to help with the shivering.

Eventually I was awake enough that they wheeled me out to the surgical daycare recovery area. There, I was given something for nausea and two pain pills (tramacet). That pretty much knocked me out, but I remember sneaking a peek at my boobs under the covers a couple of times and being surprised at how perky they were, but also at how large they still looked.

I slept quite deeply for about two hours but I could hear all the nurses still talking, so it was a very strange sleep. Eventually I started to wake up, and suddenly felt how full my bladder was (those IV fluids work wonders!). I called the nurse and she helped me get out of bed, secure my gown and connect my IV fluids to a pole with wheels.

I managed to walk from my bed to the bathroom and use the bathroom without a problem. When I walked back, I felt much more awake and suddenly realized how late in the day it was already. I remembered that my mom thought I would be ready to go home by noon, but it was already 1:30! I asked them if they could call her to let her know that I am OK at least, but they said they would only call her when I was ready to leave. That made me annoyed knowing that she was probably worried sick.

I told them I felt like I was ready to go home, and they said that I should stay for at least another half hour to be sure. I managed to get dressed by myself and by 2:30, I was in a wheelchair out of the hospital and down to the entrance where my mom was waiting.

Overall, recovery in the hospital was not bad. The anaesthesia definitely makes you feel pretty woozy and out of it, but the pain was not bad at all. When I got home, I felt great. I was able to walk around, use the washroom, socialize, watch TV, all with minimal pain. By evening, I was pretty tired and I tried to fall asleep around 10 p.m.

My slept the first night was pretty disruptive. I kept waking up every half hour or so, and then dozing again. I don't enjoy sleeping on my back, so it's difficult to get a good night's sleep in this position.

Day 2 was a little more painful than the first day. I didn't want to take the tramacet anymore because it makes me sleepy and makes my skin itchy. I managed to shower in the morning and get my first peek under the dressings. I was a little surprised by how full they look on top and the nipples seem a little low, but I'm hoping they will go up as the breasts drop over time. I had the vertical incision (lollipop technique).

Around noon, I felt like I needed a stronger painkiller than just regular tylenol, so I took another tramacet. I'm still pretty sleepy from it, but I think I will probably need the stronger painkillers for another day or two.

Anyway, that's about it so far. I'm happier with the size today (the swelling has gone down a lot and they are definitely smaller than I thought they would be yesterday). The nipple placement is slightly worrying, but I'm hoping that will fix itself once they settle into the new shape.

Has anyone had issues with nipples facing downwards or sideways with the vertical scar? Did they get better over time or did you require a revision?

I'm worried my results are not good.

I know it's early days but I'm worried my results are not good. I know they don't look great right now, but I'm only two days post op. My brother saw a photo of my lying in bed recovering and said me my boobs look bigger now than they did before. Another friend said I'm going to have "frankenboobs" for a few weeks. I've yet to have a comment on this site since updating my review. Do they look that bad?

Four days post-op

Today I'm four days post BR, and feeling much better. I'm completely off the heavy pain meds, and yesterday, I only took two advils. I've yet to take an advil today, and I feel just fine without it. The shape is already changing and I'm becoming happier with the outcome as time passes. The underside of my breasts and my nipples are completely numb. No sensation whatsoever. It feels really weird, that numbness. But hopefully the sensation comes back. I see the nurse on Tuesday to check on my healing, but so far so good. Unfortunately I won't see the surgeon for another six weeks, so I won't be able to ask her about the size of the right one for a while.

A year and a half later

I haven't updated in a while but just wanted to share the latest results. I'm very happy with it! Size is a still little larger than I had hoped for, but scarring is minimal and overall shape is good. My right breast is still slightly larger than the left, but that one was bigger to start with. Overall, I would recommend this surgery to anyone considering it. Just make sure you're comfortable with your PS. Mine was great!

My journey isn't over though. In a month I'll be having axillary breast tissue in my armpit removed, and then I'll be seeing my plastic surgeon again about having my dog ears taken care of.

I'll post another update soon!

More photos showing scarring

More update photos

Dog ear revision

Happy to report that I am finally done with my final procedure to fix the dog ear/skin folds I had left after the short scar incision. The procedure was done under local anaesthesia in less than 30 minutes. Relatively painless. Now five days post-op and almost healed already. Overall, I couldn't be happier with my decision to have a breast reduction. My self confidence has improved immensely and my clothes fit so much better! I would recommend it to anyone consider the procedure, but do your research and find the right surgeon.
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