TT w/ MR seven weeks PO! (Victoria, BC)

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After 2 c-sections, a hysterectomy and a bunch of...

After 2 c-sections, a hysterectomy and a bunch of years trying to get as fit as I can be, it's time to take it to the next level. I finally made the decision to have a tummy tuck when I learned that my abdominal muscles were separated and that all the exercise in the world wasn't going to make it better!

Well, I'm all paid up and as reality sinks in, so...

Well, I'm all paid up and as reality sinks in, so do the nerves! I'm finding it hard to concentrate at work and I have another week and a day left before taking a couple of holidays before my procedure on July 30th. The great side benefit to all these jumbly nerves is the fact that I'm cleaning house - wherever I go! LOL! My office desk hasn't been this clean in years and I actually cleaned all my desk drawers yesterday, too, which is quite an accomplishment.

My nerves are thrumming with anticipation and...

My nerves are thrumming with anticipation and excitement - and more than a little trepidation! I definitely want this but I'm nervous about the procedure. I've looked at a lot of fresh scar photos, which didn't seem to bother me last week but this week they seem to have heightened my realization that my turn is coming soon. I think part of what I'm feeling is hormonal. I had to stop taking all my herbal remedies and teas this week (risk of blood thinning), and I'm still feeling the effects of stopping some of the other meds I had been taking for HRT (they stopped making what I had been taking and I will probably go on something else, but not until after the surgery.) My boyfriend, who lives with me, is super supportive and very grounding for me, but he is away this week. To top it off, I'm waiting for the head of our department (who is really a nightmare to deal with) to sign off on a document that will review my job and bump it up a few levels. I'd really like to get that wrapped up before I go on leave.

LOL! What a basketcase!

Feeling a little more balanced today - thank GOD!!...

Feeling a little more balanced today - thank GOD!! Maybe I'm just tired from not being able to sleep last night. My brain keeps envisioning what it will be like at the surgical centre, in the operating room and recovering on my couch. I keep pinching the flap that will soon be gone. I was doing planks this morning and glanced down at my droopy tummy and thought about how great it will be to have that flat!

I seem to be sneezing and a little wheezy today -...

I seem to be sneezing and a little wheezy today - I sure hope I'm not getting sick! I'm not sure how 'sick' you have to be before they won't operate on you. I sure don't want to have to postpone surgery. Having said that, I want the best results possible, so if I have to postpone, I'll just have to suck it up! For now, I'll just take it one day at a time... and WILL myself to be healthy. :)

Observing the journeys of others on this website has been a tremendous source of valuable information, and it's definitely a reality check! I'm still a little squeamish about the incision, but I keep reminding myself that the results will be worth it. The incision will heal and fade and I will be rid of my flap. I wonder how much it will weigh? If they take off at least two pounds, I'll have reached my pre-op goal weight, lol! I know to not weigh myself after surgery for a while...but honestly I know I will. I'll just have to keep my expectations low. At the very least, I can ask how much they took off of me.

Today is my last day of work, then it's my goal to get organized. I'm keeping up with my fitness routine and watching what I eat so I can be as lean as possible. We're invited to a huge potluck on Saturday, which might be tempting, but I'll try to keep to my tiny portion rule for the richer stuff and fill my plate with lots of veggies (and hopefully fish!)

Well, it all seems very surreal but it's done! I...

Well, it all seems very surreal but it's done! I can't tell yet what's missing - it feels as though everything that was there is still there under the"CG. Drinking lots of water and just had some dried fruit to get things going in that departmet. Upper abs hurt but nurse is coming to give me a shot.

Will try to post more about the process when the meds wear off. I've falllen asleep several time while writing this.

When I woke up this morning, I thought "Oh God, my...

When I woke up this morning, I thought "Oh God, my operation's today! Have I slept in???" Then I tried to move and realized it's already happened! I feel pain in my abs but it's not too bad. Just took another hit of meds so should feel a little more comfortable soon. My boyfriend has done a super job of caring for me - he's tracking my meds and helping me to the bathroom and generally just being here and reminding me to not strain myself.

Off to the PS this morning for the check up and to get some answers about the scar - apparently I didn't have enough skin to pull down so he had to create a T scar. Not too sure what that looks like as I only have had a tiny peek at my belly last night when the nurse came to give me a shot. Apparently they took off about 2 lbs, not sure if that includes the lipo area or not.

Feeling less groggy today but having some tummy...

Feeling less groggy today but having some tummy troubles...gassy and nauseous and unable to get the digestive systems moving although I've had a number of prunes, dates, fresh fruit and homemade veggie soup.Having read other people's posts, I realize this is normal, but it sure is uncomfortable!

The earth moved!!! Okay, it was just my bowels but...

The earth moved!!! Okay, it was just my bowels but it felt monumental. After three days of ingesting nothing but fruit and veg and tons of liquid, I was seriously ready to burst at the seams. It was very discouraging, but finally this morning it happened, so hopefully I'll start getting back into the swing of things.

My pain is pretty manageable. I'm getting up and around on my own and I can certainly feel the incision and the muscle repair but it's not completely debilitating. I'm definitely swollen so I still can't really gauge my results although it does seem as though I'm slimmer under my bust line. My PS said he stitched muscles way up near my sternum. I'm on my way for my second PO appointment. I don't think my drains are ready to come out yet, but we'll see what he says.

Day 5 and I'm feeling pretty good but I sure tire...

Day 5 and I'm feeling pretty good but I sure tire easily. I emptied my own drains this morning (they will probably come out on Tuesday), cleaned the drain sites and my bbutton with peroxide and polysporin and that was about all I could handle. I felt very insecure without the binder on and it was really a relief to feel it wrapped around me again. My tummy button looks a little funny - kind of deep and a wee bit lopsided at the top. My stomach still feels numb and it's hard to tell how much of what I see is from being swollen and what the final belly will look like. The bowels are moving more naturally now, which is a big relief! I don't really have much of an appetite yet. I've been sticking to small portions of fruit, a bit of plain yogurt and yesterday I had a bit of homemade veg soup. My pain is totally manageable with Ibuprofen which also helps with the swelling and is not constipating like the T3-type of meds I was on before.

Happy healing to all!

One week and I'm feeling a little discouraged. I...

One week and I'm feeling a little discouraged. I know this is a long process and I'm trying to remember what everyone has said about being patient, but it sure is hard! I'm tired of the drains and felt a little down this morning when I saw my output was up to around 32cc in the past 24 hours. I"m hoping to get them out tomorrow and I think I'll have to be under 30cc in order for that to happen. Yesterday was a big day for being up and getting around, so maybe it's not surprising about the increase in discharged fluid.

My belly is still numb, which is a really weird feeling, especially when I clean my tummy button (which I'm liking a little more today). It is really hard at the 't' part of my incision and just below, which feels really strange. I had incredible bruising on my right hip from lipo. When I went to the ps on Tues, the nurse said, Wow you really beat her up! He replied, "She'll thank me for it!" I hope he's right! It doesn't really hurt but it looks horrendous. I've been using ice packs, which are supposed to help.

I hardly have an appetite these days. I think it's partly because of the binder restricting my stomach, but I'm also paranoid about all this time of not working out. Thank god it's summer and there is plenty of fresh fruit to nibble on. That and soup is about all I want to eat and in very small quantities.

I'm going to try and wash my hair in the kitchen sink to see if it makes me feel better.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Just had my first post-op shower. Best. Shower....

Just had my first post-op shower. Best. Shower. Ever. Wow, what a great feeling! It's been a little over 24 hours since I had my drains taken out (didn't hurt at all by the way but it was rather weird when I saw how LONG they were) and I can definitely tell I'm more swollen than I was yesterday at this time, but I'm still happy to be rid of them and to be able to shower again. The two holes in my pubic mound where the drains went in look funny, especially since that area is sort of swollen. They look like eyes! The .nurse told me I don't have to put gauze on anything and I could just use something like a pillowcase or long t-shirt under my binder. I opted for a pillowcase but will probably see if I have a tank shirt that would work.

Now that I'm all clean, I hope to sleep in my own bed tonight. My sweetie didn't have to work until the afternoon so I climbed into bed with him this morning and I realized how much I missed the closeness, and it wasn't painful. I put my pillowcases through the wash and have moved most of my pillows from the couch to the bedroom.

I still don't have much of an appetite. I'm surviving mostly on fruit (thank god for cherry season - keeps things moving if you know what I mean!) and soup and I'm happy to be having herb teas again. I guess the binder probably restricts my intake, which is fine as I'm not burning many calories and I really don't want to add any extra weight during this healing process.

On one hand it's hard to believe it's been two...

On one hand it's hard to believe it's been two weeks since my procedure; on the other, it feels like I've been on my couch all summer! I'm having a bit of swelling on my pubic mound (aka Ken doll syndrome) but otherwise things are looking pretty good. I wear the compression garment rather tight, which has felt the most comfortable for me, but this morning it was nice to take it off for a bit. With it on, it somehow feels as though my old bulgy stomach is still there and it was a nice surprise when I tried on the panties I wore in the before shot and saw a nice smooth line rather than my old bulge.

I think the feeling is starting to come back to my belly. The area between my rib cage feels pretty tender - like it's bruised. The PO said I'd feel it as he repaired muscles all the way to the top. It's still pretty numb to the touch around my incision. Still feeling that from the inside but I'm not on painkillers anymore - just the occasional ibuprofen for the swelling.

Had my three week PO appointment today. My PS took...

Had my three week PO appointment today. My PS took off the glue/gauze dressing over my incision and put on silicone strips, which I'll wear for three months (see new photos). I take them off to have a shower, wash them and reapply until they won't stick to me anymore, then I have to cut new strips. I was surprised how smooth the incision line looks. There is a bit of a ridge, which he referred to as the healing ridge, but that will apparently shrink and fade away. There's also a little puckering at one hip, but he says time for the swelling to go down and the CG should take care of that.

I'm cleared for exercise, except for ab work, so I did some resistance training and went for a walk. Tomorrow, I'll try a bit of a jog!

Still feeling bloated and sore, but I'm happy with my results so far.

I can hardly believe it's been seven weeks since...

I can hardly believe it's been seven weeks since my procedure! Where has the time gone? The last week two weeks have been a challenge as I get back into the swing of working. Sitting at my computer has been the hardest thing. It's uncomfortable and tends to make me swell. I have to remember to get up and moving every once in awhile, which is hard because I was off for a few weeks and there is lots of catch up work to do. I'm wearing spanx during the day now and my wraparound CG at night. I still feel like I need that protection and my abdomen is still sensitive to the touch. My appetite is finally back, which is good because it gives me fuel I need for working out. I've put on about three pounds since resuming eating and working out. It was bound to happen - lol! I'm mostly happy with my results but still fight the tendency to criticize myself. I will be happy when I can start working my abs again - which will be in one week! Happy healing everyone!

Also, I posted a new picture where you can see how...

Also, I posted a new picture where you can see how my scar is healing. It's pretty flat now and just looks like a thin, red line. I still wear the silicone strips all the time.

1 year and 1 month post-op AND one month post T-scar and lateral scar revisions

I have been extremely happy with the results of my tummy tuck. The best part has probably been having my abs repaired as they now function properly, which makes things like sit ups a whole lot easier and makes my tummy tighter rather than spreading my abs farther apart, which was happening pre-surgery. As I didn't have enough skin to pull everything down tight, I have what is called a T scar - a vertical incision. My T-scar had quite the raised bump on it and my PS was not happy with the result, so he cut it out! It was a simple procedure in his office with some local freezing. I got to watch him stitch it up and I have to say that although it is still healing, it looks quite marvelous (I'll post photos soon). At that appointment, he also took a little slice off the end of one incision where I felt it was puckering a bit. Again, I watched him do it and it is looking much better.

I think it's really important to examine the reasons why you want a TT and to be sure you have the right supports in place post surgery to ensure you get the best results possible.
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