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I am 18 years old, turning 19 in a month. I've had...

I am 18 years old, turning 19 in a month. I've had a dorsal hump on my nose since I was young. It was always a debate whether it was genetic or result from injury, as my dad's side of the family all have strong noses, however I have suffered a few injuries to the nose.

I've wanted the hump taken off my nose for as long as I can remember. I was teased about it a bit when I was younger, but now that I'm older, it's not an issue with friends or guys. I've had people tell me they actually LIKE my unique nose! But I decided to do this for myself and no one else.

My surgery was on November 5th. I didn't feel nervous at all in the days leading up to the surgery. I think that's because I've wanted it for so long that I just had no second thoughts. I've also been put under general anesthesia for my wisdom teeth, so I know what it feels like and wasn't worried about that.

I went into the OR - a gorgeous room with big bright windows, laid down on the extremely comfortable operating table, went to sleep super fast, and woke up with barely any pain. I remember them asking me about my scale of pain between 1 and 10, I think I only said about a 4. I talked to Dr. Naysmith as well. Apparently they found a bone (not cartilage - bone!!!) completely blocking my left nostril, and said that I would notice a huge change in my breathing after. I was pretty out of it at this point but I remember my nurse feeding me crushed ice. She helped me get into my clothes and walk me down to the parking lot with my mom and was so sweet to me the whole time! I was pretty nauseous on the ride back to our hotel but managed to keep it together, never felt like I was going to throw up.

We had a follow up appointment the morning after. I felt really good and they were surprised at how little I had swelled or bruised! I was surprised at how good I felt as well. Dunno if it was the painkillers or the numbness, but I haven't had an issue with pain at all really. We were supposed to take the packing out that morning, but they decided to wait longer, and told me I could take it out myself in a few days.

The following days were okay. One thing that never occurred to me was the mental weight of the surgery. I've been feeling really lonely staying at home all day, and with this huge big numb thing on my face. I definitely realize it's easy to take normal everyday things for granted. I also couldn't smell anything, or taste anything at all, through my packing. The mouth breathing didn't bother me whatsoever, as I had been breathing out of my mouth mainly pre-surgery. The only weird thing is that when I swallowed water or anything else it felt kinda like I was drowning or something, super weird. My sense of smell was totally gone and my appetite too. I haven't been the best at getting myself to eat and ended up throwing up the other night a few times because of taking the painkillers on an empty stomach. Not fun. Now I'm making sure to at least drink a shake before taking any pills!

I took my packing out this morning, I was really worried but it didn't hurt at all. Maybe mildly uncomfortable but it was over fast. I can't even describe how incredible it feels to breathe properly for the first time in my life. What a huge difference. This alone makes it so worth it! I am still wearing gauze to catch the dripping blood, just in case, I think it may be more of a safety blanket type thing though as I'm just used to it by now.
I get my stitches out tomorrow so hopefully it doesn't hurt too much.
As far as appearances go - I can already see a change in the overall shape of my nose even with the cast over top. I'm not going to judge for a while because I know it is very swollen right now, but I am so excited to get my cast off on Tuesday!

Updated with some more photos!

updated with some more photos!

Got my stitches out today! I haven't been having...

Got my stitches out today! I haven't been having to take my painkillers lately, but I took a couple in anticipation of getting the stitches out and I am glad I did. It hurt pretty badly, probably the worst part of this entire ordeal! Don't know if it is like this for everyone. I only had 4 stitches though, so it was over fast. I'm still a bit swollen, and the small bit of bruising I had is turning yellow. Can't wait to get my cast off - counting down the days.

Going to get my cast off today! I'm so excited to...

Going to get my cast off today! I'm so excited to see my new nose. Because it was so huge before, even if it's swollen it will still be way different - I can already notice a huge difference in the tip and isn't that the part that usually stays most swollen? Besides, I'm not bruised whatsoever or swollen anymore. Recovery was pretty smooth aside from having to be a hermit and stay away from society...hahahaha. I'm not nervous about cast/splint removal hurting because of a combination of what I've read on this site and also having a high pain tolerance. I'm just so curious! Will update with pics... :)

I GOT MY CAST OFF!!! It was taken off yesterday....

I GOT MY CAST OFF!!! It was taken off yesterday. It did hurt a little bit but I would still kind of describe it more so as "discomfort". My surgeon loosened all of the tape slowly and carefully working it and the cast off of my face. It pulled a bit and was a little sore but nothing too bad! I also got the splints out of my nose - they looked clear and jelly like. That also was pretty uncomfortable but I was just SO excited to see the end result I didn't care too much. And once I saw I was super happy. Of course it's swollen and will be more refined after a while, but it's already so different and I feel way more confident in social situations or with photos. I'm extremely pleased with the result - I think it looks natural and a lot of my friends say that I don't even look too different except for from the side! I notice the difference of course as my nose is much straighter now, but I'm glad it doesn't look obvious. The skin underneath the cast was pretty gross on the day of cast removal - pretty oily and I usually have good skin. Felt so good to shower. I was instructed to "mold" my nose 3 to 4 times a day for 5 minutes with my thumbs to keep my nose straight and narrow. Hopefully I don't mess my nose up and do it wrong... I always worry about stuff like that haha. The scar on my columnella (I had open rhinoplasty) isn't very visible at all, crazy how fast it healed. Feeling still pretty under the weather and not back to work til next week (took 2 weeks total off for the surgery) but I'm going out for a couple dinner dates with friends feeling so happy about getting back into society after my cast faced hermiting! Check out the photos... :)
David Naysmith

I chose Dr. Naysmith as I had a friend who had the same procedure done by him not too long ago. I looked up a few reviews online, but put most of the weight on how the consultation would go. As previously mentioned, it is obvious that his staff are happy to work for him. They are all co-operative and so so kind. From booking the consult with the receptionist to speaking with Dr. Naysmith himself, everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. They were happy to answer all of my questions, super professional yet human enough to put you at ease, and just perfect in every way. Definitely made the right decision. I booked a consult with Dr. Naysmith for September and was instantly put at ease. His entire team is friendly and cooperative. He definitely did not pressure me to get the procedure, or anything else done - one of the options he said was to leave my nose as is, because in his opinion I was pretty the way I was and didn't need it! Dr. Naysmith gave me a call the night before surgery to ask how I was doing, if I had any questions, and to tell me to get a good sleep. How thoughtful of him to do that with his patients. It totally put me at ease. The Victoria Surgery building was so clean and comfortable. Way more comfortable than a hospital. I was given my own room to change into a gown and a cozy robe, with heated floors and a TV. Felt so luxurious.

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