Get Me Home my Face is on Fire.. - Victoria, BC

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I had booked four sessions as recommended. Was...

I had booked four sessions as recommended. Was very excited about clearing up some sun spots on my face. Clinic staff all very nice. Everyone has a different reaction/pain level. My face was swollen and looked scalded for three days. Then it began to peel and looked worst. I was house bound for almost five days. The pain from the laser was intense. Yes,they put the numbing cream on. I was in tears. Such a bad experience but understood it was that well it does happen it was worth it if I could have wonderful skin.
But.... my skin is worse. I have to agree with some of the reports before me, it seems to have lost it's bounce, healthy glow. I keep hoping it will come back. I had a little burn scar under my right eye but it is healing. I was so disappointed.

I went back for a follow up consult as I guess somehow I still wanted to believe there was a way they could help me. (I had not yet found this website) so wanted to believe I could have the clear skin of my youth. She showed me before and after pictures and tried to tell me I looked way better. I did seem to look better in the after picture but that is not at all what was real so I began to question things. There is not improvement in sun spots at all but she was trying to tell me it was very marginal. It was like they were trying to tell me what you see and experience in not how it is let me show you that you look way better. She must have repeated twenty times that they make not promise it will totally clear up but that there will be "significant improvement". I saw only damage in one treatment so that was enuough for me.

Another very strange thing that did that made me very uncomfortable was that no one said anything to me at all about the need to sign a wavier due to well all of the reasons that you need to sign one like permenant skin damage to your face. The girl who was giving me the treatment handed it to me after my face was cleaned and jel put on and I waited for 45 mins. Then she came in with a clipboard stating one percent, so rare she says can experience this or that but I don't think she ever used the word burns or scaring, though it is in the waiver. What a very strange time to present this? Like you now have a choice and can back out. On top of this when I was leaving they sold me another $100 worth of goods I need on my face. I was just like yeah sure just let me go home my face is on fire.

So conclude from this what you will. Just think twice about someone burning the skin on your face that has the education of what? some sort of short course on how to use the machine.
PS if you have a mild scar on your face be careful as it can somehow bring it out. They don' tell you this stuff.

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