53 Years Old - Two Kids Getting Lower Abdomen Done - Bedford, NS

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I am getting the lower abdomen done tomorrow. I'm...

I am getting the lower abdomen done tomorrow. I'm a litter nervous. They will be using two coolcore machines on my lower abdomen as I was told the coolmax machine wouldn't work because my belly button wouldn't stretch enough to use that machine. I am going to post two pics I took today. I will post weekly. I was told that I would have to have treatments done on my lower abdomen as there is thick density.

1 Day Later

I'm not in any pain. There is no bruising. The area is still numb. Just when I have to bend down there's some discomfort. Whering spanks helps a lot. There is some swelling. I will submit a before and after pic each week.

1 Week Later

First week wasn't bad. Still have some numbness and tenderness. No bruising. No nerve pain thank god. That was what I was nervous about getting. I get the second treatment done June 27th. Really hoping I don't have to have the upper ab done. Does there look like there's a difference? I think so but I think it's too soon. What I have noticed is my belly isn't hard like it alway was. It's kind of like jello. I'm thinking that's good.

Two weeks layer

Little bit of numbness still. Other than that no other symptoms. Below are before and two week post.

3.5 weeks later

I'm quite pleased so far. It's been 3.5 weeks. I have had no symptoms for about a week.

3.5 weeks later

I'm quite pleased so far. It's been 3.5 weeks. I have had no symptoms for about a week.

Before and after Pics

Before and after Pics

Second Treatment on Lower Ab done June 27, 2016

It is day 6 after the lower abdomen treatment. I was doing great until day 4 I started experiencing the nerve pain. I put in a hard night last night and today. I called to get the medication and have it, but reluctant to take it. There are a lot of side affects and I'm nervous about taking it. The Dr said the nerve pain is usually burned out in two weeks. Not sure if I can go through this nerve pain that long. I just keep hoping/thinking it will get better. It's extremely uncomfortable. I feel like I'm being stabbed with needles and its quite constant. The first 5 mins of getting the treatment were uncomfortable, but tolerable. Same with the massage. I think my symptoms are worse this time because I lot a fair amount of fat after the first treatment. If it weren't for the nerve pain, I'd be fine. Has anyone else experienced the nerve pain and how long did it last? Did you take the meds? I'll update with pics later.

2nd treatment

I'm on day 8 of the nerve pain. the actual shots of nerve pain are gone as of yesterday thank God. The ab is still numb and extremely sensitive to anything that touches it. I'm hoping it's gone in a few days. Wish it didn't last so long. I only take the med at night and use ice packs which are great. I'll submit pics soon,.

Second Treatment Day 14 July 2016

Posting pics of before my 1st treatment and pics of day 11 after my second treatment on the lower ab. I may have the upper ab done with one treatment. Pain is worth it. I will post pics when I'm at the 3 month mark.

Upper Ab First Treatment August 2 2016

It's been 6 weeks since my second lower ab treatment. I'm extremely happy with the results so far. My first treatment of the upper ab is being done as I write this. I don't think I'll need a second upper ab treatment. I've got so more self confidence. Wearing tighter tops. Don't have to suck my gut in anymore. Wish I would have got it done a long time ago. I will post pics in a few weeks.

8 weeks after 2nd lower ab treatment and 4 weeks after 1st treatment on upper ab.

So I had the lower ab done twice. It's been 9 weeks since the lower ab done (twice) and 4 weeks tomorrow since I had the upper ab done once. I had the nerve pain on the upper ab. Didn't think I would but I did. The upper ab was a bit more uncomfortable have that done. She used two smaller coolscuplting devices. O was bruised a bit on one side and swelling lasted a couple of weeks or so. There is a tiny bit of numbness still. I had to use the nerve pain medication for two nights. Its only been the last week or so that I've really noticed a huge difference each day. I will post my 6 months pics Oct 1st. It was all so very worth it for me.
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