So Excited! Getting Lipo of Flanks and Upper Back Fat, then Gonna Save Up for Tummy Tuck Next

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I am 31, 5"5, 180 pounds. So, far I have lost 20...

I am 31, 5"5, 180 pounds. So, far I have lost 20 pounds. I have always had what appears to be two sets of butt cheeks. As I have continued to lose weight it becomes more and more evident that it is not going anywhere. I have always dreamed of cosmetic surgery and can't believe my time has finally come. My pre op appointment is Nov 5th and I hope to reach my goal weight of 160 pounds by then. I have been exercising and eating healthy ahead of time because I want this to be a new way of life. Has anyone ever read about anybody who had work done and then gained weight back? I can't imagine wasting the money - that's my fear, don't want it to happen to me. I recently found this site and have been obsessed with it ever since. My plan is to have my back side taken care of first, then the front. I will post from time to time to chronicle my weight loss before surgery as well as what I will look like after surgery.

I took some before pictures but I guess they...

I took some before pictures but I guess they didn't load. will try again tonight

Had my pre op on Mon 11/5. Everything went well...

Had my pre op on Mon 11/5. Everything went well Im on for Nov 19th at 745am. Im so excited I could burst. I have been doing well with working out and eating right. I've lost five more pounds! (I'm down to 175, my goal weight is 150) Yay me! I got my perscriptions filled (something for nausea, percocet, an antibiotic, and a pack of arnica. Im uploading one more pic today to give a clear shot of all of the back rolls and the huge flank area. I will post again on the day of the surgery which is 11 days away. Im not in any way nervous, I hope I stay that way. Good luck to everyone.

Not that thrilled about results

Overall I'm happy but not completely satisfied. I have more of a contour than before so that is what makes me happy. I'm back on RS because I'm getting ready to schedule my tummy tuck. I'm posting pics here then I'll start a new review for my upcoming tummy tuck. I still have back fat rolls and a small lump over my butt. Next year I'm planning a bbl.
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