Very Satisfied with Laser Hair Removal

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I had a very heavy hair growth in the bikinia area...

I had a very heavy hair growth in the bikinia area and under my arms. I am fair skinned, but have lots of dark black coarse hair. My hair grew at least 3 inches out side of bathing suit lines around my legs (sorry about being so graphic, but I had a serious problem!) I hated shaving the bikini area because it only looked nice for about 1 day...then the razor stubble started coming out along with ingrown hairs, pimples...etc. Couldn't shave again for at least 4/5 days. I tried waxing...looks nice for about a week, then same problems as before. Plus, I didn't like having to grow the hair out long enough for it to be waxed. So, I finally tried laser hair removal about 4 years ago. I had 3 treatments each on my bikini area and armpits. The first bikini area treatment was done concentrating on the parts that would show with a bathing suit on....the 2nd treatment was that plus the labia....3rd bikini area treatment was EVERYTHING down there. I'm glad I didn't get the whole area done each time, because I've decided I don't want to be completely bald down there...or look patchy or anything. Each armpit treatment was of course the entire underarm. I think I went about 6 weeks apart...maybe longer, it's hard to remember. Right after you get it done, the hair still continues to look like it's growing out...but don't worry, once that particular follicle falls out, nothing comes in behind it. You can tell they fall out about 2 weeks after the treatment....the hairs are so loose, you can just kind of brush them off eventually. Anyway...I'm writing to say that after 4 years I am still VERY happy with the results. I get a few stray hairs on the bikini area...but the hairs are so few and they seem less shaving them off is no big deal at all. I don't get the razor stubble, ingrown hair, pimple looking mess EVER! My underarms could use probably two more treatments....but it's definitely lighter hair coverage than before and the hairs aren't as coarse. Now a word about the pain. I checked that the pain was mild...that's only if you use numbing cream. I am a total wuss....this hurt like h@ll. Imagine being repeatedly snapped with a rubber band that felt like it was on fire. The cream (lmx??) I used really helps. Make sure it has sat on your skin for enough time to numb it. Otherwise, the pain was almost unbearable. I would recommend laser hair removal for anyone who dreads summer time and bathing suits because of unwanted hair.
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