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I had Fraxel Repair done on January 5 for fine...

I had Fraxel Repair done on January 5 for fine lines, precancerous spots, and pores. I’m 41 with fair skin and blue eyes. I wanted to share with you my experience with my treatment, my Doctor and his staff. I have read a lot of negative blogs about the damage it has done to people’s skin and for that I’m truly sorry, that is why I wanted to share with you how vital it is for you to take all the precautionary steps to choosing your physician carefully. Experience is crucial. Surgeons who do it often, do it better. Don’t accept anything but the best, it’s your face we are talking about. Ask for references, how many procedures have they done, before and after photos, are they experienced with the old C02, and how many of those did they do.

I was told that people with severe acne or deep wrinkles will most likely need 2 to 3 treatments,however you should still benefit from having 1.

There is also a much speedier recovery the 2nd and 3rd time around. Discuss with your Doctor your expectations and he/she will determine exactly how many you’ll need to achieve your desired results. I have also read that results are not lasting past 6 months, or people are reverting back to their pre-Fraxel state. The day that I went in for my Fraxel my doctor introduced me to Marta Waller she was filming her 7 month follow up, for those of you who don’t know her she is a journalist who had undergone Fraxel repair in June 08’ and had a day to day (10 days plus 2 day follow up) video diary done of her experience on You Tube, you must check it out. Anyway, she looked amazing. I believe she said she was 55 and not a stitch of foundation 7 months out. I asked her if she was happy with her results and she said that she couldn’t be happier-even her daughter chimed in to tell me that the difference was just incredible, but I too will let you know in 3-6 months. I was also told that people who continue to smoke or sunbathe, Fraxel is not for them.

(Start your prescriptions the night before)

Day of: I took my prescriptions-keflex, Valtrex, and steroid cream on my face along with Benadryl in the am. They put numbing cream on my face, neck, and chest (Bring your IPod if or books on tape because the cream remains on the treating area for an hour plus…(I was too drugged to read) they also gave me a pain pill and a shot in the behind with Demerol along with nerve blockers around face. I literally felt no pain until he got to my chest a level 6/7 out of a 10. He stopped to ask me if I need more pain reliever and I said no you get through it, it’s not that bad, besides I wanted it over with. The worst part was that they let my husband in to see me before they cleaned me up and let me look in the mirror myself. My husband said wow honey… wow…that was about all he could say. Can’t say I blame him, I just smile and asked him for some fava beans and a glass of Chianti.

Day1. Vinegar soaks every 2/3 hours followed by aquaphor-yes even in the middle of the night. Don’t let your face get crusty.

Day2. I’m a swollen, ugly, weepy mess. I don’t feel as though I looked as bad as some of his before and after photos but I’m ugly and swollen none the less. No more pin point bleeding.

Day3. Swollen and ugly, still doing the vinegar soaks every 4 hour now.

Day4. Swollen and ugly, getting tight and peeling a little around my nose, lip, and, chin. I’m breaking out, obvious from the Aquaphor. God- I love that stuff.

Day5. The swelling is going down a bit except for eye area. Still pretty red and of course, UGLY! I don’t look as good as Rebex from “2 weeks post” at her day 5. Still doing vinegar soaks; twice a day, washing with mild cleanser and have now switched from Aquaphor to cetaphil moisturizer-feels much better-Oh yea. This was my turning point. Also feeling very itchy…must be healing.

Day6. Healing seems to very gradual-even with all the healing vitamins(pre/post:help me heal vitamins) which I think are doing sqwat…and still swollen and ugly.

Day7. Not bad…A little better than day 6. What looked as though it was going to peel seems to have smoothed out. Still itchy and very pink.

17 day results

Well what seems to have been a long week of healing coupled with another week of redness, (just slightly pink now) Day 12 was the day I went back to work I got comments about looking like I was somewhere exotic, I just nodded. Today is day 17 I’m still pink, but presentable I’m very pleased with my results. My skin is smooth. The fine lines around my eyes have vanished (A little swollen under my right eye but hardly noticeable). The lines above my upper lip have softened…I may want to do a repair light, which he mentioned but I will wait at least 6 months. I felt my doctor was extremely well educated on the fraxel laser as well as my custom results. He has a 100% satisfaction thus far in all his fraxel clients. His staff felt more like family than a medical office. The atmosphere was very warm, yet professional. Would I recommend this Doctor? In a heartbeat!!!!!

Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon

Extremely well educated on the fraxel repair laser.

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