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I had my first fraxel treatment 9 days ago. I am...

I had my first fraxel treatment 9 days ago. I am 43 (for a few more days anyways) and was looking for improvement to a slight-to-medium acne scar on one cheek, pore-size improvement, and overall rejuvenation to my skin smoothness. I am very pleased with the results. While the scar remains, it is definitely diminished. My skin looks and feels smoother. While a more casual acquaintance would not notice much, it is very apparent to me, a regular inspector and manager of my ever-problematic complexion, that there is substantial improvement. While I'm not seeking perfection, I will likely do at least one more treatment.

A word on the procedure: after waiting for an hour with a face covered in numbing cream, the pain factor was minimal. It was nowhere near painful, but I certainly wouldn't call it pleasant either. As a point of reference, if you've ever had a REAL facial complete with extractions, I would consider that an "8" on my pain chart, with "10" being "I can't take the pain, stop it right now!" and "8" being "this really hurts but I can take it. I would rate the pain factor for the fraxel treatment as a "2."

The healing process: being a fair-skinned freckly-faced (and armed, and kneed, and anywhere else that's seen the sun) girl, I'm unfortunately well acquainted with the experience of sunburn, having had my childhood share before sunBLOCK was invented and became de rigueur for humanity in general. The first couple of hours after the fraxel were deja vu for that "oh crap I stayed out too long in the sun again!" Also, I noticed that I began swelling underneath my left eye on my orbital bone. By the time I woke up the next morning, both eyes were puffy underneath (not painful), and I could tell I was slightly swollen overall because the acne scar was completely invisible, puffed up by the swelling (and my skin felt like quad-A sandpaper). The second day after treatment, the last of the puffiness diminished throughout the day and I was left with the very fine slightly gritty skin texture--nothing I could see in the mirror, only feel. By the end of the first week, the invisible dead skin had all come off and my skin felt and looked smoother.

Bottom line: take the advance time to thoroughly do the research about fraxel AND the provider you are considering, and find/talk to an aesthetician or skin care specialist you trust who knows your skin and ask if fraxel is right for you.

Peninsula Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

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