46 Year Old Female with Sunken Temples and Large Amount of Facial Tissue Loss. Vero Beach, FL

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I hope to regain a more normal fullness in my...

I hope to regain a more normal fullness in my temples, cheeks and under my eyes. Hopefully this will also give my face a mild/moderate lift as well as added volume. In addition I am hoping Dr Pierone can add structure and definition to my chin a little as it is slightly recessed and I have always wanted a more balanced profile. I have seen both amazing things accomplished with Artefill and I have read absolute horror stories. Having worked in the medical field as a Nurse Practitioner for 20 years I did my research in finding Dr Pierone and despite being within 1.5 hour driving distance to prominent plastic surgeons and dermatologists in NYC, Philadelphia, DC and Baltimore, I'm getting my butt on a plane and flying down to little old Vero Beach because this guy has injected the most amount of Artefill in the country, and trains the trainers. I have complete confidence and don't mind spending the extra money on the airfare and hotel rooms.

Could Not Be More Excited!

These results were exactly what I was looking for! As a 46 year old who works out hard 4-6 times a week, and at one time had a nice full, youthful appearance, my face was literally deflating. My temples were hollow and the fronts of my cheeks were melting down my face like Cruella DeVille. But NOW everything is full and soft looking again. My under eye bones are no longer protruding, but instead are covered in a soft layer of natural looking tissue. The pictures don't do the outcome justice because I have extremely blond, sparse eyebrows, and I have very oily skin so they give weird glares and an odd eye look. I'll takes better photos with eyebrows and some powder on after the little bit of swelling I have goes down. Dr. Pierone and his staff...I can't say enough. He made the entire procedure completely 100% painless by using cannulas instead of needles, after numbing my face with numbing cream. Plus they all kept me engaged in calming conversation the entire time. Such kind, fun people...but professional at the same time, always checking in to make sure I was ok, and Dr. Pierone constantly paying attention to every tiny detail of his work. Moreover, during the procedure I inquired about a laser procedure, a somewhat expensive one actually, and he convinced me I would be better off with something far less painful, less downtown, less expensive & after researching it I am 100% in agreement. I just never knew that treatment even existed. He didn't need to take the time to do that. He could have just done the laser, made the profit and been done with it. I plan on having a very long term relationship with this practice, even though I live in Delaware and they are in Vero Beach, FL. I plan to fly there for Ultherapy (face and abdomen), Needling to my face (Vampire facial with Botox), additional Artefill, and who know what else. I don't have unlimited funds, I'm not rich & I work hard for my money. I just choose to spend it on this instead of high fashion, tons of Michael Kohs purses and $400 pairs of shoes. Prevention is worth every penny to me and a top quality doctor and medical practice is priceless. This doctor and practice is like finding gold. And in his hands you have no reason to fear Artefill. You'll love the results.

Initial photos

These are the initial photos taken by Dr. Pierone's office. But like I said, they don't really show how much of an awesome job he did because without eyebrows, and with the crazy glare my oily skin gives off, things look a less flattering. The swelling should be gone in a few days so I can post with eyebrows.

1 year after Artefill

I have been getting lots of private messages from people asking questions so I decided to post an answer I wrote to someone today. Yes, I Dr. Pierone would be the only Dr I would ever allow to do this procedure on me. Each time I went he was training several other doctors (with my permission of course). One thing I would ask your physician is if he uses cannula's or injects just with the needle. Cannula's are soft tubes that get placed in your skin, with a needle, and allow for much more precise placement of the product and you end up with much less swelling and bruising. That is what Dr. Pierone was teaching the other doctors, how to place and use the cannula's. He pays extreme attention to detail and spends a tremendous amount of time getting it right. He goes from side to side doing a little at a time, which doesn't hurt because once the cannula's are in there are no more sticks. He also makes sure your cheekbones are perfectly sculpted, and I needed my temples sculpted as well. I was also extremely surprised at how amazing he made my jawline look. I didn't even know I needed it there but when he did it I was so shocked at the difference. I didn't give him a limit on the number of syringes, I just said do whatever you need to do to fix me....use as much as you need. He didn't overfill at all. I will use him until he retires or I die, whichever comes first. That was my answer to someone who I have been communicating with privately, and I get lots of private messages so I want to publicly share how much this procedure by this doctor has changed my appearance, confidence, and sense of self. It's worth flying to Dr Pierone, no matter where you are coming from.
Vero Beach Internist

I have not yet met the doctor, but the woman I have been in contact with at the office, Bethany, has been awesome. Very kind, attentive, returns all my phone calls promptly, answers all my questions and listens to my concerns regarding safety, costs, lodging, etc... BTW, if price seems high, it definitely is not. It just reflects the large amount of product I need to purchase. Bethany actually was able to reduce the cost per syringe because I need so many syringes.

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