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My goal is to gain a round fuller butt I have hips...

My goal is to gain a round fuller butt I have hips but my butt has been flat all my life and I've always been self conscious about it I've been looking into this procedure for about 4 months I've always wanted the silicone injections when I 1st heard of it and that was at least 10 yrs ago but I was afraid of having a foreign substance in my body so I was very happy to learn about the fat transfer its much safer I met with dr Paul Dillon from body cosmetica in the Chicago area last week sat for a consult him and his staff were very helpful he is a real nice down to earth guy as I was waiting in the waiting area a patient came out exclaiming how wonderful he is at his work that made me feel even more at ease I'm scared because I don't like being put to sleep for surgery but I'm excited too !!!! And I'm ready to get my round Apple bottom booty that I always wanted

Wish pics

Pre op visit tomorrow 6-6-2015

Tomorrow I have tons of questions to ask the doctor i hope they're all answered favorably if not I'll have to search for some one else and I don't wanna I feel more comfortable being close to home so not interested in traveling far for this procedure I'm excited scared and nervous all at the same time wish I could hit a fast forward button and skip passed the sx and healing part straight to just enjoying my new sculpted body and nice round booty lol anyways I'm 18 days away from my new body let the count down begin I'll post more pre op pics

Pre op photos this flatty gots to go

Ladies the doctor told me he would give me 500 ccs to each cheek I'm wondering if that will be enough for me Idk all I know is I want to leave with a noticeable booty I'm getting lipoed my upper lower abdomen and flanks I want my thighs but that's more money I think if I got them done id be more pleased with the results


Went to have my scripts filled today and my insurance don't cover my doctor omg now I have to pay out of pocket for them this procedure surely has been costly it better be worth it is all I know every time I turn around folks digging in my pockets

6 days left

Hopefully my primary doc will re write these scripts so they can be covered by my insurance

I'm getting nervous

So the big day is fast approaching the reason I'm getting nervous is because I'm hoping to be one of those ppl who don't have such a long hard recovery I'm a person who loves to be on the go and I'm nervous about will I be happy with my results and complications

Got my meds co pay 3 bucks

omg I'm getting scared cold feet all that stuff although I'm excited about finally having a butt... Got my boppy pillow as well oh lord I just pray for a safe and speedy recovery


tomorrow's the big day I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared as heck lol I'm mostly scared of what goes down after the sx I'm a be praying all night and all day tomorrow

Rs ladies today is the day I'm going in

On my way to get my sx done please wish me well post op pics coming soon

I made it

this recovery ain't no punk if u soft u will not be able to take it I got a high tolerance for pain please theirs procedure showed me I don't every time I stood up yesterday I felt like I was about to faint even today I walked around a lil but if I stand more than five minutes and I was hot I stated feeling like I was about to pass out my booty all wrapped up still otherwise I'd show yall pics hopefully tomorrow I'd gain more strength to do so but trust when I tell u I ain't never ever doing this again it's the worse pain ever I'll post pics when I feel better

Post op pics

Can't wait to do normal things again

itS daY 3 I've been walking around the house one side of my butt hurt worse than the other I think cause the fat has been placed on my sciatic nerve just can't wait till I can get back in the swing of things overall I'm happy with my new body I wish he could've put more fat toward the bottom of my butt he focused more onthe top of it for projection oh well I'm happy and never doing this again lol

More pics

Ohhh gosh the healing process sucks

I can't sleep

I hate to be discouraging but this pain is almost driving me nuts to the point I'm bout to call 911 I seriously thought about it through this night pain medicine is not strong enough I need some morphine or something if I'd known it would be like this I would've said to hell with having a butt

Today has been better it started off bad

as the day progresses I got better doing things to deal with my sciatica like massages stretches and heating pads thank the lord

at urgent care for this sciatic nerve

I can't go another night in this pain I guess every now and then an Rs lady experience a complication after sx I just had to be one of me unfortunately

Feeling better today thank God????

I went to the er last night after have already been to urgent care they have me a shot of dolloted which is a lil higher pain Medicine then morphine sciatica is no joke ladies if u have ever experienced that and your going for a bbl please discuss that with your surgeon I was so uncomfortable to the point I wanted to die today is much better I'm taking my pain meds around the clock

Bored . Com

I've been confined to the house for 6 days now I'm bored as ever can't wait till I feel normal and be able to hang out on the town on a positive side I do like how my body looks

Her booty got swag lol

I'm feeling a lot better playing around in my brand new yellow maxi dress that looks good on my shape I know ppl don't really wear apple bottom jeans no more but I think I'm a have to purchase me some

another Pic

So bored

I'm tired of laying on my stomach I do nothing but sleep can't wait till I'm better before sx I was thinking I got this this will be a piece of cake tuhhhhh!!!!! Wrong I've needed help since day 1 and still need help at day 7 ladies who have the sx coming up brace yourself and prepare your mind


ladies how long does it take for the stiffness to go away and fat to loosen up And swellen to go down !??? I can't sit down if I wanted to it hurt like hell

Still in discomfort

I'm so tired of feeling The way I feel I can't sit if I tried it hurt too bad As I said before I'll never do this again I still can't drive after all these days

I do feel better

everyone I feel a lot better just having a problem with stiffness when I awake in the morning and getting slightly depressed cause I haven't been able to get in my car and drive off Tuesday marks my 2 weeks post op I'm so glad sx ain't for me I say that cause I like to always be on the go

Loving the lil booty that I didn't have before

my boyfriend tripping like y you putting yo booty out there so soon he telling me I should gradually let it grow on ppl I feel like this I spent a loooootttttt of money I went through hell recovering and still recovering tho I'm a lot better now I could care less what ppl think they ain't paying my sx bill they can kiss this new booty of mine frfr how about that

More after pics my 1st post op appointment

Even though I had such a hard time I'm thinking of a round 2

I want more booty I have the projection at the start but I don't have the plumpness I desire so I probably will be going in again once more soon we will see if I can't achieve the look I want by booty exercises

I'm doing round 2

dr Dillon quoted me a price for round 2 I'm upset y didn't he just make my booty fully round in the 1st place if I'm a be out of more money I want to go to atl to jimerson aka dj curves he is a bootyologist lol imjs he is cold at what he do

I want to do it again

I want to get another bbl done this year with a doctor that's well known for giving nice butts my butt still looks flat to me I'm upset cause I don't want have to go through all over again but if I can get the butt I want once and for all I'll do it again

Ready for revision

Searching for a good bbl doc in atl I know all about the famous dj curves and I am considering him however I am also interested in Stanley okoro . any suggestions????? Of others in the atl area I don't want a super huge butt just want a perfectly round defined and poking out lol

Bbl 2nd round

So I decided to go for a 2nd round my new date is scheduled June 10th with dr Aristides Martinez at spectrum in Miami hopefully this time I'll finally have the butt I desire to have I haven't seen many pics of his but a doll I've gotten aquintated with will be getting work done tomorrow morning can't wait to see her results I'll let you guys know how it goes it will also determine if I want to keep him or switch to ghurani or Ortega

Sx went well he took good care of me would definitely recommend him

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