57: Needed New Neck! Ventura, CA

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I waited a year, tried other nonsurgical...

I have been pondering this for a year and tried other nonsurgical techniques, creams-you name it. I have been religiously been taking care of my skin since 40 (and sunscreen earlier) but the neck is a no-win situation. No amount of clean diet, exercise, botox or cream was gonna work. I work in the entertainment business so my face is part of the “brand” and it helps me sell. I have been reading this site as well and it really is a friendly group with great support.

There is a local doctor who is truly "cutting-edge” and came well recommended. I have a very low pain threshold and that held true throughout this “ordeal”. Had to switch painkillers because they made me nauseous. Had no pain during the surgery but do remember it. The doctor and office were always helpful, nice and he is always concerned with safety & fulfilling the patient’s desire with an artistic eye to what looks best.

I asked him not to touch my face and he didn’t but he did liposuction my jowls (I guess that’s touching my face). I had a lot of pain and some side issues but I am back on track and it looks wonderful. He answered every email & question so I highly recommend him. Do not underestimate the pain and recovery as others may get by with a Tylenol but I wasn’t even close.

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Slow going but making progress

Finally went to the gym. That was cool-on treadmill like an 80 year old but I'll take it. Still very swollen, may have a hematoma and some "revision work" for left ear but I'll tough it out and live with it as I am all set on doctors, surgery and meds. Ears are numb and it feels like I always have something strangling my chin. Nonetheless, it looks great! A few recent pics as I come back to life.

Picture of ears as requesteded (12 days later)

2 week mark

Still numb and a little sore and swollen but MUCH better. Went out today and a woman stopped me to tell me how beautiful I was. How nice!

Another view

Swelling is down a bit

First public appearance

Going out to dinner with a group. red lipstick and hat will throw them off the scent!

Had to hit the town again- (19 days post surgery)

I think I said I work in the entertainment biz. Had to go to a function so I finally did my hair! Went to doc yesterday. Right ear is red and irritated but he says I am healing fine. I am still very swollen so he thinks I need more massage to area. Slow going but one day at a time.

Hit the 3 week mark

Making slow but steady improvement. Warm towels help. Ears are still tender and neck is numb but doctor says I am improving just fine. No rigorous gym exercise but at least I can walk. Posting a side view as I haven't done so.

Another shot

And the beat goes on..

I used to say my outside doesn't match my inside. After almost 4 weeks of pain-my inside doesn't match my outside! I am very happy with the result but man...it takes awhile ladies.

Almost 6 weeks and starting to get feeling back in my neck

I have been practicing lymphatic drainage on myself! Helps a little. Ears are still tender and backs of them scabbing. Yuck! Results are pretty great however!

Don't listen to your guy friends

I put hair up to go out (5 weeks and always a little better-slow and steady) and all my guy friends say they can't see the scars. SO I look with a mirror in the mirror and you so can.

Before and After Pictures-as requested!

I was asked to post them side by side

And so it goes

So I am almost two months out and things are healing up well. Neck feels like sandpaper but trying to keep it moist. Back to gym at close to 100%. Haven't worn earrings yet but it's all a process as ears all delicate. Have to keep moving neck as doctor thinks it's best for healing. Another public appearance tomorrow.

Survived my event

As I said I work in the entertainment biz. Got my event done this weekend and it was amazing. A few close friends there knew about the neck and they were blown away. It is a little tight but almost back to normal. No regrets for this old lady!!

Moe pictures

3 month mark

So sometimes I forget I even had this done. Still a little weird and itchy behind ears and sore-ish when wearing earrings. Neck is slightly stiff, like when you have a stiff neck. Doc says it will be six months before it feels right. So glad it is in the rear view window but I think I am all set with tempting fate! Happy New Year!

4 months have passed

Finally am starting to feel "normal". My neck isn't so tight and ears aren't so tender. So glad I did it. Have a small area that is either swollen or didn't get lipoed under my chin but I doubt anyone else notices it but me.(I hope so).

Another picture

Super close ups

I was asked to post close ups of scars...here they are

5 months and counting

In case you were wondering (not), I am still getting used to the neck...more truthfully the scars behind my ears only I feel. I do see a little scar and lump near my chin but it seems no one else does. It is still a little tight and tender but it looks great and makes me feel good about my appearance! I had the flu for a few eels-still recovering but am trying to do a monthly out for a year. Thanks to this incredible community for your wonderful feedback & questions. Keep em coming!

& months and finally recovered

It was a rough ride but worth the agony!!! Seems like everyone else has an easier recovery but I had a great result so there you have it.

7 month update

Seems to be settling in and although there are some extra skin areas I notice, overall I am pleased. Wouldn't go there again but glad I went there when I did!

Can't believe it's been ten months

It is now pretty settled in-it's not perfect but what is? It looks very good and only I see the little scar and slight tiny bulge under my neck. It definitely took ten years off. It was very worth it but I so done with PS.....I hope...

More pics

Professional, caring, smart, good listener and proud to make women more beautiful!

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