35, Mother of Two, Lipo of Flanks, Bra Roll, Full Abdomin, Outer Thighs and Lightly in the Banana Roll - Ventura, CA

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Well after five plastic surgeon consults.. I made...

Well after five plastic surgeon consults.. I made the choice to go to my facial dr locally. Dr. Pickart was honest with my expected results. He knew the sagging skin I have now needed a full TT and Lipo would only make that worse. But I can't take leave from work for a full TT, and I feel that if I worked out to loose more weight I would have had a mommy tummy either way. Something about a hip to hip scar and six weeks off would never be worth it to me! I'm a mom.. I am not interested in showing off a lot of skin, I just want to have a good figure again under clothes! He showed us pictures of before and after While I waited for my non surgical nose procedure yesterday. He spent two hours explaining all the details of the surgery. He answered all my questions ( I had a lot as I have had since trolling this sight for months) While I iced my face he wrote prescriptions and gave my dear husband a packet of after care info. He is also giving me free foam, and two garments! I was measured for those and taken back for pre op pictures. Surgery scheduled for May 27th! I have the next week off for the holiday, so total I will only take 36hrs off and get 10 days !! Attached are my own pictures, I showed PS to use during consults

Day of surgery! Getting nervous!

Well it's 4:49 am and I'm up and showered and dressed.. Feel like hell, small head cold came this week. But I am not taking anything for it. Used hibaclens soap to sanitize my skin this morning.. Changed the sheet and Kaye's some thin puppy pads down to save the bed from leaking.. And in just a few I'm off to the hospital!

Pre op measurements

5, 3"
Thighs 22.5"
Belly 36"
Waist/ under bra area 31"
Arms 11.5"
Size 8 pants and medium shirts
Attached are photos from last night: standing and sitting (ew)


Made it through and I made
'Home ok.
More to follow!

Here Are The markups!

Day 1

Surgery went great. Dr.Pickart removed 1800cc of fat.. ????
The whole staff was sweet. I'm a mater of fact kinda girl but the did a great job knocking me out fast.. I dont remember all the short ride home though.
Well I just got up and out of bed since surgery. At first I was just tired, no pain about 6 pm that changed!!! Ever 4 hrs all night I was peeing, taking MEDS and shuffling back to bed. I couldn't' get in or out of bed alone!
Back to bed.. I'll keep you all posted

Update day one continued

Well dr was right I gained 6 lbs after took 2lbs or 1800ccs out. I am very tender all over! The foam I request is keeping the compression garb from cutting into my tender skin nicely!
I had pretzels, crackers and water all night .. Around 10am I asked DH to make me a peice of toast with peanut butter, to keep my blood sugars normal.
The valum and norco are keeping me from trying to do too much..

I'm planning to shower tonight when my roomie/BFF returns so she can help my DH watch the kids while he helps me out of garb.. Hand wash it, remove the foam ( seems glued to me) and hop into the shower ????
I honstly feel like something ran me over! But the MEDS help so I'm not complaining

More phitos

I got my first post surgery shower.. Removed the foam.. OMG I LOVE HOW THIN MY THEIGHS ARE! How do you girls get your faja and foam back on?? Let alone all by yourself! My back looks so different, I know my tummy is swollen but it's flater And so far no nausea Thank u DR. pickart

Better sleep

I took two valum and two norco to allow myself to sleep on my side! I started wherein go the faja board all day and oh my it makes a huge difference my skin is smooth and flat!! I weighed myself before today's shower and it was just a body wash with hibiclens shower.. The warm water was nice! My dear hubby ensured all my wounds got bactine and were very dry before returning to the compression garment. Down point.. My toddler is sick so my husband has been on duty trying so hard to keep him comfortable because he just wants me ! I also am on day 4 with out passing solids .. That's starting to get uncomfortable !! I open to recommendations there

Faja board

The board is tight and stuff but helps!

First day out and about

Feel cooped up.. So I'm going to go shuffle about today and hopefully not get too swollen from doing so! I removed the thigh foam and back foam yesterday. Only wearing tiny foam and the faja board. My tummy has a tiny bit of ripples at the bottom but nothing like I expected.. I am stil VERY swollen, so who knows!

Check in

dr called last night.. I'm feeling almost normal with just a touch of soar was today.. I keep getting the feeling like I need to nap.. But all in all I'm off the norco and getting my errands done..

I am also in the second set of hooks, and removed the foam as the bruising is almost gone !!

No way!! Day 6 and went from size 8-10 jeans to size 5!!!

My DH took me shopping to make me feel better... Love this man!

One week check up

Went to see Dr.Pickart yesterday for my one month.. I am on last hooks of my faja so he is going to order one size smaller for me :) he said he has never had a patient recover as quickly as far as swelling and lack of pain.. I told him I swear by the foam inside the compression.. In which I went up a hook ever 2 days, then took my arnica religiously... And everywhere that didn't have foam (that bruised) I used gel arnica! He asked about pain.. I have high pain tolerance but first two days I told him I kept norco on board every four hours to ensure I didn't move much more than to pee... He commented on how awesome My Dear Husband was at the hospital and how caring he was to be there to get me up and down from the toilet in the middle of the night, all while caring for a sick toddler! I showed him my shopping trip photos, and he is very sure I have a lot more swelling to go down and I'll be even happier in a month!!! I'll share the two litters of fat images with you all once he sends them. Over all.. Amazing experience thanks to lots of reading in advance on this website, and being prepared for the worst case Senerio ..


So we all know bruising happens! I had almost ALL my bruising from the hip down.. 9 days out all I have left are what I call my "bed soar" type bruises from laying so much on the first three days.. I'm a side sleeper, so I removed the extra compression foam on my legs day two.. Keeping it on my back, waist and abdomin... Looking back.. Not so smart...

Swollen, broken out, and feeling bloated and itchy

So three weeks out I'm more swollen, itchy and soar than te first week *cry* I haven't had my cycle since two weeks before the surgery so I'm about 2 weeks over due .. Been bloated about that long too! Any suggestions? I feel uneven and lumpy

One month check up

Well my compression was too loose so going into my one month check up I anticipated a smaller set. Insted Dr took me off surgical compression all together! He recommended spanx or something like spanx (merena, maiden form) he just said highest retail Compression is still many steps below sergical.. So I guess I'll need to go check some out at the store! I have high waist spanx with crop leggings.. But they are size medium and I'm thinking I need smalls now! I'm so glad dr looked at the hot areas.. Just still deep swelling and no infections.. My one induction the popes open over Father's Day weekend already started to heal and he just said to keep it clean and disinfected (check!).. I spent more time talking about the kids and my dear husband than my concerns because when I see him, I feel so calm that I forget I had any! Luckily I can always email the wonderful nurses! Hopefully I get those one month pics back so I can post them!!

Some side by side pics at 1 week mark

I couldn't find an app to do this earlier...

Scars starting toLighten

Just a few pics of post sun and how my scars are doing 6 weeks out
Dr. Michael Pickart

Dr. Pickart has amazing bedside manor. He is knowledgable and practical. I met with many Drs, but Dr. Pickart stood out to both me and my husband as being very informative. He never rushed our consults, and was super personable! I wouldn't trust just anyone with my face, I love his work so far.. And will continue to return to his clinic for future touch ups! Looking forward to my May 27th sx!

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