23 Years Old, No Children, Petite Frame. 300cc High Profile Mentor Memory Gel Implants Used Bilaterally - Venice, FL

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Hi! Today is the day of my surgery! I was operated...

Hi! Today is the day of my surgery! I was operated on at 8am this morning. To begin, I am 23 years old, height of 4ft 11in, weigh 103lbs with a small frame, and I have never had any children. My preop breast size was a full 32 B. I have been dreaming about having a breast augmentation done my entire life! I finally had it done! At my consultation, I advised my PS that I would like to be closer to a D cup, but I don't want to look ridiculous either. He then told me he wouldn't go any larger than 300cc due to my size/frame. So, I naturally chose the biggest size he would allow! He seemed to understand exactly what I wanted, as I am very happy with the size that I woke up to today! So far, I am not in any "pain," but fee like I worked my out me pecks overtime at the gym. My chest feels very tight with some pressure. It is difficult for me to prop myself, or do anything that involves my upper body strength, which I have expected. I am also exhausted - I've been dozing off quite a few times already. All in all, I seem to be doing pretty well. Luckily, I have my mom and boyfriend here to help me with everything!

Ever since I was young, I've dreamed of having...

Ever since I was young, I've dreamed of having fuller breasts. My preop bra size is 32B. I finally had the opportunity to get breast implants! I had my consultation on March 2016, and my surgery was May 26, 2016.

At my consultation, I described what I wished to have to my plastic surgeon. I wanted much fuller breasts, but not to look like a "porn star." He took many measurements of both breasts and explained that he wouldn't use an implant lower than 250cc, and wouldn't go any higher than 300cc due to my petite frame. I of course decided to go with the largest of his recommendation of 300cc, and chose silicone over saline implants. I have done much research online, and silicone seems to be the best option for me.
We also decided to go with an inframammary incision, and under the muscle placement. My doctor used 300cc High Profile Mentor Memory Gel Implants.

Yesterday, May 26th at 8AM was my surgery, and everything went well! I only remember rolling into the operating room, having the gas mask placed over my face, and saying my face felt tingly. The next thing I knew, I was in the recovery room with my mom and boyfriend waiting for me. At this point in time, I wasn't in any "pain." I just felt a lot of pressure and tightness. I kept falling in and out of sleep. I was able to go home as soon as I successfully used the bathroom. Once I got home, I relaxed in my recliner and had my mom and boyfriend with me to do everything that I needed. I was still very groggy and was falling in and out of sleep until about eight pm.

I am writing this now at 7am on Day 2 of recovery. Last night I didn't get very much sleep. I can only sleep on my back, and could not get comfortable as I am used to seeping on my stomach. I find that being propped up feels a little better, but during sleep I slid down my pillows. At about 3AM I woke up with some discomfort, and took one of my pain medications which seemed to help. I will write more later on in the day! Any questions are welcome! I'll also post some more pictures of different angles.

Day 2

Well, it's the end of day 2 and I'm climbing into bed for the night. I feel like I am doing surprisingly well considering I just had the surgery yesterday. I am able to move my arms more than I expected, and my "pain" is very minimal. I am taking my hydrocodone/APAP 5/300mg tabs every 6 hours to ensure I don't have any pain. The only thing I have to report is that I am very tired, my breasts seem to be numb (left nipple/breast is more numb than my right), and my left incision seems to hurt a little more compared to my right. When I say pain, or hurt, it's about a 2 on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the worst). I am very impressed about how little pain and discomfort I have been experiencing. Also, my fancy granny bra that they gave me to wear is driving me nuts! It's just making me itchy, and I hate that I have to sleep in it. By breasts and incisions seem to be quite itchy today as well. I also find that lying completely flat, or at a 90 degree angle is uncomfortable, as well as bending over. I have been sitting in my recliner at a 45 degree angle and that seems to be very helpful. I am very lucky to have my mom and boyfriend by my side to do most things for me. I am unable to do silly things like open my pill bottle, reach for higher items, or open heavy doors. Otherwise, I can perform my daily duties; I'm just taking it slower than I normally would to ensure I don't over do it and hurt myself. I am also eating and drinking as normal. I'll post more tomorrow! ????

Morning of Day 3

Good morning! I slept so much better last night! I propped myself up with three pillows and was able to carefully sleep on my side. My boobs are so itchy this morning, and still somewhat numb; left still more numb than right. They have also become a lot softer! I just hate sleeping in this granny bra! But it will be worth it in the end! I still don't have any real complaints of pain... just mild discomfort or soreness. I truly am amazed at how easy my recovery process has been so far. I am still taking my hydrocodone/APAP every six hours just in case, as well as still softeners to prevent constipation. I'll post more later! Any questions are welcome!

Morning of Day 4!

I was allowed to take my dressing off this morning! I think my incisions look pretty good! I'm still not in any real pain, just soreness and tightness. My boobs are VERY itchy though. I am still taking my pain meds. The only thing that is pretty consistent is that I get tired very easily - that can be a combination of just having surgery, not sleeping normally, and the pain meds... I don't mind though!

My left breast is definitely sitting significantly higher than my right. Preopoeratively, my left breast was slightly smaller than my right, so I assume that could be why.
Anyway, I am still so excited that I finally had this done - still in disbelief actually. I still feel that this recovery is going very smoothly for me as well. I'll post some pictures that I took this morning as well.

I'll try to post an update tonight as today I will be getting out of the house to a family get together for the first time since surgery!

Quick Update

This is just a little update for everyone! Everything is pretty much the same so far. I feel like my implants are definitely dropping!
My left breast/nipple are still numb, but have improved. There's also a vibrating sensation in my left breast that started yesterday afternoon - it doesn't hurt, but it's a weird feeling.
I'm still taking my pain meds.. if I don't, my breasts just feel like they are really tight and tender. My incisions look great!

So, I'm going through a little bit of boob greed, I guess you can call it. I just envisioned my breasts being bigger after my surgery. My boyfriend and friends/family say that they are "huge/big on me." I've just read that I will lose some size because of the swelling, and I don't want to regret spending so much money on myself and not have the result that I had hoped for. Sigh, I just hope I'm going through an emotional thing, and that I will be pleased in the end. I started out loving them, and now I'm going through this.

I'll post more tomorrow! :)
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