Back to Basics, Removing my Implants - Venice, CA

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I am writing this as a way to pay it forward...

I am writing this as a way to pay it forward because this sight has helped guide me through my research and decision making.

I am having my breast implants removed and a full mastopexy.

I am tired of feeling any and all shirts look too provocative, the feeling of weights on my chest, the uneasy feeling because they're so "obvious" and I can't find a cute shirt to save my life.

I will post pictures later.

The pre-op is coming up in a week.

I am nervous but excited to go back to being "me."

Here is a current picture of me.

Here is a current picture of me.

I went to the pre-op today. I was given my...

I went to the pre-op today. I was given my prescription for my antibiotics and Vicodin. I was also given Arnica to take one week before and one week post-surgery.

The procedure is now paid in full!
There is no turning back now!!!

Hubby will have to give his farewell/good-bye to these pieces of plastic! I can't wait to be able to stand up straight! I hunch to hide them and I am sure my posture has paid the consequences.

Finally out!

Well, they are out!

It was quite shocking to wake up and not see the large girls for the first time.

I just took a pain pill in hopes of staying ahead of the pain.


Well, I guess it was too good to be true. I'm am now swollen and in pain. I'll just have to keep trying to relax despite my obvious inability to sit still. I can't sleep and I could feel the pressure to the incisions. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

Hubby is returning to work so I'm pretty much on my own now. I return to work on Monday so I'm hoping I feel a lot better by then. Plus, I still have to plan my strategy since I am walking in without my DDs.

From a DD to this.....

I changed my gauze and took a picture of what I'm currently working with. Luckily the pressure I felt last night is pretty much gone.

I'm not sure if I'm waiting for them to fluff or settle down from being swollen.

Photo is not accurate...

By the way, the picture makes them look a lot bigger than they are. Strange.

Take it easy....

This is what I've been told and have read over and over on this sight. However, throw in Father's Day and an unexpected barbecue for the hubby and close friends/family in the equation and the outcome is just not good. I know I overdid it. I tried to be as careful as possible but I guess that was not enough. I hope I don't pay for this later. I am feeling a sharp pain on my lower outer incision of my left breast. Why am I writing this as an update? So hopefully some of you ladies that are going to go through the procedure or have recently done it know when to put your foot down and say NO. Take care of YOU.

16 days post op

I am getting antsy with the whole healing process. I am gaining wait from just a little over 2 weeks on inactivity. I am trying to stay focused on the big picture. Pretty soon I will be able to run without lower back pain when running up a hill. I am loving the thought of that.

Stitches are out!!!

Having my stitches removed makes my healing process a little more official. 22 days post op!! Yay!!!

Oops...forgot to include an update.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I went to several consultations and was quite disappointed at the surgeons for trying to up-sale another procedure. I even had a doctor request that I make a full circle and then proceeded to tell me that I require major work. The consultants were pushy and quite snobby. Dr. Hughes appears to be on top of it. I posted a request for a consultation on a Saturday evening and he responded immediately. He agreed to see me in between surgeries a few days later with no wait time. I knew once I met him I had found my surgeon. He listened, focused on my area of concern and was candid about potential outcomes. He did not try to sell me another surgery. He truly remained focused and listened.

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