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My journey began a few years ago, Im 25 now but...

My journey began a few years ago, Im 25 now but I´ve struggled with weight my entire life. As a teenager I weighted about 195 pounds, then i decided it was time to get fit and healthier, it took me about 2 years through diet and hard work excecising and finally I´ve lost 60 pounds! but since I had all that extra weght my entre lfe I´m now left wth a lot of extra skin. Last year I had a breast lift because my boobs just disappeared, they looked like flat balloons, they turned out amazing, but one of them got ¨caspulated´ that´s how my dr called it, meaning that the skin tissue around it got hard and the implant cant move, it´s not that big of a deal unless it starts getting painful like t happened to me, so now im fixing my iimplants and finally decided to find the courage to get my tummy tuck. for me it will be a lfe changng decision because I haven´t had any children yet but I´ve spent my entire life with my tummy hanging and wearing clothes to hide it and even fearing the thought of going to the beach and show it off.

big news is after havng to pospone the surgery twice I finally set the date to sptember 27th. which is two days from now!

I won´t deny that I´m pretty scared about it, I gave it a lot of thought, since a surgery this big has always been bottom on my list. I went to see 5 different surgeons, and my advice is, please always look for a second or third or as many opinions you need to feel comfortable and safe. before deciding for the one I considered the best, i checked out references, any patients you may find on his practice, luckly one of my closest friends had a breast surgery with him with very pleasant results and gave me excellent references, but still you MUST check if he or she is a certified board surgeon, ths makes a huge difference, is your safety you´re risking. Don't forget as maky questions as you can to your doctor, trust me, this past week I've had all kind of doubts crossing my mnd and thankfully all have been cleared, this will keep you calmed.

then take the time for it, properly, the amount of days neccesary for your proper rest and recovery.

I´ve tried to make as muck research as possible, through websites, forums and other patients and I'll try to post as many helpful tips as I can, for me it was a huuuuge relief to know what other girls went through and feeling that im not alone.

so, we're one day before surgery and I think I'm pretty much good to go, got my compression garment, comfty pijamas, tons of movies and great expectations as well as nerves and anxiety. will keep you posted on the full process!

Less tha 24 hours to go into surgery, still can't...

less tha 24 hours to go into surgery, still can't believe it! one part of me is completely freaking out and the other is just anxious to see the results, if any of you have a final advise before going in please tell me! nerves are keeping me awake but I'll try to get some sleep, need good vibes for tomorrow :)

So finally big day arrived! I'm on my way to the...

So finally big day arrived! I'm on my way to the hospital now, it's 6am here and in less than 2 hours I'll be entering the or, thank you all for your kind wishes and support, will keep you posted on the outcome as soon as I can!

Hi girls! Im finally out of surgery now, was sent...

Hi girls! Im finally out of surgery now, was sent home about 7hours later, havent been able to see anything now due to all tha gauze and tapes but it already feels different! No more saggy hanging tummy anymore! I found out when I woke up that one of my implants was broken, luckly it didnt spread around and my super doctor was able to fix it with no inconveniences(phew!) About the pain, I thought Id be dying gouing through hell, but I found out its all about position youre in, I've found only possible to sleep (or at least) try to in the coucn, with a bunch of pillows below my knees and feet, drains are not painful but I keep forgetting theyre next to me and when I go to pee( which i never thought Ill be able to on day one) I've had them hanging around almost to the floor.

Another annoying thing has been clothes, since i live in a tropical country and no A/C in the living room I had a kinda soffocation episode, so I sleep with no shirt and boobies are well covered and safe with gauze.

Ill try to take another nap since I just woke up to take my medicine, must be always on time! Talk to you later ladies and thank you for being there wishing me well, I know now what you've gone trough but in the end it will be definitevely worth it! Kisses to y'all!

A few hours later and still haven't felt like...

A few hours later and still haven't felt like moving, but all this time laying on my back starts to hurt, pain got a bit worse, probably because i've been moving to relief back pain, but still not as horrible as I thought it would be.

Haven't had much apetite, just had a piece of toast with cheese and pineapple juice for the swelling, besides that I've been kinda sleepy but in a good mood, yesterday I was a bit grumpy and moody, but what really keeps me going is the new life that waits for me! Im not as swllen as I thought I'll be, perhaps is because of all the bandages they put on me, my thighs are quite bruised from lipo but they donkt hurt unless you presse them, so overall pain still remains under control, it feels so good to be able to share this experience with all of you that already went though it and those who haventhelping you prepare for what's coming, its nappy time again ladies, will post a bit later :)

Day 2 on my post op: pros are that it hasn't been...

Day 2 on my post op: pros are that it hasn't been as painful as expected. Cons that since I've found a comfty position to stay in I barely move and my back is starting to pay the consequences.

Haven't had much apettite so I drink pineapple and papaya juice and plain grilled chicken, no salt or condiments

I still haven't had the urge to poop (sorry if this is a bit nasty but I'm sure you've all gone through this now), I've been quite gassy with no pain but im scared to take any laxatives for that and then can't make it stop, if anyone have had the same issue how did you manage that? I keep getting very dizzy everytime I try to stand to walk or go to the bathroom. So having to go number 2 freaks me out on that.

Besides that I've pretty much have slept most of the time, just don't have the energy to even watch a movie. Hpefully it will get better with time.

Today is my post op day 3: must say it has been...

Today is my post op day 3: must say it has been the wosrt one so far, I'm craving a shower like you have no idea, being on my back all the time has made my back muscles numb and swollen and I dont know the reason why but I woke up with horrible nauseas, I even vomited a little. Just plain juice I had earlier but the movements hurt sooo bad! I took a pill for that and it went away, but taking so many pills is also maing me kinda sick, at least now around 7pm I feel like a completely different person than who I was this morning.
tomorrow is my 1st post op consult with the dr. So I'll let you know how he finds me, I think the drains are staying for a few more days, looks like there's still plenty of liquid inside me. Hope you all have a great week! :)

Im back home from my 1rst post-op consult,...

Im back home from my 1rst post-op consult, everything's doing great, doctor removed my bandages and I got to see my new tummy and boobies for the first time WOW! Hello sexy! I've never imagined having my tummy so flat and nice looking! As soon as I go to my computer I'll upload the pics, for some reason my cellphhone won't let me upload any from here.

Drains are still in for a few more days, still can't shower, but mom will help me wash my hair tonight, she's been a real sweetheart, I wouldn't have been able to go through all of this without her ( love yo so much mom!)

Getting out of bed and walking became easier today, but since I suffer from low blood pressure I still get dizzy so, baby steps on that.

My next appointment is on friday, hopefully I get my drains removed on that day, and I also start with massages to help drain and reduce all the swollen areas,I heard that those do hut a little but they're absolutely neccesary to prevent seromas and other complications. My bruises are stll looking big and ugly but not so painfull, only in my inner thighs when Im getting dressed or standing up they hurt a little but no big deal.

So far now I must say it's been absolutely worth it! You'll get good and bad days and some things will be better than others but I don't regret it at all! I would do it again in a hearbeat.

So I'm checking back in here, yesterday was one of...

So I'm checking back in here, yesterday was one of those days that you just don't feel like doing anything, I got all moody and kinda bipolar hehehehe, I finally got my hair washed and cleaned up as much as I could since I'm still not able to shower properly.

My massages with the therapist started today, they weren't as painful as I thought except when she rubbed my bruised parts really hard, I almost cried. And she said that it's gonna get worse, so a lot of patience and deep breaths, I got at least 10 more sessions to go. I'm still not wearing the binder, which has kept me very comfortable despite all the drains hanging from my body (beautiful picture hehehe) but I've been told that once you start using it, swelling and pain are much lighter, so we'll see.

Besides that I've felt pretty good, I'm able to walk a bit moreN not that muh thogh because backpain is awfull from bending over all the time. My only concern is that I still havent poop :( it's been almost a week, I've taken stool softeners, milk of magnesia and dairy products like yougurt but nothing! It's completely blocked over there, although (sorry for the explicit) i've been quite gassy, so still waiting.

If any of you have had the same issue please tell me how did you solve it? Hope you're having a great day! Kisses!
Dr. Ignacio Sousa

I did some research on the top surgeons in my city, since there are so many here, I asked close frends and acquaintances who have had surgery in the past about their experiencies with tehir doctors and asked for an appoinment with my fav 5, after taking in consideration price, reliability and trust in the surgeon, I chose mine.

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