40 Yrs Old, 2 Kids - Venezuela

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I'm going to find a doctor there, they are so many...

I'm going to find a doctor there, they are so many good ones and available that I won't pick one right now. In Venezuela is where I had my silicones done 10 years ago and now I'm going for replacements and tummy tuck. My previous doctor is my first choice but I still want to keep my choices open since the implants itself are difficult to find there now.

I rescheduled the trip. New date now

Due to family issues I couldn't go last year but now. my trip is scheduled and hopefully get my surgery done this May

Shopping for doctors

I have a list of certified surgeons in the town. I'm excited, nervous, happy, anxious, there is so much I don't have straight answers. I should post some updated pics since it has been a year from my original plan, I had a family emergency and couldn't travel. Now the stress and life situations made me gain a little more weight. I'm 5'6" and 153 lbs. I'm hoping for a good lipo specially on my arms!

I found THE doctor - Tuesday is the day

This has been a crazy busy journey, it is not easy to get everything done in the same place, I'm talking about the lab tets and other exams, the waiting line are long or very slow, the good thing is that you get the results the same day and explained to you by an specialist.
My old implants aren't ruptured yay! That's a big relieve for me. Overall I'm in good health.

Dr Cesar Briceno Ortega, is recommending implants revision, tummy tuck and laser liposuction. He is very confident I'll look very nice, he says I have a good figure. He drew a map for me to take home, that explains the procedure and the zone where he'll work.

Surgery is done!

I can't be happier, everything went well. The surgery was a total of 3 hrs 1/2. He did a tummy tuck, implant replacement with lifting and lipo on my waist and back. Originally we wanted to do lipo on arms and legs but I thought I would prefer to lose weight with diet and exercise.

Less pain than expected

I thought this would hurt as a C-section but it is not! I'm doing fine. What it's annoying is sleeping on my back with the knees up all night. I have a nurse who helps me getting up and laying down and she also cooks my meals. Tomorrow I'll see my Dr to take the drainage out and start wearing the faja

Recovering really fast

After 8 days I'm walking like nothing happened

Happy with the results

The healing was fast, I'm still a little bit swollen and the scars are red but the progress is what I expected.

I can see my abs!

I workout 3-4 times at week, no cardio, just weights and follow a healthy diet, nothing crazy and what my surprise when the abs started showing! I guess it is because all the swelling is gone. I have to go back to get a review of my hernia though, oh well... it is not too bad. Next time I visit Venezuela I'll take care of it.
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