VaserLipo Chest, Upper and Lower Abdomen - NYC

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I just got Vaser Lipo one week ago. I did it under...

I just got Vaser Lipo one week ago. I did it under anesthesia which I highly recommend... it was only $750 more and well worth the investment to not be awake.

They did my Chest, upper and lower abdomen and reached as far as they could to get some of the fat from my sides. Although I go to the gym and work out a fair amount (mostly cardio) and eat reasonably well, I could never get rid of that tire around my belly. Also, my chest was a somewhat man-boobish and no amount of diet or exercise was going to fix that. I gave myself plenty of time to try to work it off the old fashion way. My metabolism was slowing down more and more as I got older, so it became harder and harder to loose weight and it was clear this was the best way to get it done once and for all.

Day 1: Saturday (Day of Surgery) I woke up in the recovery room and they asked me to put on my compression garment right away. The day of the surgery was not painful at all since the local anesthetic lasted all day and through the night, but it was certainly very messy. I was leaking this redish/punch colored liquid out of me, which was gross. My bandages were soaked and I had to sit on wee-wee pads and wore depends to avoid leaking all over my furniture/bed. I had to place heavy absorbent pads in my underwear to soak up the liquids that were coming out of me. I was able to go out and eat lunch after the surgery and walk home without any problem since everything was numb. No need for painkillers yet.

Day 2: Sunday Woke up in the morning are went to get up and there was the pain. Searing, like really bad sunburn. This was the day to use the painkillers. It only hurt when I sat up or sat down, or used my abs in any way (including walking). If I stayed still, there was no pain at all. Walking was difficult, but doable, especially once the pain killers kicked in. Still dripping fluids, but not as much. By mid-day there was no more liquid coming out of me.

Day 3: Monday Took this day off from work to make sure I gave myself ample time to recover. This is the day I could take my compression garment off temporarily while I remove the bandages from surgery. This was exciting since I was going to see what I look like for the first time after surgery. Taking the bandages off was painful because of all the tape - it wasn't easy and had to be done VERY slowly. But once they were off I could see that my chest looked amazing right away. My abdomen was bloated, but it still looked so much better, definitely leaner and nicely contoured. Some light yellowish bruising below my pectorals and on my sides. Pain was mild on day 3, I would describe it as discomfort then pain and it was only when I used my abs. My chest was tender, but only to the touch.

Day 7: I am writing this review on day 7. I've been massaging my abdomen and applying a wet heating pad which is helping the swelling go down. I'm told massaging as much as possible and wearing the compression garment at all times except when washing it or taking a shower are the best ways to maximize your results. I've been waring the compression garment constantly since the surgery and I kind of like the way it feels. My only issue is that the garment got badly stained during the leaky phase, so it's not very pretty. I tried washing it with peroxide (hand wash only - line dry) and detergent which helped, but there's still stains on it. Consider buying two garments. No pain or discomfort now. Overall: I am so happy I did this procedure. I can tell already it's going to be life changing and it was so easy - a walk in the park. I was so scared of the pain or coming out of it looking worse then before (, but all that worrying for for naught.

I can't wait to see what I look like a month from now! I found as the best resource for those considering such procedures. It w asinstrumental in me deciding to take the plunge. I will continue to update this post with pictures and whatnot as I progress through my recovery to the new me. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

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The doctor did a great job from what I can tell so far. No complications, already seeing great results 7 days in, no pain. Cost was reasonable for Manhattan. What more could you ask for?

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