unprofessional, unethical, malpractice...i had risk my life!

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I had a Vaser Lipo with Dr. L. less three months...

I had a Vaser Lipo with Dr. L. less three months ago. The worst and dangerous experience ever!!! The day of the surgery they throw me out...from the surgical bed to the wheel chair...to the back door. They did not even clean me...I had blood all over my face! A lot of fluid and blood was coming out from my back. When I left the car my friend car seat and my clothes were filled with fluids and blood. They forgot to prescribe the pain killer...at night I was in terrible pain and immerse in a continuos bleeding all over the bed. My friend called dr L. and its staff. No one picked up...no one called me back.

I asked many question for my post-op and nobody told me the truth....they just said "after 24 hrs remove everything and take a shower"...like was nothing. In the morning I' ve heard dr Lagrasso on the phone and he told me to remove everything. I did not know that I had a drainer on my back and it was OPEN. Fortunatley my friend refused to take it out...beside the fact that the drainer was attached with stitches, I would have to come back to surgery if I had followed the instruction. The licking should be from one to two days but after a week I was still filling the pad, but dr Lagrasso removed the drainer anyway.

After three days the cut was closed, my back started to swollen and I had fever. I called million times at every number, no one ever called me back. Finally I was able to talk with a nurse who told me that "it was not related to surgery and to go to see my physician"... I insisted over and over calling leaving messages that I had 102 of fever, I also wrote emails. NOBODY CALLED ME BACK...After three days of high fever, at night my back popped and all infection came out...I had NO choice but running to the emergency where they put me under intense care...I was running out of time...things were pretty serious!!! They found an abscess in my back caused by the open drainer. Two days in the Hospital with an I.V. and all spectrum of antibiotics, dr L finally called back and decided with the Doctor who have me in care my Hospitalization.

When I went to their office after two days of my dismissal they admit the "mistake" and their willing to pay the 7000$ of the Hospital bill. They called me after a month that I was trying to get in contact with them about the bill... one day Mrs J. called me and she told me that was my choice to go to the Hospital and I should call them SO THEY REFUSED TO PAY FOR MY BILL...yes...makes sense that I wanted to pay 7000$ instead having the 90 days of "already paid" care that by law they have to give me. She was nervous, she didn't want to answer to my questions and she hung up the phone on me. ORRIBLE!!! Beside that the surgery was not a success...I did my hips and I am not symmetrical at all...I have a huge hole on my left side.

Be careful people...there are a lot of good professional in Miami but definitely dr L. and its staff are NOT one of them. Their prices are not less than the best and most famous P.S. in USA!!! Please make treasure of my bad experience and find yourself a good and responsible doctor.

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malpractice. i was left down right after the surgery...i had a dangerous infection caused by an open drainer and they refused to treat me (by law they have to for 90 days after the surgery). i had no other choice than the hospital...they told me they would take responsibility for they negligence...but they didn't!!! i have to wait now...but of course i need that another doctor will fix this hugly job...i will post pic soon

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