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I am 43 and watch my diet and exercise regularly....

I am 43 and watch my diet and exercise regularly. I weigh 120 lbs. However after two kids, I developed a tummy bulge that would not go away no matter what I did. A few people even thought I was pregnant, which was the final straw for me. Finding clothes to disguise the pooch was an obsession for me. I decided on Vaser and after thinking about it for a few months, I had the procedure on July 28th. My surgeon used nitrous oxide gas which helped the anxiety. I was awake thru the entire procedure and the nurse and doctor talked me thru it. The procedure wasn't bad, a couple of odd sensations and a few twinges, but overall not bad. After it was over, the nurse put on maxi pads over the incisions and then the compression garment. The drainage was bad the first day and night but by next morning had stopped. Pain was tolerable and because pain meds make me sick, I took only tylenol for the pain. I was able to move around, but slept on my back for the next 4-5 days. I did not do any lifting. My incisions healed nicely. I had no bruising. I wore the first stage compression garment all day and every day for 3 weeks as instructed. I am now at 4 weeks and in my second stage garment. For the first 3 weeks the swelling was bad. I was discouraged looking in the mirror because it looked like I did not have anything done. At the end of the second week I developed a few hard lumps on my lower belly. At the end of the third week, about 95 percent of the swelling had gone and the lumps are much smaller. I have been measuring my waist everyday and I have lost 3.5 inches. My weight is the same. I am finally able to wear close-fitting shirts and dresses with no fear. To me this procedure was absolutely worth it. I have a few little ripples on my skin, but overall I am pleased with the skin retraction. I think there should be some more skin retraction in the next couple of months. My stretch marks look the same, not any worse. My objective was to look better in clothes, which I have achieved. The doctor and nurse were great and I was comfortable thru the entire process.

Dr Thomas Moore

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