Vaser Lipo

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I am sorry to say that I do not have anything...

I am sorry to say that I do not have anything negative to say about this procedure. I have Vaser Lipo done on 11/25 and was able to get on my flight the following day.

I had my love handles done, stomach and back of my thighs. I went to the gym every single day and became fustrated with not getting any results. I heard about my doctor through my hair dresser (Hardy) who works at the salon and he spoke so highly of him that I went and met with him about my problem areas.

I had concern for the back of my legs because I had lipo done in the past  by another Dr.  He made my problem area worse than what it was. I have not worn shorts for the past 10 yrs. Needless to say I went and spoke with my new favorite Dr. and he took a look and said I can take care of that for you.... just hearing that gave me hope again.

ok here is the best part... I hate needles with a PASSION. So imagine me being up watching the entire procedure!! yes I watched and they gave me meds to put me to sleep but I was so worked up and excited I could not  fall asleep.

It was painless and actually very interesting to watch. I think I have overcome my fear..

I went for my follow-up two wks ago and my hairdresser called me skinny, I have gone from a 12 to a size 8 so far.

On a personal note about the Dr.:

We all know Doctors make money and have no problem taking your money, well this doctor is NOT about that, he will tell you honestly about what he can and can't do realistically. I also told him I really didn't have the money and was going to charge it and his reply was" why dont we just wait". That is UNHEARD OF!!! so if you live far away he is worth every penny to travel.

His Spa is my " getting pretty home away from home"

I will try to post pics very soon....

Today I went to see the doctor for my 6 wk...

Today I went to see the doctor for my 6 wk follow-up and "after" pictures. I am so happy with the procedure especially with the back of my legs.  I noticed there are some people who are not happy with the outcome of their procedures with other Doctors. I think what " future patients need to understand is that Doctors can only do so much. Some people have unrealistic expectations and have to understand that everyone's body is different. You can't bring in a pic and say this is what I want to look like.  You have to have the mindset that an improvement will be made not perfection but better. You also need to have patience and allow your body to heal, I have read people posting " dont see anything 5 days later".

I also think "my opinion" is that exercise and diet are very important to have optimal results along with having this procedure.

So remember Doctors are not god  - Dr's can only make improvements to you.

Pic will be uploaded soon

Dr. Michael Stampar

Dr. and his asst are amazing, caring and the best!!

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