Vaser Lipo Was Definitely Worth It!

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I had Vaser lipo on 12/02/08, I had previously had...

I had Vaser lipo on 12/02/08, I had previously had liposuction and afterwards had issues with my skin not tightening back, being 27 years old I refused to believe that I had a lack of elasticity in my skin (which is what I was being told by my Dr.).

The pain was bearable. I had my love handles, lower abs, and upper abs done. I can tell you after having traditional liposuction that the recovery time is very good I was able to continue to move around the day of, the next day was about the same (just for comparison after liposuction I was unable to move with out help for 2 weeks and walked like an 90 year old woman for about 5 weeks, in addition to that it was probably a good 6 weeks before I could touch my toes).  

I can definitely see results and continue to see results each day.

My advice to anyone having this proceedure done is to;

1) Be sure to wear your garment as firm as possible and as long as   possible (this will help determine the end result).

2) Make sure to take all of your antibiotics, I had signs of infection with the Vaser I think it was in part to the fact that I missed a couple of doses. If I hadn't had this problem I believe the healing process would be faster.

I will post more pictures as I progress.

Only 2 weeks later I am still seeing great results...

Only 2 weeks later I am still seeing great results. I am very happy with the my results and the feel of my skin (something I just did not see with the standard liposuction procedure I had previously). Compared to the liposuction, 2 weeks after that procedure I was still black and blue and unable to move.

Latest pictures!  Not quite a month now,...

Latest pictures! 

Not quite a month now, I believe I have seen the extent of my results from the rear view but a extremely satisfied. I am however still seeing results with my abs, I still have some swelling but most is gone I have an area that will swell then go back down on occasion, frustrating but not painful. My clothes fit me so much better now and feel more motivated to work on my new body. I am still wearing my compression garment I am convinced this helps. If you are having you abs done I believe the garment that fits like a one piece bathing suite works better than the ones with legs simply because the garments with legs have a tendency to slide down which pulls everything down with it, the other seems to pull things upward this is critical for your final result. The fat that is left has to be compressed this is the vital role the garment plays, you find that it is more comfortable (almost like skin) to wear. Stay away from OTC medications like ibuprofen for as long as you can after surgery, they can induce bruising. My Dr. gave me a list of the ones I needed to avoid before and after surgery. I did however have some bruising a few days after surgery and I believe this may have been the affects from some ibuprofen I took after my surgery for a migrain.  I hope to have my thighs and arms done within the next year or so , I'll keep you posted. I am very passionate and excited to share my information with you and wished I had someone to get information from before my proceedure.If you  have questions send me a message. Obviously I can't speak for everyones experience, but I can tell you about mine.

I am so glad I decided to have this done, I have...

I am so glad I decided to have this done, I have went from a size 16 (tight) to a 12 (loose). I am taking better care of my body now I originally only lost 8lbs from the initial procedure but since I have started working out and eating better I have lost 14 more lbs in the past month.  I just wanted to say Thank you to everyone for all of your wonderful compliments!
Dr. Dan Hale

He is very positive, informative, and very attentive to his patients needs and seems to really care about your well being.

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