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I was quoted 4500 for surgery at Vanity if I paid...

I was quoted 4500 for surgery at Vanity if I paid directly/wired into their account or 5000 If I paid with card. I chose to pay with my card and pay 5 grand, I'm not wiring crap anywhere, or paying cash. I never pay cash for anything. They only charged my card 4500 and sent me 0 balance statements. I had read some reviews about them wanting cash and even other reviews about sending girls out in their surgical gowns outside to get cash out of the atm because there account wasn't paid in full after all, even though they have invoices showing no balance due. SO, I checked my account and sure enough they only charged me 4500 (which I have seen this same exact scenario from another user on here). I called and spoke with my coordinator and she reassured me I was paid in full. I told her that's fine, I wont argue with you, but I'm letting u know u only charged me 4500 but if u say it's paid in full send me something saying that, and I'll leave it at that. Then she quickly replies - oh your right, it has not gone through and I'll run your card again. She then sends me another invoice with 0 balance and again, I tell her she didn't charge me. She then says she will retry in a few days. I made it very clear that I was not paying anything in cash. She Then tells me there is a problem with their processor and to give her a few days. Mind you time is passing and getting closer to my date. She then replies a few days later that the reason the card won't work is because they have reached the maximum amount of manual input amount....I'm pretty tired of playing this game right now. Every time I call its something different. She keeps reassuring me that they will take my card when I get there. They can't even take my card right now so how am I supposed to feel about you telling me that it will for sure work when I get there??? I then contact her again and tell her that if I get there and there is a problem with your machine processing my card, will the price be 4,500? She kept dodging around the issue and just replied there won't be a problem don't worry. She then made the statement " you wouldn't really cancel your surgery after coming all this way for over 500 dollars?" Seriously? What game are you playing?? Ummm...yes I would and contact a lawyer for fraud and sue for airline fees it took me to get there for something you guaranteed wouldn't happen.. I will attempt one last time to pay. If there is anymore BS, I will probably go ahead and cancel and take it as a sign that it was not meant to be at that place and go somewhere closer to home that is more organized and professional. Not sure what kind of scam they have going on but I'm not wiring or Paying anything with cash or writing checks. Has anyone else had this problem??? Ive talked to a few other girls who were told cash only,machine is down, use ATM for cash outside, our processor isn't working, etc... all over this site over and over. This is supposed to be an exciting experience and instead its turning into a stressful situation I don't want to deal with anymore. I booked here bc of the results from the dr there are really good. Ive had a great experience with Vanity until now. This has been going on for over a month and a half...your card reader is really down that long? or the processor? People are booking everyday by card because I see them write it on here that they booked. So whats the deal???


**This review is on Vanity and the staff and not Dr.Fisher as I never made it there for surgery. This is based on my experience and your experience may be different**
I have been researching BBL forever and found that Dr. Fisher had extremely good results and the price was not bad at all. Mistake #1: should of listened to the warnings in all the mixed reviews about the facility, Vanity. I read review after review of how they only wanted cash and if something happened and you needed to cancel, they would hold on to your money, etc. A few other reviews had mentioned the staff telling some girls they needed to go out to the ATM to get cash to pay for the remainder of the surgery while they were in their surgical gowns because staff found that somehow a payment didn't go through even though these girls had been given a paid full receipt and that they couldn't use the card reader inside because it was down, forcing them to have to get cash. There a few other positive reviews that kind of pushed me to go ahead and call. I spoke to the lady who would be my coordinator. I told her all my concerns and the reviews about the cash, etc. Everything I read I told her about. She reassured me that they were aware of their reputation and that they had cleaned house and fired all the trouble makers and that I would have the best experience. She gave me her cell and everything. So I trusted her. Mistake #2. She assured me I could pay the whole fee of 4500 on my card with no problems but because I was paying with my card, they would have to charge me 500. So the total ended up being 5000. Still not bad at all. After talking to her for literally an hour, I decided to go ahead and book. Paid the whole amount and booked my date. Receipt, lab orders, instructions, were sent immediately. I opened the receipt and saw balance 0; charged 5000. Good to go right? Wrong! Because I knew about the "paid in full" scheme were they didn't really charge you the whole amount, I checked my transaction history. Sure enough only 4500 was charged. Called the next day and told her what the charge. She reassured me it had gone through and to wait. Waited 2 days, still 4500 was charged and the last 500 had not been charged. Started emailed and calling as I wanted a paper trail so to speak. Excuse 1: Something is wrong with processor and will retry in a couple days. Excuse 2: Just bring cash day of surgery, won't be a big deal and you can buy the garments and massages on your card. Excuse 3: you can only charge up to 4500 per card. Excuse 4: we can't use another card because our card reader is not working (didn't work apparently for 2 weeks. Excuse 5: I assure the card reader will be working when you come so don't worry. There are countless more. This went on back and forth for a month. When I said absolutely no cash and wanted my surgery paid before I flew down, that’s when the problems began. I kept calling and these were the excuses I got: Excuse 1: you don't need to talk to your coordinator anymore once you paid your surgery in full (at this time, she did not reply to me anymore, her extension changed 2 times, someone picked up her line, she answered one time and pretended it wasn't her, etc). Mind you, she said she would be with me every step of the way. Pre-op: called so much about my labs and if they had been reviewed that apparently 2 of the staff that I would call quit, got fired, was on vacation...all in the same week! I just kept getting passed around. Mistake 3: booking airline and hotel before I knew everything had gone through. Spent 600 dollars on airline tickets and 150 deposit for hotel for 10 days prior to this situation getting out of hand so that had me nervous. To wrap this up, even though there are a ton of more details to tell, everyone I talked to there contradicted what the previous person I talked to said. An example is the garment. I was told by my coordinator that I can pay with my card. When the garment lady called, she said cash only and they’ve never taken cards. Really??? Then the hold…oh how many times I was put on hold when they were caught in a lie and they had to put me on hold to find out what the previous person told me and try to back track. That song that plays when you are on hold haunts my dreams from having to hear it constantly, lol. Anyways, the day before I am to board my plane to fly down, I still had not had a clearance from Fisher. Still!! I think that day I blew up their phone line. I was not getting off the phone until I knew what the hell was going on. At one point the first girl I talked about said to just come on, it will be fine. I said are you kidding me? Has he even looked at my labs? I need a definitive answer. After getting passed around to about 5 people, the manager finally came on the line and said one of my labs was off and after JUST CONSULTING with Dr. Fisher, he decided he would not perform surgery (Mind you, I really don’t know if the man even looked at my labs or not, that is just what they told me). I think I must of started laughing hysterically in disbelief at that point. Are you KIDDING ME? You’ve had my labs for over 3 weeks and according to staff, he is just now looking at them????? At this point I wanted to cuss them all out for this emotional roller coaster they had put me through. Good thing I live far away because I would of drove down there and made the biggest scene. She then asks me if I want to reschedule….Are you kidding me???? I wanted to trust you people with my life. Its obvious nobody looked at my labs until today, you think I would let you put me under and operate? Not on your life! I requested an immediate refund but didn’t even wait for that. The minute I got off the phone with them, I called my card company and had my surgery money back within the week. A couple days later, my long lost coordinator calls to see why I cancelled and why I didn’t call her to let her know what was going on….Isn’t that your job?? Oh wait, I thought you weren’t allowed to talk to me? She of course denied all that and blamed the other staff. She offered to have me scheduled the following week after getting the one lab redone and “waiving” the $500 dollar fee bringing it to $4500, the price it should have been all along.
This was supposed to be an exciting experience; I had booked my airlines ($600 non refundable), hotel deposit ( $150.00 non-refundable because within 24 hour window) and taken vacation time from work. SO I ended up losing $750 dollars because of those B’s. I normally don’t use that word but that’s exactly what those women are. They really could care less about the person and its all business. For everyone that cancels, there’s someone else to take their place. I should have known better though. I read the mixed reviews and had hope that I would be one of those who didn’t have issues. I played the game as long as I did because at the end of the day, Fisher had great results that would be permanent. Dealing with the Vanity staff would be temporary and then I would never have to see or deal with them again. I am grateful that I did pay with my card and was able to get my money back fast thanks to my bank. Had it been cash or wire transfer (they actually want you to wire money to them and people do it!), I would still be waiting with the others until they felt like giving it back, or having to go to court like some others I had read about. There is even a news story & news station video of a women who sued and won and is still waiting for her money. You can google that one and watch. I went ahead and booked with another local physician and so far, the experience has been great and very professional. Had to spend a little more, but the better the quality, the higher the price. So far worth every penny and I don’t feel like I’m on a factory line, being herded through to get the next one in. Every time I call, I talk to the same people, not a call center like Vanity. So like I said, this was my experience and yours may be different, better or worse. I had a surgery buddy on here and we were scheduled same day with same doctor. She went and her results are great. Her experience with Vanity wasn’t too bad but Its def. a factory type feeling like your in and out and on to the next person. Not the place if your looking for individualized attention but worth the results for her. But ill let her review her experience.
Best of luck to you guys and thanks for reading.
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