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I'm 5.2 , 150lbs and had a bbl 5 months ago at the...

I'm 5.2 , 150lbs and had a bbl 5 months ago at the time I was 140lbs and didn't have a big stomach , always had a nice butt and hourglass figure but had small dents in my butt from penicillin injections when I was young so I wanted them filled in and wanted more projection . The doctor I chose used smart lipo which I found out later kills the fat cells and the body gets rid of it . I was left with an uneven stomach and the dents in my butt are even bigger now , the doctor told me it's due to cellulite that the fat didn't survive which I don't believe . I have been on realself for months now trying to choose the right doctor I have already set a date with Dr Fisher in Miami but the more I look at his work the more I feel a lot of his dolls have high butts and it looks like he injects most of the fat on top which I don't want because I already have most of my fat on top I need it in the middle part of my butt I also need the top of my butt reshaped because it looks square and high which it never was before but that's how I was left after my first bbl . I sent in my pictures to vanity with description of what it needed done I added upper back/ bra line and inner thigh to get enough fat since I don't have that much on my stomach . Dr Fisher said he might not be able to do anything about the top of my butt and that worries me . My coordinator said that dr Hasan also looked at my pictures and said I'm a good candidate but that's all she said and I put notes and questions under my pictures which she didn't give me answers to so I'm really not sure if he even looked at my pictures . I really like Dr Hasans lipo skills and seen that he can reshape the top of butt and his butts don't look to high , but I also read that he doesn't always want to do what you ask for but does what he thinks looks good . I don't want a huge fake looking butt but I wan it big and I don't want a high butt . My coordinator is really pushing me to go with dr Fisher and I'm not sure if it's because he is do much better or because he costs more and I'm not sure if he can give me what I want I'm really thinking of switching to Hasan . Please help

Dealing with Vanity

I called vanity today trying to speak to someone other than my coordinator , asked to speak to someone who works close to dr Hasan like his assistant to answer some of my questions and help me make my decision since I won't be able to go to Miami until couple days before surgery . I read on here that Hasan told people that he hasn't seen they're pictures before he told one lady that he couldn't use her stomach fat because she had scar tissue from previous lipo and I also had lipo on my stomach so I don't have much fat left there and I don't want to gain more weight because it goes to my legs and arms . My coordinator I feel is getting annoyed with me and my questions I never got a responds to my notes on my pictures that I sent in other than I'm a good candidate and she insists that he has seen my pics . I'm really thinking of switching to dr Hasan and she told me I need to give her an answer by tomorrow but I want to make the right choice since by first bbl went horribly wrong

Some pics

Pictures after first bbl 5 months ago

I'm really upset because I loved my shape before my bbl and always got compliments on my hourglass figure I just needed a little help with getting rid of my little pooch , my small love handles and filling in my small dents on my butt and little more projection , instead was left disformed .

My butt now

It looks square and caved in , looks worst than it ever did before , the doctor used what he called a scraper to break up scar tissue under my scin and make room for the fat and this is what I was left it , looks like he just did more damage

Dr Shahine

I actually wrote a whole revue on this man and the horrible he does but I wasn't posted . He is very popular in NY because he worked on K Michele , coco , Kimbella and few others and I thought that if he is good enough for them he has to be good but I was wrong . He does bbl in combination with smart lipo the laser damages the fat cells and even when they are injected you're body will end up getting rid of that fat , that's why he tells his patients to gain weight for 3 months after surgery to fill out they're butt which didn't happen with me because he did more damage . He is overbooked and women wait in his waiting room for days at the time . My surgery was 3 days after it was scedualed , they took me in the back room I told him what I wNted and he said he would be right back so I'm laying there on the table naked for over an hour he comes back and says he had to go to eat . He injects me with the numbing solution which he said was going to be the worst part , he lied . Than he injects me with bags and bags of numbing solution and something that is suppose to separate te fat and tells me it needs a little time to kick in so he askes me to walk half baked to the massage room and he will start working on someone else , they leave me there blown up like a ballon alone for 3 hours , his assistant comes in to check on me couple times and gives me a diaper to pee in I ended up having an exiaty attack , they gave me some pills to calm me down and take be back in to the surgery room . Half way through the surgery I start feeling pain because it's allready been 4 hours since they injected me , he tries to give me more but it's not helping so tries to rush through it , it was the worst experiance of my life . I continued going to my follow ups and massages in his office and following all they're instructions , not sitting , wearing my garment with the stupid yaga mat under that he recommends as well as eating fatty foods , still ended up looking horrible . Every time I went into that office I met at least a couple unhappy patients with either botched lipo or complaining that the butts are looking as they did before surgery or worst . I spoke to a massage lady that used to work for him and she said that he used to do good work but than started getting money hungry I guess and not carring about the quality of work that he puts out . At one of my post op appointments I seen how they clean the equipment which is in a hand washing sink in his office , there isn't even a sink in the surgery room and the front desc girl walk in and out of that room all day douring surgeries . Ladies don't let the YouTube videos fool you , he isn't even futured on realself because he is so bad I wish I would have known about this earlier and did more reaserch on this man .

Dr Hasan vs Dr Fisher

I finely switched to Dr Hasan and I really hope I'm making the right decition . I have been on this site for the last couple of months constantly and I know dr Fisher is great but I just feel like dr Hasan is a better choice for me I allready have hips and a small waist I just need more sculpting and my butt to look big but more natural and I'm convinced dr Hasan is my guy , also he only does 3 surgeries a day and takes his time where dr fisher does 5 or 6 a day I feel like that's to much and he is not able to devote that much time to each person and still do the consults and post op appointments in between . My first surgery was rushed I don't want that happening again and he also said he can't reshape the top of my butt where I believe dr Hasan can do that . I really hope I'm making the right desision

Got my invoice

I made my last payment today and asked for a detailed invoice , the brake down didn't make sense all the way but everything I was promised is listed on it so I'm happy with it . I'm getting full body lipo which is full abdomen , flanks waist , love handles bra line plus inner thigh since I don't think I will have enough fat in these areas since I allready had lipo there I just need a touch up and bra line that want done . My labs , all surgery fees , meds , post op appointments as well as garment , lipo foam and board and 6 night 7 day stay at the recovery home or hotel with a driver that will pick me up and drive me to appointments , nurse for first 24h as well as 4 massages . Ladies please make sure you get everything in writing because I seen a few women talk about not getting what they were promised by they're coordinators and having to pay extra .

Refund for home away package

I called my coordinator to ask for a refund for the recovery home package I made other arrangements and will not be staying there , she told me it takes 4-7 weeks for it to be processed , that's a long time but I hope it will go smoothly without any problems like what I read about people having with getting they're money back from vanity .

Few helpful things for the recovery proces

Here are a few things that I have prepaired for my recovery . Directors chair that I got online from home depo , the seat part slides in , but I only slide it in half way so my butt hangs out and I sit on my thighs and still have support for my back . A foam roller that I got on amazon and had cut in half across and use it to go to the bathroom this way you can sit on your thighs with your butt in the air , it will keep you from putting pressure on your butt ( I'm so creative haha ) . Back scratcher I was extremely itchy after first surgery and it was driving me crazy . Ladies this helps

Excuse my grammar

Don't mind my bad grammar ladies :)

So much attention

So I always got a lot of compliments on my body , nice butt and hourglass figure , but now after my sx even tho I'm unhappy with my stomach looking lumpy and my butt having these big dents I still look really good in cloths especially if they show of these curves . After my first sx my waist is now at 27" and my hips at 41" with the 10 pounds that I gained since sx . I have been getting more attention than I can handle lol . At my work holiday parties I was being told that people are admiring my shape and one of my friends who used to call me jessica rabbit before sx told me that she hates me and if she had my body she would be walking around naked haha . My mom and aunt came to visit so we were out on the town a lot they thought it was funny how teenage boys were calling me Kim Kardashian and how man would turn around even tho they would walk next to they're woman , at one point they told me I'm not allowd to walk next to them because they said they didn't want to be a part of my causing an accident loll , when I dropped them off the the airport a couple of guys working there came out from behind the counter to check me out and got imbarest when my aunt fought them looking , she couldn't stop laughing lol . Even tho I do look good in cloths I can't wait to fix my misshaped butt and give it more projection so I can feel and look good in a bikini too . Right now I don't even want to date because I'm so self counsios about my caved in butt :(( I can't wait to get it fixed so I can feel good about myself again

Issues with refund from vanity

I requested a refund for the recovery home package 3 weeks ago , at first I was told it will take 4-7 weeks because it's being processed through the bank . I spoke to my coordinator a week ago and she told me they will refund the money through paypal as I paid and it will be faster , and I did get back most of the money but was still $240 short when I asked about it she said the manager told her they could only refund the $800 because it's been over 60 days on my other payments so they can't process it as a refund and are sending me money directly to my paypal account , when I didn't recieve it I asked again and she told me the manager said she sent it and it's up to paypal . I just called paypal and they told me that there was no payments made to my account , so let's see how this unfolds . I'm trying to to stress about it but I'm not going to lie , it is a little agrovating

Blood work

I spoke to Samantha Dr Hasans assistant and she told me that since I'm not on any medication and don't have health issues I don't need to get medial clearance from my doctor , she has e-mailed me a prescription and I'm going to have it done at a lab tomorrow and have it sent to vanity for Dr Hasan to look at it , hope everything is fine I'm still 4 weeks away from surgery . Also got my new invoice from my coordinator since I cancelled the recovery home and massages , still haven't gotten my $240 back yet they keep telling me it's being handled smh

Please Don't trust the YouTube videos you see about Dr Shahine

So I have noticed a lot of girl talk about Stephanie Santiago and using her as they're wish body so I decided to look her up on YouTube , she talks about having 3 bbl , the latest one with dr Shahine and she is advertising him on YouTube as well as K Michele a few others , ladies please please please don't fall for it , he is taking extra special care of these girls so they promote and advertise him but trust and believe he doesn't care about the rest of us I allready wrote about my experiance with him before but I'm just trying to help you ladies from making a mistake and have this man ruin your body , every lady I kept in touch with is unhappy , left with disfigured stomachs I came across a revue with a bunch of women sharing what he has done to them , one of them said he threatend to punch her for writing a bad revue and a lot of them just like me depressed and embarest with they disfigured bodies . Once again please don't believe the lies and false revues . Btw all these women advertising him on YouTube only went to him for touch ups not comlete bbls , Coco went to him around the same time as me and the massage lady that works in his office told me she came back unhappy . Don't trust this horrible man with your bodies !!!!

Me before my first bbl

When I was at my best shape and about 20 pounds lighter . Always had buns and nie they are all misshaped :((

It sucks that you can't make changes or delete posts

Now they are misshaped *

Now they are misshaped **

Sucks that you can't make changes or delete posts

Lab results

Samantha , dr Hasans assistant emailed me a prescription for my lab work and I went directly to the lab rather than going to the doctor . I called the lab today to make sure they fax the results to Vanity and they did just that . I got a call from Samantha couple hours later saying that my blood work looks good , my hemoglobin is 14.1 but I have a bladder infection which I battle with a lot , my bladder is super sensitive and all I have to do is hold to long and boom . I'm not really worried tho I have 3 weeks . I need to treat it and have my doctor do another test and send it to dr Hasan and I'm good to go .

Vanity refund shenanigans

It's been 5 weeks since I requested my refund for the recovery home and still haven't gotten my remaining $240 that was suppose to be transferred to my PayPal account last time I spoke to them
I was told the refund department is resolving it and that was at least a week ago . I'm going to ask to speak to the manager tomorrow

Advice for out of town ladies

After reading some revues about ladies flying all the way to Miami and being turned around for verious resons I'm trying to do everything in my power to prevent that from happening to me . First of all do your lab work at least a couple of weeks before you go down there . Rather than going through my coordinator I called vanity and asked to speak to dr Hasans assistant which is Samantha and she had emailed me a prescription for my lab work which I had faxed to them and Samantha had dr Hasan look at the results and cleared me for surgery . Ladies please communicate with the doctors assistant tell her about any previous surgeries and how long ago you had them , any type of healt issues and medications you are on , ask questions . I read about women going to Miami and not being able to get surgery because of lack of communication , they're weren't warned or asked the right questions and were not able to get surgery because they're blood work wasn't right , not enough time has passed since theyre last surgery or they are on medication than can cause bleading so please be aware . I'm going to vanity the day before my surgery to sign my paper work and have a sit down with dr Hasan and make sure he can fix what I need to get fixed and ask what he thinks what needs to be done I don't want to just roll in there the day of . Hope this helps ladies

I'm in Miami ladies

I'm not going do do a whole big update because I'm tired so I'm going to make this quick and I will make a more detailed update tomorrow . I got to Miami and Moni from new body recovery picked me up , she is super sweet . Her house is really nice , clean and she is very well orgenised and well set up , so far I really like what I see . We are going to pick up another vanity girl in the morning and than Moni will take us to our pre op , I'm exited but nervous . I'll keep you guys posted

Surgery @5:30 am

So here it is ladies . As I mentioned before Monis recovery home is really nice and she is awesome , very organized , professional and attentive . We went to pick up fisher girl from the airport and went straight to vanity in the morning . So far my experiance has been really good , withing 30 min of getting to vanity I was called in to dr Hasans office , he was polite but very stern and straight forward , maybe he is not as sweet as dr Fisher but I appreciate his honesty , he was getting straight to the point . I told him I had a bbl 8 months ago and I need a revision because my body is a hot mess , he says he wishes I came to him in the first place and that I have a lot if scar tissue that should have been fixed sooner because the more time passes the hardes it gets , which surprised me because I thought you are suppose to wait 6 month before having another surgery . He said my stomach has a lot of irregularities and he can't guaranty that my stomach will end up super smooth and I might end up with loose skin , these are the things that I was really afraid of . He looked at my butt and said he doesn't like the way it looks , dhaa that's why I'm here doc lol , he says he will lipo the top of my butt because it looks square which it never did before my first bbl and he doesn't like the way it sticks out on the top I am so glad he brought this up because I was going to point this out myself . Since I originaly added my inner thigh and paid for it already he said the top of my butt will be as that extra area and they were just going to switch that , he also told me that I'm a difficult case but he will do his best and make me look better but he is not making any promises as to what my stomach is going to look like :((( I'm not going to lie that worries me but I'm trying to stay positive and hope for the best . I also pointed out the big dents in my butt and told him that Shahine said that the fat he injected didn't survive due to cellulite and no matter the amount if fat injected it won't last , dr Hasan just looked at me like I'm crazy and said that stupid and doesn't make any sense , uhhhhm yes nothing that Shahine says makes sense . Btw for the ladies who says that dr Hasan is not a surgeon , yes he certified in general cosmetic surgery I have seen it with my own eyes . After my consultation I signed all my paper work , got my pictures taken , they confirmed my payments and had me redo my urine test because of that damn UTI which freaked me out I was praying that they wouldn't cancle my surgery because of that oh lord . I tried on my garment , got my lipo board and was told they would call me later with the time of my surgery . For the next few hour I was a nerves wreck , in the meantime Moni took us shopping and we came back to the house and that's when I finely got the called me and said to come in at 5:30 am and reminded me about the pre op instructions . Omg I'm so relieved but also really scared about what my results will be due to all that scar tissue I'm trying to stay really positive . That's about it for right now , new bootey coming up , wish me luck ladies :))

I'm alive :P

I'm going to try my best , but please don't mind if I mess up I have been texting almost all day and I'm uncomfortable when I lift myself onto my elbows but I know all of you girls are waiting to hear from me , especially if the once that are about to have surgery so here it is . As I said before I have chronic UTIs and my doctor said It was under control but there was still a trace of bacteria but a uti is not an issue during surgery unless you are getting some type of foreign implants but I still didn't know how dr Hasan will feel about it . I was trying to dodge the urine test asking them to call my doctor and talk to him but they were not having it , they were like nope you will be redoing your u/a so I was praying for it to be ok because other than that I was good to go . Besides that I was having the worst back pain the last 2 days , yesterday while I was at vanity and sat down I literally couldn't stand up I felt Like someone was twisting a nice in that spot , that really freaked me out because I didn't know if that UTI didn't turn into a kidney infection FML . I knew that if I did I would have a fever and my back would be hurting higher up but still wanted to be sure so I called my doctor and explained to him what was happening and he confirmed just that , that I would have a fever if it was a kidney infection I would def have a fever and that it's probably due to stress and my long ass train ride / had to take the train and it was 33 hours ughhhh . In the meantime I get a call from vanity with my surgery time . At that time my back was so bad that I could barely get in and out the car and was freaking out that I would get even worst and how the hell was I going to clime on that damn table and am I going to be ok after surgery , my anxiety level went through the roof omg . I started icing my back and it got slightly better and figured I'll do the same in the morning and hopefully it will be ok . Moni fed us for the last time at 9 and looked the fridge lol I kid , she just said no more food and drinks after that so plzz get it all in at that time . I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep because I have trouble sleeping as it is and that would make it worst I set my alarm for 4:20 and attempted to get some sleep , woke up 3:50 after sleeping about 3 hours because for some reason my mental clock makes me wake up way before I'm suppose to no matter what time I have to be up smh , but that god for that because my dumb ass set it for 4:20pm and told Moni she doesn't need to wake me up and I wanted to make sure that I have time to shave and scrub myself down real good . The fisher dolls surgery was at 6:00 am so we both left at the same time and got there 5:30 . Dr Hasans nurse made me take the pregnancy test and had me change into gown , compression socks and these booties , at that point the bartender came to talk to me , asked about my previous surgeries , medical conditions and meds I'm on and hooked up my IV . I heard him talk to dr Hasan about the fact that I was on an antibiotic till yesterday . At around 6am doctor Hasan came to talk to be and says we need to have a serious conversation and I'm like ohhh boy . He starts telling me how even tho the RISC is really really minimal but he has to tell me that there is a RISC of me getting an infection of the transfer and it's up to me what I want to do , that he doesn't think think it will happen but we still need to have this talk , made a note in my chart and made me sign it saying that we had this talk . At that point he took more pictures and said oh boy , this celerity dr really did a number in you but I will do my best and you will look a lot better but I will def do my best make you look better , but I will have to fight with that scar tissue on your tummy . Than he asked me if Shahine injected fat in my hips and I told him no he didn't inject fat there and the fat he did inject didn't survive due to his technique and that's all me after my weight gain , always had hips and the way Shahine lipoed me made them stick out looking crazy and I really hate the transition from my waist to hips and he says I agree I will lipo the hell out of the top of your butt and top of hips , I said please don't take it all because I do like my hips and he says girl you are thick boned and your hips are curvy anyway even without all that fat , we don't want you being 5.2" both ways loll . I told him I didn't want my waist any smaller it was 27" and with my thick hips it will look unnatural if it's any smaller and he says , it will get smaller because he has to fix the unevenness and that will require him to lipo the hell out of me as well as my bra line . I loved the fact that he was pointing out all these things that I was going to point out to him and didn't even have to . I said can I tell you what I would like to look like and he says let me Marc you first the way I think is best and how your body should look and them you can point out the rest to me , which was fine with me because I know he is more into the natural look but he will still give you a big butt . I did tell him to please give me my hourglass shape back and give me that natural transition from waist to hips and to inject as much fat as possible in these indents on my butt because this is where I want a lot of projection and I'm planning on loosing weight after the healing process because I'm way to heavy , I was 160 yesterday and need to slim down my fat legs and still want to have a butt after weight loss , he said he would do his best but besides giving me a big butt he really wants to concentrate on fixing my shape . He asked me where I was from and I told him I was Polish and how everyone always said to me way before my first bbl how I'm the only polish girl with a butt lol , he than told me how is ex wife was half Polish so you could say that his son has done Polish in him and that he also had a lot of Europeans last week . After we were done talking they took me into the OR and he started talking to his assistant and was saying how they will run into a lot of scar tissue :(( than left the room and left me with the nurse who rubbed me down and the bartender , at that point it hit me that I forgot to ask him to try and hide my incisions as much as possible and in my tattoo wherever he can and in my tattoo wherever he could because my skin pigments , but I knew that when he came back I would be out so I asked the nurse if she could please tell him something and she goes What ?? And I look at her , really !! Btw she was very standoffish and didn't seam nice so I don't know if she did tell him and I won't know until I take of my garment . Than they had me lay down on the table and btw my back felt much better in the morning and I iced it on my way to vanity which helped a lot . This is the last thing I remembered until I woke up in the recovery room . Ok ladies I will tell you the rest a little later because my elbows and beck are killing me , hope this helps for now :)

Waking up from surgery

Just woke up from another nap and I'm wide awake so decided to tell you about how my day was going . My revue is going to be like a book , sorry if I'm over sharing but I'm so exited that I can't help myself haha and I also know that some of these things will help you guys so here I go again . I have to say that physically I feel so much worst than I did after my first surgery but mentally I feel great , hopefully it will stay that way lol . I woke up I think some time before 10am in the recovery room on my back and was so out if it and in so much pain , the nurse put my garment on and I wanted to cry and begged her to give me something for the pain which she put in my IV and asked me to turn around on my tummy . My thought was a little sore from the tube and I was shivering , she covered me with a blanket and gave me a heater that was blowing hot air under the blanket but I was still shaking like crazy for a while . Moni have the nurse some ginger ale and soup to give to us when we weak up so the nurse kept giving me some ginger ale . I was in and out for a while , after a while she made me walk to another bed , probably just to see if I can get around . I had to pee so she made me kneel on the bed and slid a bed pan under me and gave me something to wipe myself with and than put in my dress . Around noon she called Moni to come and get me , they brought the wheel chair and asked me kneel on it I couldn't do it at first and has to lay back down for a minute , probably got up to fast I was felling nauseas so she gave me an alcohol pad to sniff and that helped . They took me out the back where Moni parked the wan and had taken out one of the seats and put a twin mattress on the floor for me to lay down which I thought that was an amazing idea . She left me with another nurse at home while she went to pick up the other girl . I fell out real quick and was out for a couple of hours , but she gave me a pain killer before she left . I have been getting up to pee a lot because I have been drinking a lot of water , Gatorade which helps me when I'm nauseas , and juice . She started me of with some soup and crackers which I ate laying on my tummy . Dr Hasan put me on antibiotics 4 times a day and in sure it's because of my UTI and since I have already been on antibiotics for over 2 weeks he wanted to get rid of whatever bacteria is left in my urine and prevent further infections . Moni took my vitals a couple of times and they were perfect , no fever or anything . From the moment I woke up this morning my ass hurt the most and hurt all day and my stomach just when I was moving , but don't really feel my back hurting anymore as of now which I'm so happy about . Moni has been an angel , really attentive and on point with everything , I'm so thankful for her . I brought my own pee pads to put on my bed that I got on amazon and I feel like we changed them like 10 times because I have been draining so much . I also for maxi pads that she has been putting under my garment and changed them few times . I also got my own urinal which is great I was able to use that on my own , she just stayed next to me while I do , I slide it in the garment opening and hold on to it whit my thighs without having to bend over to hold it and it doesn't leak from sides or anything , using it is so easy u will post a picture of it . I also got alcohol wipes in a container besides baby wipes and I think they are so much better because it's easier to wipe of the blood from your hands after you touch your soiled garment and disinfect everything . Omg I have been peeing so much too it's crazy , my dumb ass started feeling brave and felt bad about bothering her and decided to go to the bathroom myself earlier in the day but she had seen me and came to help me , and thank god she did , my ears started ringing got hot flashes and nauseas and my legs gave out on me , she tried to hold me up bit I had no control over my legs and she says sit down and I'm like nooo not on my ass I was trying to fight it lol , I managed to stand up and made it back to my bedroom but there was no way I was making it back up on the bed so I asked her to lay me on the floor , omg that floor felt so good she said I was out within a minute and started snoring lol . She was cracking up when she got me up after few minutes saying how I'm like a soldier , so calm and trying to be all independent , yep that's me always trying to challenge myself lol . I don't really feel a lot of pain when I lay down but my stomach hurst when I move and get off and on the bed . I was getting nauseous and dizzy when trying to walk for a good portion of the day but now I'm ok to get around on my own . I couldn't really eat much so I was eating toast with peanut butter , yogurt , crackers and drinking ensure and kefir. That's about it , I'm posting a few pics of the stuff that was helpful to me and pics of me that Moni took for me . Going for post op in the morning and I'm anxious as to how my stomach looks because he did say it will be difficult to fix due to the scar tissue and also hoping that the nurse told him to hide my incisions as much as possible . Will keep you posted

Update with pics

Went to vanity this morning , was taken to the exam room the minute I walked in . I have to say vanity was on point , had no issues other than the refund taking forever . The nurse pulled down my garment only down to my waist , said everything looks good , gave me a new triangle for my back , changed my dressing told me I can shower , wear my compression sticking for a week , garment for 3 months and not to sit for 2 months and to come back before I leave for home to see doctor Hasan . It's so funny how vanity is in a strip mall , wait let me just run to the strip mall real quick and get me a new ass lolll . It looks like nothing from the front , but it's hudge inside . And yes , all the girls in there are Spanish but only came across one who didn't speak English . As we walked out to the paring lot this girl started staring at me and saying how amazing my butt looks lol . Came back home Moni helped me take a shower and thank god for that girl because I almost passed out , than she wiped me down because I couldn't bend over and for me ready for massage . The massage was so painful in my sides and my lower belly which was really puffy with loads of fluid , most of my insidious even tho hecleftvtgem open so I could drain already closed up so she was pushing all that fluid through that hole and it was shooting out and I thought I was going to pass out omg . I'm a little upset because I asked the nurse to tell dr Hasan to hide my insitions in my tattoo and I don't think she even did , she wasn't to nice and she looked like she could care less , none of my insisions are on tattoo and the look really big , I hope they heal nicely . I have 8 cuts where he did lipo and 5 for fat transfer , these are smaller . Moni put me in my new garment over my camisole lipo foam and ab board and another pad on the hole that still draining . She says Hasan lipoed the hell out of my sides there is no fat left there , I asked him not to remove it all but he wasn't having it , he did his thing lol , but I'm not complaining it looks good . I'm really sore and stiff all day but I try to walk as much as I can . Getting in and out of bed is a pain . I'm not posting pictures of my stomach right now because it doesn't look good , it's swollen , puffy and uneven so I'm going to give it time and try not to obses over it . Here are some pics for you girls

More pics

Today has been rough , I'm uncomfortable and don't think the pain meds are doing much but the pain isn't terible unless I touch my body . Got another massage today and thought I was going to pass out but there was do much fluid still coming out that one incision and I know it's best to get it out while it's still open . My stomach doesn't look as puffy and isn't as sore as it was yesterday so I know I drained a lot . I keep putting a maxi pad over that incision and changing it every couple hours , than I put the lipo board on top of that under my garment and lay with a pillow under my tummy which puts more pressure on my stomach , trust me it really helps . Try to get that fluid out ASAP this way you won't feel as sore and you will start healing faster

Helpful supplies

I'm going to tell you girl about the things that where life savers for me in the last few days . I'll post pics of some of them and than just list the rest . A iron suplement for before and after surgeries , I'm taking a blood builder with extra vitamine c , broomeline supplement which is the enzime that's also in pineapple , it helps with swelling and inflammation , arnica gel and pellets for pain and swelling , prune juice and stool softener , you will be constipated after all these pain killers and will need help because after a couple of days it's super uncomfortable , chux pads for your bed I had to change them every couple hours because I was draining so much , maxi pads that I was putting on my insitions while they were still draining , guaz , neosporin , urinal , back scratcher , you will be stiff and it's hard to bend over and you can use it to pick stuff up , camisoles / smooth not ribbed I turned them inside out so the inseam doesn't dig into my skin I wear it under my lipo foam , board and and garment , you can but your lipo foams and board on amazon so you don't overpay at vanity , you will need 2 garments because you will need a change , I brought a waist clincher to put on top of my garment just in case I need extra compression , maxi dresses because they are the easiest to put on , bring some socks and sweat shirts it gets chilly at times , extra compression stockings even tho vanity will give you a pair , coco butter , that foam roller that I got on amazon and cut in half is a life saver for when you need to poop , you sit on your thighs and keeps your butt of the toilet . That's all I can think of right now , hope it helps ladies

More supplies that I forgot about

Few more things that I forgot to mention that I though were useful . Slippers , btw bring socks when you go for surgery you will wake up freezing , also bring ginger ale and a Straw , I was sipping on ginger ale and Gatorade the first couple days it was helping with the nausea , pineapple juice and fresh pineapple , low sodium soup and crackers for your first meal , Moni from new body recovery supplied a lot of these things but it's still good to have all these things , bath rope , baby wipes and alcohol wipes , loved the alcohol wipes for disinfecting stuff and wiping of blood , dark towel , hair bands , ensure , extra pillow that you put under your tummy for extra compression especially if you don't have drain I covered it with chux pads while draining . I'm sorry I'm all over the place with all of that just trying to remember all of the things I used or forgot and could have used .

This recovery is no joke !!!

Who said it's easier the second time around ??? I thought I would be feeling better day by day but day 2 through 4 have been the same I am so miserable . Maybe it depends on the person or it's the fact that the lipo was so much more aggressive this time , after my first surgery I went to work for few hours after 3 days this time I can barely get around and I an sooooooo thankful for Moni , couldnt do it without her help . Yesterday's massage was painful but she was able to bush a lot of the fluid out that incision that was still open , the fluid was shooting out . Today the incision finely closed and all that fluid is still in my sides and lower tummy I can feel that my skin is detached and the fluid feel like a hot lava when I touch or move . Today's massage was really painful and I couldn't handle it , she tried to massage my lyph notes to help me drain but I couldnt handle her touching my tummy where the fluid is , it hurt so bad . I have been staying on top of my pain meds around the clock but I don't feel like they are doing much besides making me tired and nauseous :((( Today I took a shower on my own for the first time and put all my stuff on without help . Put neosporibg on my iicidions , coco butter which really hurt than I put my camisole on , my triangle 4 foams all around and lipo board and than garment . I don't feel like I'm getting enough compression on my lower belly so I took Monis suggestion and put extra foam under board . I started with a size 40 garment because I wanted the longer legs do the shorts don't cut into my fat legs but it felt to big after a day , than got a size 38 from Moni and that felt better but I felt like I needed more compression so I decided to try and put on my size 36 that I got on eBay and even tho it's tight on my legs it feels perfect on my waist even with all these foams and board I also put my waist clincher on top of my garment for more compression but it doesn't really do much for my lower belly because of my damn hips that everyone loves so much ughhhh lol . I hope I start feeling better and won't have to get that fluid drained because it's so uncomfortable and I'm so cranky :((((

Vanity got me after all

I'm in a venting mood today mostly because I'm so uncomfortable but also really annoyed at vanity . The more time i was spending here on RS the more I was noticing price difference on vanity girls posts and I just thought ok , maybe some of them put deposit down a long time ago that's how they got the lower price and the once with higher price must have added extra areas . I knew they were rinning specials from time to time and I was told I was getting a special price because I was told prices were about to go up . I paid $5300 for 14 areas of lipo and the girl that had surgery with him yesterday and is staying here at the house told me she paid $3500 in December because they told her she can get the price if she pays in full but that did not include bra line so she she ended up switching one of her areas to bra line . My price without extra areas and without bra line was $4500 in September and I was never told about the specials . My girlfriend who I met at Shahines and we had surgery the same days and who also is in need of revision after shahine has been waiting on me to get my surgery to decide if she wants to go to Hasan decided that she wants to do it so I told her I would call vanity first since I know how to deal with them and ask the right questions . I called them today and told them I'm looking into it for my friend and wanted to know the price for Hasan I was told they are running a valentines special till next week and bbl is $3.900 for abdomen , flanks , love handles , waist and fat transfer and if she adds bra line it's $4.400 and I'm like wtf , so that is just slightly less that what my price was before I added extra areas but it's what I paid 3 months ago when other people were getting specials ughhhh . In a way I was thinking it was still worth it compared to efts other doctors charge and I really wanted dr Hasan to do his best and wasnt going to fight over my price but than Moni brought up a good point saying that dr Hasan probably doesn't even know and doesn't get that extra money and it's just vanity messing around . It was still worth it for me , because dr Hasan really is great but I dont like the fact that vanity is all over the place with they're prices , it's just wrong . Be careful ladies and don't let them pull one over on you

I drained myself

Yesterday's massage was roughy , my incisions closed up and I had a lot of fluid in my sides and lower tummy and the fluid felt like hot lava moving under my skin and I could feel that my skin is detached . I had to tell her to stop . I took her advice and tried putting more compression on . While I was getting my walking in I was trying to massage my fluid pockets through the garment and foams and leaning over the edge of the couch with my tummy pushing on it and I started feeling wetness , the Incision on my lower belly that's been closed since day 2 pooped open , that made me so happy . I pulled my garment down to my putt , tucked a chap pad in and started pushing the fluid out I don't know if it's recommended especially doing it on your own but I just knew that that was my chance to get that fluid out that was giving me all this pain and discomfort . I did that for about an hour , trying to push as much fluid down there from all sides and it was just pouring out I was just sipping on ginger ale while doing it so I wouldn't pass out and I felt so much better afterwards . It was the first night I slept for more than 2 hours at a time and I was really out of it , whenever I did get up I was felling burning all over the place tho , still really uncomfortable . I got up ate started moving around and feeling better , every time I get up I try to walk around for 5 min or more and it helps with the soreness and stiffness . Moni actually took us to south beach today but that's a story for another time I'm about to get a massage , yay so exited NOT lol

Me draining myself

Just me and my huge hips

I'm feeling really good today . A lot less pain and and the massages were less painful because a lot of my fluid is gone . Moni was taking the new girl for her pre op today so I decided to go with her for my post of with dr Hasan . This man is truly amazing , he looked at me and said girl I did a nice job lol and than he says you may want to conciser taking your hips down some in the future and I'm like , what do you want to lipo , my bones ?? Loll everyone who sees me is obsessing over my hips and I agree with him but that's just my buil and my him taking in my waist so much just makes my hips pop I am planning on loosing at least 10 pounds once I fully healed because I am feeling chubby but I wanted to make sure I had enough fat to fix these big dents I had . My post op today was great , I'm really glad I chose dr Hasan he truly is amazing and his assistant Keyla who also drained my fluid pockets today is a doll , very attentive and helpful , love her . I have to say all 3 times I went to vanity I was taken care of quick and didn't have to wait around forever because Keyla is on point and dr Hasan makes time for his patiens and from what I seen every time I was there it's not the same with dr fisher I have seen a whole other site there . Not knocking dr Fisher but hi have been here in the house with fisher girls and they have been going through some bulshit , not able to see him pre op , sitting at vanity waiting all day just to be told they can't be seen , him canceling surgeries for the day and than doing surgeries from 6 am to 8 pm , no no no honey that would not work for me . After what I have been through with my first surgery I wanted to know that my doctor will have time for my pre op , post op care and that he isn't exhausted because he is doing surgeries for 12+ hours but that's just my opinion . I really got everything I was looking for with dr Hasan and I'm happy

Leaving miami

I'm about to go back home and back to work in Friday :( I have been getting around good since Sunday , Moni took us to south beach we walked around for few hours and had a really good time accept for getting rear ended on the way home , but thang god noone got hurt and getting food poisoning from a Cuban sandwich another girl ordered at a spot down there , had a massive headache and fever that night and throughout the next day I don't know what saved me if it was my strong stomach or the antibiotics I'm on but the other girl who ordered the same thing got really I'll , Moni had to take her to the ER and she is still not doing great , she was suppose to have surgery with dr Fisher on Monday and and are making her come back every day to retest her blood and see if she is good to have surgery I feel so bad for her , damn south beach . Yesterday me and another Hasan doll who also stays at Monis took a cab to the dolphin mall , paid $65 each wAy and got a whole lot of nothing because all the stores I seen there I can shop at in New York , were disappointing but oh well . Came home and my feet blew up like balloons first time since surgery because I didn't wear my compression stocking so I put them on , took a water pill and kept my feet elevated , they are still swollen today but a lot better . This morning we all went to vanity again I has Keyla look at the small fluid pockets and tried draining them , pocked me a few times but nothing came out so I will just have to get rid of them through massages and compression , they are not big so I'm not really worried , my stomach looks really flat tho , can't wait for the end result . I'm still having a really hard time sleeping I wake up a lot and get really sore and stiff , can't get comfortable and fall back a sleep , makes me so miserable :( Thats it for now , going back to that freezing cold , not looking forward to it ughhhhh

Post lipo massages till 6 weeks post op

I have been doing research on post op massages because I'm afraid of scar tissue , seroma and fibrosis especially since I still have small fluid pockets even after daily massages with Moni and Keyla doing her best to try and drain me and I came across this . While under a liposuction procedure the surgeon disrupts the fat cells with the liposuction canula. Not all the fat cells disrupted are suction and they lingering without a home. If this residual fatty tissue is not leveled along with the fluids produced by the body after the procedure, these fatty deposits can survive and become hard, uneven and bumpy. Post therapy aids with healing, sculpting, regeneration of new connective tissue along with avoiding fibrosis and uneven shape. I came across this lady who specializes in these massages , she does a combination of lymphatic massage as well as ultrasonic cavitation which breaks up the remaining fat pockets . I also seen girls talk about not being able to find anyone to drain theyre seroma and she does that as well . For the ladies in New York here is her IG name , I'm planning on going to her when I get home . Her business IG name is plastymunecas

Trip from hell

I had to take the train home so I stayed with Moni long enough to be able to take the trip which was 8 days post surgery . We left the house 8 am Wednesday morning and she took us all to vanity where I tried to get tried some more but nothing cAme out so she took me to the train station , got there around 10:30 and my train was suppose to leave 11:50 . While I was waiting I get a text saying that the train is an hour late and I'm like ok it is what it is . 2 hours later still no train , they said one of the cars broke down and they were working on fixing it long story short train leaves 4pm so for the 5 hours all I was doing was standing and walking around the train station . When I finely got on the train where I got a first class sleeper with a bed on top and 2 seers on the bottom that slide together and turn into a bed as well as a toilet and a sink in the cabin I told the attendant to turn the bottom seats into a bed right away because I can not sit and will be laying down so he did and i also told him that I would like my meals brought to the cabin as well . I was comfortable , was entertaining myself with my tablet , had my hot spot was getting my room service and got out to stretch walk around a few times since it was going to be a 33 hour ride but I didn't mind because I was comfy and relaxed until 2 hours from New York the train breaks down again , they try to repair but can't so they tell us we will need to transfer to another train , mind you we are in a middle of nowhere , while we transfer I asked if our bags will be but on that train and they said yes . I get on the train and there are only regular seets , no sleeper and most seats are taking , that's when I start getting upset . I paid all this money for a first class ticket , we are already 5 hours late , still 2 hours from New York and you are trying to squeeze me into a seat next to someone , hellll no . So I told them they at least need to give me 2 seats because I just had surgery and I need to be comfortable , lay or kneel down and they did . I was still really uncomfortable . I was suppose to get to New York 7:30 pm finely got there 3 am I'm so happy and they tell us , oh btw your bags are still on the other train wtf !!' I was so upset I wanted to both kill someone and cry at the same time . After standing around for an hour finely get my bag and grab a cab home where i layed in the back seat , the fraking cab ride cost me another $50 but I was so happy to be home , it was 4:30 am at that point . I don't know if it was the tiredness , stress and the tempuratire change but I was laying in my bed for 2 hours shivering and just couldn't get warm ughhh . After barely getting any sleep , nights are still tuff for me I had to go to work and there was no ifs or buts about it . I took a long shower , got ready and went to work . After being away for 2 weeks I had a lot of catching up to do it got really busy and hectic , was there for 6 hours . I wore a long loose sweater to cover up all the padding and my butt but when my friends came by to see how my vacation was because that's what I told everyone one of my friends says omg , look at the way your butt moves from under your sweater when you walk and than she touched it and says , it feels fake lol , and I'm like girl I have been doing nothing but eating and not working out and you know my weight always goes to my lover body , and besides I got this Colombian faja in Miami that really squizes my butt and pushes it up lol I don't know if they bought it but good thing I did gain weight everywhere else and I had a butt before so it wasn't a drastic change :) After work I walked to the super market , did some shopping and walked home , came home vacuumed , cleaned up a little and still have plenty of energy left I really don't know how lol . I was expecting my feet to be swollen when I got home but they weren't , the compression stocking must have helped . I feel like the itching faze is starting and I'm not looking forward to that . Tomorrow i have a lady come to my house to give me a lympiatic massage and next week I'm going to a place that uses ultrasonic cavitation to get rid of lumps and swelling , let's see how it goes . Btw sorry about my typos I usually type on my stomach and dont always check because I'm afraid I'll end up loosing the whole update :)

Massage lady cancelled on me :((

So I took today off and going back to work tomorrow and will be working until Wednesday and since I'm on my feet all day at work I know I will be tired and won't feel like doing much of anything ( after my first sx my feet were swollen and killing me for weeks ) so I decided not to go all the way to Brooklyn for massage today and just get one at home by a lady that girls were talking about on RS who does home calls but only does massages by hand . I slept in because I really needed to recover after that 42 hour trip and work right after and figured I get my massage , unpack , get orgenised and ready for the week . The massage lady texted me earlier to confirm and as I'm getting ready for her and about to get in the shower I get a text from her saying that she has to cancle and can see me Monday afternoon ,I'm like really ??? So I told her that I need that massage because I still have little fluid and that I'm working Monday and at this point I won't be able to go get it anywhere else today because I'm also waiting for my landlord to come and fix my heat , she says that she is sorry but she can't make it today due to a emergency . As you can imagine I'm not a happy camper right now but I will make the best of it I broke out my rolling pin that I seen someone on YouTube use for post lipo massages so I will use that on my lipo areas and massage my lymph notes . I took some pictures before my shower which btw felt uncomfortable , everything was feeling really tight . My lipo areas look lumpy right now and I'm trying not to stress it because I know it's still very early but that's why I'm do eager to get my massages , and please excuse the cellulite it's due to months of eating junk and not working out getting ready for my sx , can't wait to be able to work out and loose the extra pounds .


Any advice on how to care for your incisions ?

My incisions are still healing and have scabs so right now I'm using neosporin and A&D but they allready looks dark I scar and pigment easy . Any suggestions on how to heal and fade these scars will be greatly appreciated :)

Holy itching

The feeling of tight skin and itching is increasing and it's driving me crazy . I knew this was coming because I experienced it the first time and I was so not looking forward to it I use the anty itch cream but it's not doing much . I can't wait for this whole proces to be over I'm so miserable ughhhh

Post op massages massages in New York

I'm confused as to what's the best post op treatment because everyone seams to have different opinions but due to the fact that I had a lot of scar tissue after my first lipo and dr Hasan said he did his best but can guaranty that it will all look smoth because of all that scar tissue I decides to make sure that I get the best post op treatment and the girl that I'm going to says the first 6 weeks is crucial and it's easier to work with scar tissue early rather than later . I trust her because she has work done herself and is very passionate about her work . Here is what she did : she put me under a heating blanket than used something called Carboxy therapy on the hard lumps , she injects them with carbon dioxide which expends and softens the lumps and she tries to massage them out , than she used a ultrasonic cavitation machine and after that she massaged the hell out of me . She also drained my fluid pockets and to my suppose got 4 small syringes of fluid out . I'm not going to lie it was all painful but I am only 2 weeks post op and still very sore , but I do feel great right now . Here is her # for the ladies in NY looking for someone great
646-812-3649 her place is called Vivi esthetics and is located on 61st street in Bay Rige Brooklyn

Got my questions answered by dr Hasans assistant

I called vanity and spoke to Keyla dr Hasans assistant to get they're opinion on post op treatments , it's very confusing because every doctor seams to have differant guidelines , some say don't do massages , just give it time , some reconvened post op treatments such as Velashape , ultrasonic cavitation or endermology . I personally always wondered how endermology is good after lipo since it uses suction and pulls your skin , when the goal is to have your skin reattach itself . As I said due to my first botched lipo I'm afraid that I will end up with lumps so in planning on getting treatments twice a week . While getting my massage last week I met a girl who had lipo done by Duran and her stomach was very lumpy and she was very petite , she was getting carboxy therapy and ultrasonic cavitation , based on that I don't believe in just giving it time and that it will smooth itself out . So I asked Kayle if it's ok to do the carboxy treatment and ultrasonic cavitation and she said to do the lympiatic massage in combination with ultrasonic cavitation but not the carboxy treatment which to be honest due to the fact that I'm
Still very sore was way to painful so I will stay away from that for now . Kayla also told me that the garment is suppose to be right but not uncomfortable . For the ladies who are planning on going to bay ridge for massages I recomend that you take something for the pain before you get one , she really goes hard at these lums but you will appreciate it later , she also made me lay on my butt which she says is okay because the fat won't go anywhere and in Colombia they actually tell you to lay and sit on your butt , but I'm staying of my butt and for the ladies who don't feel comfortable laying on it like me , bring your foam roller or poopy pillow to put under your lover back which lifts your butt . That's about it as far as post op treatments . I'm 15 days post op , have been working for the past 6 days , being on my feet for about 8 hours and I feel good , my compression stocking keep my feet from getting tired and hurting I don't see a lot of swelling just lumpiness . My waist is at 28 and my hips are 45 inches . I do see the dent in my right butt cheek came back but is not as big , but I knew this was a possibility I read that if there is scar tissue underneath which I know I had it's very hard to fill it in with fat grafting and it did look perfect right after surgery so I know it's not dr Hasans fault it's just something I will have to live with :(( Also as much as I hate being chubby and can't wait to loose that extra weight I'm not planning on dieting until 2 months post op because I don't want to loose that new fat so I eat what I want but in moderation . Hope that helps ladies

Faja and ab board store in Brooklyn

Went for my second massage at Casa de munecas in Brooklyn yesterday I can't say I enjoy them but I can see improvement , the hard lumps are starting to soften and my stomach is starting to look a little smoother I'm planning on going there twice a week for at least another month . All the girls at the massage place who also had work done in Colombia , DR , also met a fisher doll in there were in love with my butt and were amazed at how dr Hasan totally reshaped my butt after what Shahine did to it , one if the girls was saying how she can't stop looking at it because she loved it so much lol . I went to the faja store that was few blocks away from that place and got another faja , they are expensive $150 but very good quality I got a size medium and it barely fits over my hips and butt , and can't close it with my foams and board but I'm planning on wearing it once I can stop wearing all that extra stuff . Also got a ab board which is great because it bends and conforms to your sides and doesn't stick out , the had like 5 differant kinda of boards in there . The store is located at 500 53rd street Brooklyn 11220 phone # 718-439-4747

Here are pics of the things I got

One year later

A year has passed and I havent really been on realself but I know that when I was doing my research before my surgery I was looking for these posts and pictures from girls after the healing and fluffing process . Over all I'm happy with my results and wish I had went to Dr Hasan to begin with because I know I would have been happy , considering all the scar tissue he had to remove from my stomach and sides and the fact that he had to reshape the top of my butt because Shahine left it square looking and caved in Dr hasan did an amazing job . People go crazy over my butt , it's round and perky I have been told on more than occasion that I have the best looking butt they have ever seen , I don't know about that but I'll take that compliment . I get way more attention that I can handle . The only things I'm not happy about is to much fat left over my V area , it sticks out more than my stomach I have a fupa now :( , also.the sink holes that Shahine created are more visible now because more lipo was done around that area and u had to much scar tissue but that's not Dr Hasans fault , he couldn't fix it all at the same time . I'm looking for a Dr here in NY to detach that skin and fill it in with fat taken from my inner thighs I don't want to travel for it again but if I can't find a good Dr in the NY area for the right price I will go to Miami again . If anyone can recommend a good Dr in NY or even outside but not to far out like Boston or new jersey I would appreciate it . Also ladies I can not stress enough how important post op care is I was going for massages twice a week for 3 months and my girl Viviana got rid of the remaining scar tissiue , she is so passionate about her work and her clients getting the best results possible , check out her IG page and go see her @plastymunecas . Here are some pics from past Year

Pics from 2 month to a year post op

It hasn't really changed since what it looks like in the last pic but I'm still 152 pounds and planning on loosing about 10 so let's see what happens
Dr Hasan or Dr Fisher

Dr Hasan is truly amazing I wish I had went to him in first place . At my consult he pointed out the things that needed to be addressed without me even having to say it , even tho I had a lot of scar tissue and irregularities after what dr Shahine did to me he did his best to make me look good and I'm very happy with the outcome . He took his time to answer my questions at both pre and post op appointments and Keyla his assistant is a doll and was there to help me with everything I needed . I couldn't have hoped for a better experiance I am so happy :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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