Excited About my Bbl - Miami, FL

I'm not sure if I want to stick with Dr Valls I'm...

I'm not sure if I want to stick with Dr Valls I'm hearing a lot of good n bad reviews. I still have time to switch if I want to. I had a horrible tummy tuck with a doctor in el Cerrito in California and now I just want to be happy with the new doc I pic for my bbl. this is such a hard decision......

Staying with valls

Soooo I'm sticking with valls starting to see more reviews so far?!?!?! Now looking into a recovery house to stay in. Loveshows recovery house is my 1st pick so far. Any suggestions dolls?

No wish pics

I'm not using wish pics because everybody body is different I just want to make sure my dents in my ass are gone and I want hips and 360 lipo every bit of fat

Recovery house

Sooo I pick curvy angles recovery house to stay at after all my researching!! Great reviews and the owner Vanessa is so sweet I can't wait!!

Labs came back

Shit just got real my labs came back normal now I'm waiting on my ekg to come back. I'm 3 weeks away

13 days away

Shit is getting real now that I'm 13 days away! I haven't got anything for my trip but good thing is that my recovery house has most of the stuff I need so I'm going to pack really light. Going to post some before pics soon

Haven't seen him yet but Anna who j have been in contact with is the best

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