Soon to Be Hassanified!!! - Miami, FL

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Hey Beauties!! I'm super excited and nervous, I...

Hey Beauties!! I'm super excited and nervous, I have just set my date for my BBL with Dr.Hassan at Vanity Miami!! 5/7/15 is my date. So I need all the advice and encouragement I can get. This is a solo effort so I'm on my own. Is anyone going down at that time and would anytime like to be my BBL buddy? I Would like to share a recovery suite if possible and I need the real tea on what to bring along and things too expect. Thanks!

Help!! I'm having doctor remorse

So I've already booked my date at Vanity Miami. And I've already paid half $2150 but now I'm considering Dr.Cabral instead. I really like his work too!!! But I don't feel comfortable going all the way to DR for Sx. Who's work is better??!!! I'm so torn!! I'm 5'6 pretty wide, chubby and all the way flat in the back. I want a tight waist and a nice proportioned lower half with a full booty w/ nice laterals and projection. Typical girls with high pancake type butts have results that look like a high sitting "perky" butt with no cuff really. I want a mid level natural looking donk to match my thick thighs. Sooo...who's better?? Be honest! P.S. I know vanity is pretty unorganized I'm scared they might not give me my money back in full in a timely matter. Yikes!!

How much time should I take off

Hi Dolls! It's almost time and I need to know how much time I should take off work. I don't have FMLA yet so I'd just be out of office. Can anyone tell me if a week is enough and I can go back to work? I sit at a desk and it's not strenuous work but I just want some advise

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