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I am 5'4 1/2 and 187 pounds. My BMI is 32.1, I...

I am 5'4 1/2 and 187 pounds. My BMI is 32.1, I have to lose about 15 ounds in order for my ideal results to look how i want. Hasan only likes to work with people that have a BMI of 30 or a little less. I am currently taking addipex and doing cardio and weight training. Im ready to feel confident again. I have narrowed it down to Hasan in Miami. My corrdinator was Nicole. I got any question i had answered. Ive read many reviews, good and bad of course. Im excited to be on this journey. Im pretty proportioned when it comes to my weight gain. I have always had an hour glass figure. Id like to enhance it more and get rid of the tummy ive gained! I will be staying at Bella Donna Recovery house in Miami. for 7 days 1400$ and 150 each additional day. Not bad really for all you get. Ive had my Breast implants put in back in 2011, ever since then ive been gaining weight. So im ready to shape it back to where i was.

Deposit was put down last month!

So i put my 500$ to lock in the price of my Surgery. I havent put down the other 500$ because i dont know what i want my surgery date to be yet. here is a break down of what im getting.
Full Lipo
Extra lipo of the Axillas, under arm pit area
Fat Transfer to the Buttocks

I am going toask her about the lipo of the Upper back, if it includes getting that back of neck, like i have a hump from looking down all the time but it is covered in fat, when im thin its not there. so weird!

The Brazilian Butt Lift with Doctor Anthony Hasan is available for $4,000.00 on a great cash special. This price includes all consultations & unlimited follow ups. All your surgery room fees, full panel of lab work, general anesthesia, & an anesthesiologist who will be in the room at all times. It will also include liposuction & liposculpture on your full back, full abdomen & waist, (I.E. bra line, love handles, flanks, waist, upper & lower abdomen). With the fat transfer into the butt & hips. We also spoke of you inquiring have the under armpit area liposuction. That will be only $500.00 extra.

This special is for cash payments like previously stated.
With a deposit of $500.00 you can lock in your price, to lock in your date it does take a deposit of $1,000.00.
The remaining balance of a surgery is due two weeks before surgery.

"Once your payment is made i will be sending you your Invoice via email, if the payment processes quicker than usual the Invoice will state the deposit you have made today and what you have left to pay. If not i will still send you the invoice but it may not state the deposit you've made today if it does not go through quick enough, once it goes through completely i will resend you the updated invoice."

Faja Ordered!

I ordered my Faja This is what I Ordered: Fitness Thermo Reducer 2180 - Fajas Diane and Geordi for $29.99 I got a XXL, just to see where this on the stretchy side, and also the fact I will have Lipo Foams and a T-Shirt underneath. I plan on ordering a Nice one with sleeves. I know that I will be buying a lot of these. I am also trying this firming cream for my stomach. I am nervous about loose skin. So im firming the skin up. I use Lush Rose argan to keep my skin moisturized. Cant wait to get all my supplies.

Faja is tight tight lol XXL

Here is the Faja I ordered. If I was sore and bruised this would be hard to put on. I ordered it because I wanted to see where I would be in size and it was inexpensive. I need to work my thighs a bit more to try and shrink! It is comfortable on. I think I'll use this as my sleeping Faja. No ribs or zippers to cut in and make it uncompfortable. I'm down 5 pounds in two weeks. So I'm hoping to lose another five or six before my next refill! Yay!

February 17th, I'll be in there!!

Getting excited! Got a lab reference of the blood work to be done 30 days prior to surgery. Got post op instructions, and new invoice. My date is still not solidified just because of work. I need to be finished with my project I am working on before I have this so I have enough down time.
I've been putting in work at the gym! I hope to be 175 at the most when going in. I am still reaching for my goal BMI of 28.

BMI is going down and Made more Supply Purchases

My BMI has gone down from 32.1 to 31.6 I think its because im burning fat! I am sore as hell but I am determind to get it down to at least 28.00. Today is cardio day.

I have been taking these new toning pills from Complete Nutrtion, "Tone Clinical" they are green and they make my No.2 Green also. yuck. Im still on my Addipex and eating healthy and working out five days a week! It seems like February is so close. I know I maybe crazy but if you think about it, Its like trying to get ready for a Fitness Competition. its right around the coner. I've purchased a She-wee because I know that they take some time to come in from China. I also got a half foam roller for the toilet and a booty pillow on Amazon for $32.00 plus change and Shipping.
I did reseach on the BBL pillow and the Booty Buddy and found no need to spend more than 50$ on a damn pillow. But it is a requirement on Hasans List so this seems legit.

Weight going down yayasss

Keeping in good faith and positive mind. I will get to my goal weight! Working out has been really fun for me now. I feel like a bad ass! haha

People complaining and obstructing their own recovery??

If you go into a major surgery with a bad attitutde, you will likely wake up with a bad attititude. Having a surgery wont change your perspective on how you view others. I was told that all pre-op appointments were only seen in the mornings, no later than 12pm. Please make it early because they are also first come first serve.
On waking up Cold and not seeing the doc., Ive had my breast surgery before and never saw the docotr after the surgery until after i scheduled a post op appointment for my self. Yes you will wake up cold, anesthesia wears off like that. I was shaking freezing everytime. The operting room is freezing cold to also make sure bacteria can't live there.
I think everyone should really get their head ready for the amount of time and endurence you have to put up with when going into a surgery of this magnitutde. People shouldnt rush there recvery either. Who in there right mind thinks its safe to travel two-5 days post op. I read people complaining about tenderness and bruising two week after surgery. It is surgery. This is a huge surgery at that! Attitidue is everything. I read ghetto post all the time on her complaining of things that they should have expected.

Calling all Hasan girls scheduled for 2/17/16

Hey are you going to be in Miami 2/17/16? I will -hopefully
Work hasn't slacked up any but I'm thinking I'm going to keep my surgery dated no matter what!! Check in bellow!

Feeling bloated today

Update pic, BMI 31 :( almost to 30

Support system is dropping out of team booty

So my mother who is supposed to help me and my recovery is talking me out of doing the procedure. She wants me to have children first. I'm 28 if I haven't had children yet with my boyfriend of three years, I'm pretty sure we're gonna need fertility help. I want to get married first and we're not just there. I'm a little worried about having children after the surgery, and I gonna have saggy skin? Am I gonna have enough room? Will I carry full term? I better not get pregnant right away. I want to look smoking in my wedding dress. I want to feel confident that my boyfriend, whom I want to be my husband, will admire my body. I want to stop hiding from him when I'm naked and stop sucking in!! He was on my side with the surgery but now he is thinking about kids too. We are not on the brink of an engagement or children. He is now starting his career in the fire department and I am just trying to do this for me. There is no silver lining to our relationship I don't see anything become clear. I just know, this is what I want for my self and I can afford it now. No one talked me out of getting breast implants! My boyfriend won't even let me get them smaller. I think I'm having withdrawals because it's getting close to my surgery date. Whatever I'm game peps, team booty!

43 DAYS! Everything is Booked!! Airbnb, Sapphire Therapy, Supplies. TIPS?

Im excited and nervous! 43 days and counting.
Things i've ordered from amazon are coming in like hot cakes. Amazon boxes every where. I booked an awesome condo in downtown Miami from Airbnb for 93$ a night for the enitre apartment totaling 1009$ My mother will be driving me to Miami from Fort Walton after my flight comes in from Houston. After the whole shabang ill be flying from Miami to Austin to get picked up by my roomate. I know im not gonna feel good at all for the first 10 or so days. But im a solider! Ive taken a lot of pain and miserable times with Surgeries. Im a G! The Flight cost me 234$ Then i booked my massages with Shappire Therapy with Dania. Hopefully I get her. ( They are going to Cost 350$ for Seven Massages. Six days, the first two days will be an hour and a half. $50 a massage isnt bad at all. Im looking at 105 for one in Texas after I get back. So my mother be paying attention lol! I will need to buy some plastic sheets and puppy pads when im in miami. I dont know if having a Boppy Pillow is gonna be needed. But they recomend it. So far, if i would have booked Bella Donna Villa, it would have been 1400$ for seven days for 4 massages, ill need to pay an extra 150$ for three more massages. That would be at 1550$ i wouldnt have my momma to hand feed me and wipe my butt. But i will have to buy grocieries. For a week me is only 70$. Well see. Right now my total for everything so far is. $1648.95 Plus the $4,500.00 Plus the $300.00 on supplies. Im looking at $7,000.00 Total for the whole thing. Plus more on massages if i need them later. I better be able to work after the week off. I work from home Online. Soooo fingers crossed yall.

My pooka is fat. Does Hasan get that part?

Lol so I'm just wondering to all the vets out there, Does Hasan hit up the fupa? (Fat upper pussay) lol I've never had this issue before, but I've put on like 50 pounds in like 5 years and barley got the fupa like last year. Ugh that is a struggle. It's so hard to loose that fat. I need to make a list of questions for Hasan.

Starting the liquid diet is gonna be hard!

Protien shakes for breakfast and dinner with a light lunch in the afternoon! 45 more days yikes.

I don't have a lot of followers dude

Well I'm stalking everyone's page and I see a lot more people getting a lot more response and questions answered and I'm over here biting my nails! Yikes 30 something more days?! I'm nervous every time I think about it. I think I'm ready. Everything is set and I just told my boss that I'll be taking off in Feb. for at least a week, I work from home so I'll be good. I'm waiting on my skinny mint tea, I still need to lose 8 pounds!! Wish me luck.

Understand Hasan, Dermatological Surgeon

Dermatologic surgery deals with the diagnosis and treatment of medically necessary and cosmetic conditions of the skin, hair, nails, veins, mucous membranes and adjacent tissues by various surgical, reconstructive, cosmetic and non-surgical methods. The purpose of dermatologic surgery is to repair and/or improve the function and cosmetic appearance of skin tissue.

I heard Hasan Cancelled peoples appoinments Jan 15 through Feb, idk the date he comes back, its freaking me out because im FEb 17. Hope to hear from them soon, via email. Im sure they are getting calls out the wood works.

Scale not budging

I think I'm gaining freaking muscle! Well that's not gonna help with the BMI, ugh. Okay so now I have to do 45 minutes of cardio twice a day! That's all I'm gonna do, because I don't want to be sore anymore and gain any more muscle! I am firm but pinchable stubborn fat in areas that are just going to have to be sucked out!

Where is Hasan? My heart is falling :(

So I got a response email back from Roxana, the response had no date of return. My heart has sunken. I really want his skills! I'm getting jealous on real self now looking at all the girls going through recovery lol, so dumb. Ha I have to keep my faith. He will return! Come to momma! I know lipo takes a toll on the Doctor too you know. It's hard work, I understand a break. But why when I want it?

Cancelled everything! 2/17 no more..

So I cancelled Airbnb, my flight, and I am devastated. Super sad. I lost 400$ in the process of cancelling everything. All I get is a sorry. A girl booked her date same time I did and is still being seen by Hasan March 17. Well there is one up from this. I'm losing weight and body fat percentage!!

I've been on my macros and hitting the gym everyday! I feel better and have actually dropped 5 pounds! 2.5% body fat! Yay. I'm thinking maybe I won't need this procedure. Hahah who am I kidding, I want it, but if it's gonna take till April and I'm already looking fine by then, I'll get my money back.

So the butterfly's are back! Hasan in April!

Okay so I finally got the time to call Roxana at vanity to ask what was going on with the update on Hasan. She told me there is no date in March but new girls are booking in April, lie. Most of y'all know that we read each others post on here. We know who and when people are booking appointments! Anyways I asked for a date and compensation for the time and money lost during all this. So I'm not excited once again. She even said if Hasan has an opening in March that pops up she can let me know. I was like girl, I'm out of town. No that's why I need a solid date. Anyways, I'm happy I got it out of her. But still sad. Today was supposed to be my surgery date.

Today was supposed to be the day :( and Measurements for weight loss

Alrighty all good. I just treated my self to 24 personal training sessions at Golds Gym! Melt a little extra off and build a home grown booty before I get tweaked! Wish me luck!

biceps: 12.4
Thighs: 25.8
Chest: 33.5
Waist smallest part: 34.9
Belly button / biggest part: 38 ugh lol
Hips/ass: 43


So just curious...any dolls get their refund back from Deposits made to hold your date? I have $1,000 that i gave for deposit back in Novemeber for my appointment in Feb. I have gotten a quote from Johnny Franco, a board certified plastic surgeon. He was perviously in Miami and moved to Austin last October. He has videos on his website and girls!! this guy knows his stuff. My quote is for $8,162. I figured that is about how much i would be spending on flight and massages recovery house or Airbnb, garments and groceries all in Miami. I dont live far from Austin so im thinking of switching. So i would like my deposit back. Like yesterday lol...wish me luck. I am sad tht Hasan is not returning when i need him. Im not wanting towait any longer.

Refund Started today, Hasan is out.

Okay well getting the deposit back will be interesting. I called Roxana today, and she hung up on me right away. I called again, this time not using her extension and got someone to email me the email address of the refund department. I just sent and email out, let's see how long this will take.

Blinksi or Johnny I have two options now. Both board certified and they don't mess around. Franco is 8,165$ and Blinski is book till July, but is affordable at 5,500$ with $500 deposit for either Doctor. Austin or Miami, technically both are from Miami. Franco just moved closer to me in Austin, and he can schedule me in on May 31. I'm thinking Blinski..

Blinski In July!! Miami-Escape Booked.

Sometimes I feel like deleting this entire post just because I got Bamboozeld by Vanity. I have submitted my request for refund, I know it'll take awhile. After waiting what seems like a year with resceduling three times, i finaly have confidence in my surgery date with Doctor Fit-it!! yay. July 20 ladies. I decided that i would save a little money if I went to Miami instead of Austin for Johnny Franco. Plus doctor Blinski's lipo looks better. Its $5,500.00 (because i booked before the April special ended) well heres the email i was sent from Melissa...

" A BBL is $6200.00 ( I will honor $5,500 special my email to you didn't go thru last week I apologize) . Included in the price is Surgery, anesthesia, garment and 1 lymphatic massage. Not included are labs, medications and BBL pillow ($125.00) . In your case , you would need to have 2 surgeries. BBL first with small scar revision/ and at a later time the breast . We are limited to the amount of lipo we can do with combined procedures by Florida state laws. To get a great result my recommendation would be to do the breast at another time. We do all our procedures here in our AAAASF compliant facility."

I dont think he will do Lipo in the Axilla (armpit) because of lymph noids, but ill tell him exactly what i want done. Im excite and i know he will do a great job. I found him on Instagram. It seems like his inta account is way more active than his website. he is with it girls! HAHA

I also Paid infull with Miami-Excape, who is recommended by Blinski's office, because they are Certified Nurses and Very Clean and have everything you can need. They have a BBL lougne haha funny right? it has those BBL matresses where you can lay on your back and chill.
Dani, who runs the house was very nice. She even has a girl friend that runs one of the permire night clubs here in my home town of Shreveport. Small world right? Well i paid in full for $1,447.60, i got a discount for paying in full. Its for 7 days. I am going to purchase those inflatable BBL pillows for $100 there from Curve Cure. i kinda feel like I waisted a bunch of money on non-sense supplies. Ill send a final list of everything once i pack but Miami-Escape provides almost everything. Check out the website.

I am beyond excite. I have no worries now. Pray to God, everything happens for a reason. Hasan is not qualified to perform the work he was doing, as good as he was, he still had his license he needs to aquire. Buy Hasan, bye boo.

Miami-Escape Recovery House

Plus she is having a special!!

Blinski Babe July 20, 2016

So ready for this. Girls I have got to keep recommending Miami Escape, they have everything!! I am just so mad at my self for buying all these unessacary supplies that I will have to pack. Just a waste of money. Do not buy your Faja before surgery, get them right when your going in so you will get the right sizes. I have three at $100 a pop that I have never worn. I'm just like why???! Hahaha they even have bbl pillows and lipo foams, back triangles and ab boards. Miami escape has it all even bbl beds! I'm so excited to go! More excited to hang out with Dani then see Blinski hhaha jk. I'm ready to be a Blinski Babe, I'm coining that term, haven't seen anyone use it! Heehee.

Vanity Follow-up

6 weeks later, they cut the check because I emailed them about it. Hello man wth? Guess they thought I would forget or something..I will be having my surgery July 20, with Blinski!! I am excited and it's finally going to happen. No more wondering if Hasan will ever show up. I'm happy for ya girls who got their surgeries with him, I still think his work is amazing. I just can't deal with these people at Vanity, it really was something I did t think would happen to me. I had read so much about them giving people the run around, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Shame on you the first time, and shame on me for holding on. Either way I'm glad I found Blinski.

So I guess Hasan is back?

Dude whatever, I'm just so glad I don't have to deal with the crooks at Vanity. Still waiting on my check. First the certified letter never made it to me then the second check is not good because their accounts are frozen? Ugh my surgery is in two weeks with Dr. Blinski. It hasn't set in yet and it only two weeks away. I'm in the middle of a project for work and I'm just gonna have to push through. I'm glad I'm not going to Hasan, his recovery seem painful and bloody now that I've been seeing girls from dr. B coming out beautiful and not a bloody mess. There is a huge difference. I'm so ready already to get this behind, behind me haha.

On another note I found this cozy bump bed for pregnancy for only 59$ I need to get the dimensions of the circle though. What do you guys think?

Updated pictures

Still on the heavy side but toning up.

Blinski in one more week!!

It's finally happening!!! After a year of waiting, God has finally allowed me to get the surgery that I have been waiting for. He must have known something was up and didn't choose Hasan for me. Everything will go as planned. I am out of placket more but I can afford it and I'd rather be safe than sorry :) keep me in your prayers I'll be on Instagram, come find me!

Blinski in 12 hours!!

Ready for my pre-op tomorrow! Finally getting this done, I'm terrified he will turn me away because of my BMI. Has that happened before? I've saunaed for two hours!!! Ugh the scale went up this last week I couldn't believe it! I've been a steady 183 then boom 7 pounds from no where? I'm so upset about it.

Recovery: I'm feeling a lot better :)

Hardest part is getting up and down from bed, worst part was having to pee. No BM yet, just sleepy all day yesterday and woke up every hour to either try to pee and/or to walk. I am thrilled about the turn out, Dr.Blinski is truly and artist. I'll get into a detailed review of everything later, today I'm just chilling. Miami escape is treating me well, Brenda has been here with me all night long helping me try to pee and draining my drains,Ms Danni keeps your spirits high and is very supportive, she is very nurturing. I highly recommend staying with them. I can't wait for my massage, my bum is so hard I feel like someone is squeezing it tight and won't let go haha.

Surgery Day Review

So I flew out July 19. Arrived and Danni (@mymiamiescape; IG) picked me up from the airport, we connected and shared stories and she was great. Filipino girls always click. haha

We had to pick up a girl from the Recovery CENTER, to her post op appointment with Dr. Blinski, same time I had my Pre-op appoinment.

Dr. Blinkski, as guileless as he is, is actualy very sweet and concerning. He does care for you and wants you to know it. He is affectionate and physical, he may touch your cheeck (face) and look you in the eye. I think its good communication. He wants you to feel like he will take care of you. He may say some crazy stuff but it doesnt bother me, I used to be an entertainer so ive heard it all haha.

I did paper work with him in his office then prceeded to the exam room where his nurse was there to take pictures of me, Pre-op. We discussed i didnt want a ghetto booty, just juice and with more bottom, not wide hips. He suggested that i get 1200-1400 cc of Fat transferd to my bottom, and i gasp and said please no, just 900. His nurse then said that if i wanted to "hide" my anus and thong between my cheecks then i would need at least 1100. Okay...lets do it, I knew he knew butts so i trusted him to do me right.

Surgery Day:
I took a Uber at 5:45 AM from The Recovery Center, My Miamai Escape (reffered by Dr. 's office) DAnni likes to use free rides whenever possible, so if you have an issue using uber you better get used to it because they all use uber. - My Uber took a wrong turn so i was about 11 minutes late but Doctor B was waiting for me outside. He said wellnow i was wonder where you were or if you got too nervous. I said no sir I AM READY :) he sat me down made sure paper work was correct then took a pregnancy test and then went into exam room to get marked up. He did a revision on my gallbladder scar because it was in the perfect area and small he could do it. I have been so self concious of it for a year. I hated it. you can see it in my pre-op photos.

his office is set up so it is in a private area, not a lot of traffice and tons of Palmtrees and Bushes so any Celebrity or anything like that could easily get in and out. So if your embarassed when your done your in and out ten steps from the door to your car. It is also set up where he ows the entire botto center and does the surgery in his certified facility. There were about four rooms and a bathroom in the surgical part of his offices. Everything in short distance from eachother. So no getting on a bed and wheeled in, you actualy jump on the table your self.

So the anesthesist Asked have i ever been under i said yes, he preped and knocked me out, last thing I said was, "I taste the anesthesia" eww. I woke up and the first thing i said was "i gotta pee" they said you have a catheter in, so i said, "so, I can Pee?" they said yes, and I did what i thought was Pee, but probably didnt because having a catheter in just makes you feel like you have one in haha. Danni picked me up, and layed me down and put a pain pill in me.

I walked to the 'Triage" I woke up everyhour on the dot. Ms. Brenda was there no matter how loud or quiet i asked for her. She would say "ey congming" Cute little Cuban lady. After about the 10th time I tried to pee and failed i finaly did. Going back to sleep i would scare my self thinking about dying. UGH, so i felt like my blood boil and pump from my brain then i felt a thump in my leg, I yelled for Brenda. I said Brenda im scared, She stood me up and made me hang on to the bed, said I was fine its normal. I told her I was gonna throw up, she quickly got a bowl for me to barf in. It came because I scared my self and got nauseous. She was there for me whenever I needed her and That MEANT A LOT.

I finally pee'd. That was probably the hardest part of the night was getting to pee and it continued to be hard for me for the next two to three days. i had to really push, like I was giving birth. It was so dark and yellow even though I was hydrated for sure, it was the meds.

Days After:
So the next couple of days i was pushing my self to walk and walk everytime woke up. My neck hurt so damn much and hands began to hurt from pushing my self up. that didnt stop until after a week or so, both. I stayed hydrated and took my pills every 4 hours, Dilaudid. after the second and third day, i felt so over medicated, my nose was numb. I had to back down. I was getting head aches by day 3, and went to sleep thinking I was so jacked up. I went to sleep woth a pounding head ache and could hear my heartbeat in my ears. I knew i didnt feel right day 4 when I woke up. I told Danni, "i just want to cry" something was wrong. She came in took my blood pressure and it was a little hihg but my pulse was really high, 111 bpm. So she was texting Doctor Blinski and he would suggest things and we ruled everything out, so he said if i felt like i needed to go then go to the ER. It would had been better for me since i was supposed to leave and have drains out tomorrow I should go. Then he said, you know what, Ill be there in 20 Minutes. (WOW, talka bout bedside manner) He examined me and checked for signes of hemo being low. My hem was at 14.5 before i had surgery, he told me it was too high and that i should stop the Iron pills before surgery. I didnt take them after which i should have. So he told me, Three times a day and get off my face, and take the FaJa off for awhile. Put it back on later. O FELT SO MUCH BETTER. So every Morning i now take it off and get a Massage. I also had to go home with drains and stiches (im allergic to dissolvable sutures)

Week After Surgery:
I still take it off for a few hours every morning and take iron. (But now have slacked up since im 1 wk and three days. ) my best friend is a SAint, she is cleaning doing laundry and give=ing me massages every morning, i need them. I am so sore, she really works me out. Shes had lipo and is a nurse. Im blessed. We listen to Joyce Meyers and get down on the massage table.
We took out my drains and stiches week and a day later. I had my Boyfriends Graduation to go to and no one knew i had surgery so i wore a big flows dress and had them out. I felt amazing with them out. I now have a small sernoma though right next to the incision but its tiny and i dont think ill need it drained. Ill get some needles just incase. I ttried with a 25Gage needle and nothing came so i need and 18 or 20.

DAY 8:
I felt Amazing yall! just amazing. I feel great and sexy, blushing in the mirror haha. Still sore and tummy on fire when i wake up, but we rub it out everyday. Still taking my Dilaudid, but in half and only before massage. I dont get addicted to stuff like that so why not. Danni said i would but nah. I dont have withdrawls like we thought when my headaches were coming, it was pressure and hemo.

Miami Escape:
Do your self a favor and book Miami Escape, they are a life saver. I didnt eat much because i couldnt stomach much, just tomato soup and Saltines. They never tasted so good in my life. HAHAHA they also provided me with anything i wanted, i had toast and turkey bacon, cottage cheese, cereal, i made chicken salad, but couldnt eat it because i was just ugh the following days after surgery. They had tuna and tostadas and last day they made puruvian chicken beans and rice. My request :) i love them and was very pleased with my services. Massages by Elsa got better every massage, she does good work, but im getting massages now from someone who has had lipo and knows what exactly i need. Like massaging my feet, legs and neck which you wouldnt think you need but think about it. Your feet expells toxins and your entire lower half (calves and ankels, feet) are swollen from surgery, and your neck is fucking jacked up after being on your stomach for only a short amount of days. Get someone to hook you up when your gone from Miami. Elsa was convenient because she came and also uses Ultra Sound. She is inexpensive and know what she is doing, but i had to pay extra for her to work my stomach more than my back for and extra 30 minutes, when she only focused on tummy, she got so much drainage out of me. So i suggest you tell her you really want to focus on your stomach, because i feel like an hour isnt enought time to do everything. Im getting 1.5 to 2 hour massages everyday noow. IM BLESSSED I tell ya.

LOVE YA BABES, follow my instagram for videos and pictures. Its been real RealSelf.

@blinksibabe IG me!

More pictures

Swelling is going down :)

Can you believe it? I can't wait till my smaller Faja comes in the mail :)

Finally 7 weeks tomorrow :)

2 and half month update

So I am doing Ultra sound Cavitation to help smooth out any left over fat on my tummy. I feel like I have a lump in a few spots of left over fat, most by my incisions (belly button and one on lower left side) I sleep without my Faja, and actually don't wear it anymore unless I'm in need, and I have been fine!! A little numbness on my lower back and sides but other than that I can do it all! Sit stand squat exercise and have boom boom.

Went with Dr. Blinski

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