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Hey ladies! So like all I've been stalking this...

Hey ladies! So like all I've been stalking this site for a long time. I finally decided to just do it. So I called Vanity today and Ana is my coordinator. She told me perfect timing we have a Labor Day special that ends today $4800 for the surgery half down to secure a date. So I applied for the credit and got approved for $4400 then Ana says "I talked to my manger and we will do it for $4500 and girl no one gets Fisher for that price" I'm thinking great I speak to the financing manager and she tells me I have to pay in full to secure the date. Then they said the special ended on Friday. Very long story of going back and forth with them about $$ and realizing they are all about $$ (which I read) I went ahead and paid in full to save $300. Ana even mentioned RS when I said I've seen women get Fisher for $4500 because she kept telling me I'm getting the deal of a life time. She says "those girls on RS lie and they lie for no reason" Thou Ana was very nice the whole situation rubbed me wrong. I pray things work out well lol. Feb 3 is my sx date. The count down begins. I will post b4 photos soon. Please ladies let me know anything I need

5 Months to be a Fisher Doll BBL

Hey ladies! So here are some horrible pics of me now. Excuse the edits. I have meat but after drastically losing and gaining weight repeatedly It has no shape and full of cellulite. Ugh

My Bill!

Hey ladies so my pc sent me a copy of they Credit Care paperwork asking for me to sign and send back and before I do so I asked her for a bill with the total on it. just a little worried from all the things I read on here. So she sends it and it's very general, Liposuction and transfer. No labs no break down of how many areas of lipo or what areas (as I seen on some bills). Ladies does your bills have a breakdown?

5 Months Pre Pics

So anywho ladies. I'm 5'5 153 and I'm wondering if I should put on more weight just in case. I'm thinking of gradually getting to 157 before my sx. I love some of Fishers work I've been seeing and can't wait. Does anyone have tips on getting rid of cellulite? I workout I do a ton of squats with weights. I go heavy in the gym but my legs and my butt are the hardest to tone. Ugh

I'm such a creep lol

So I don't know about you ladies but since I've done so much research on BBL's I find myself staring at women and deciphering if the butt is real lol. There's a woman at one of my locations at work and she clearly is done all the way over lol. Lips, teeth, breast and bootay. So her being young, nice and open and me just having no filter at times I sparked the conversation. She said she had her boobs done and that's it. Suuurree hunny those hips def look made in D.R. Lol I could be wrong but I feel like such a creep admiring women's curves.

What to do?

Hey ladies! So I'm about 3 1/2 months away from surgery and I'm think damn should I start taking my pre-op vitamins? Fisher Vets, can you please recommend what I would need to start to help me heal etc... Also so my journey to put on some weight got a lil out of control. I'm now 166 OMG! Hunty I love my assets at this size but my belly. I would love to go into sx no more than 155 but I had lipo yrs ago and I would hate for Fisher to claim I don't have much fat to work with. UGH what to do. Do I lose the weight or just let it get sucked away? Anyway have a great day ladies. I'm loving following your journeys. Keep posting


This is me now with an extra 12lbs on that I don't want :-( even thou I know it will be perfect for this sx. Sorry for the huge edits lol


I'm exactly two months away from sx today. I'm excited but LAWD I need to get it together lol. I haven't secured a place to stay so I guess I'll call and book the RH today. I need to start buying supplies and I guess I'll start taking iron since I'm already anemic. I had blood work done in Oct and my hemoglobin was at 12.5 so I will work on getting that up just in case. I just can't wait for the date to come.


So I text my PC today to ask the price of the RH thinking maybe tell will be running a holiday sale. This chick said "yes $1700 payment in full. $2k reg price" Chile Bye! It was $1200 in Sept. On the hunt for a hotel I go.


So I finally found somewhere to stay and booked my massages. Next Im going to search online for these $60 faja I hear ladies talking about and my little supplies then I'm ready for Feb 3. :-) Vets, if u could've gotten 8massages instead of 5 would u have? Do u think more than 5 is necessary?


I'm feeling real accomplished ladies. All the major stuff is booked. I got just about all of my supplies. I will list it just in case it helps someone else. Also please let me know what I'm missing.

Vedette 929 $63.70 on eBay
5 Lipo foams sheets $37 on Amazon
Ab board $25 on Amazon
All from Vitamin Shoppe total $54.78......
Arnica Gel and tablet value box
Vitamin D (because I have a deficiency)buy on get one free
Natural Vitamin E Oil to ukeep my skin oiled and for the scar

Benadryl itch cream $3.99

I don't know about this damn boppy pillow but thanks to our girl ElleRenee she found a cheaper alternative so I'll check that out. I know I still have to get Chux. What else am I missing ladies????


I ordered my faja of ebay for $63 and reading reviews I ordered a 2xl. Well it's too big. I can tell even with swelling and pads it won't be enough compression. So be careful with your sizes ladies


So I faxed over my labs today and spoke to Giselle, I'm cleared for surgery. I'm excited but I have so much going on that this sx is truly the last thing on my mind. I know that will change once I get ready to head to Miami. She told me over the phone but someone posted an email of the do's and dont's, does anyone have that list? I feel like there was way more on that list than what she was telling me. Anyway happy healing to any dolls that I missed. And to my sisters that will be out there around the same time hope to meet u. I will definitely post my pre weight, measurements and pics next week.


I'm heading to Miami now and I'm so excited. I had a few mishaps this morning but nothing's going to steal my joy. So I took some pre op pics and measurements. I gained weight for this sx so I'm 173 right now.
Waist: 32
Butt: 43.5
I hope Fisher can work his magic. I'm only getting my midsection lipo'd so I pray he has enough fat to work with. Anyway pray for me sisters. I'll be back later with updates.




So I got to Vanity around 1030am, got called in fairly quickly to sign my paperwork but then got lost in the shuffle. I sat and watched women that came in after me start to leave but when I said something they just passed the buck. I seen a very nice slim Hasaan doll that he gave great curves. Also a Maccadoo girl that he gave a big Nicki booty. I begged her to post to so all you ladies considering Maccadoo. I also had a chance to met and chat with a new RS sister which was great. So I finally met Fisher and yes everything they say is true. He is so funny and down to earth he truly turned my day around. We joked so much I forgot some of the questions I had for him. So after getting out of there at 3:30pm I got the call from his assistant with my sx time. I'm his 1st patient of the day 6am thank God. As I lay here ready for bed I'm still not that excited. Oh well maybe tomorrow. To all those sisters going under in the next few days, Blessings and happy healing. I promise to update asap


Hey ladies so surgery went great. Went under around 7am and came out around 10-1030. I feel good. Pain today isn't that bad more sore than anything. My friend is here caring for me and all she keeps saying is "that thing is huge" lol anyway here is my 1st pic of "Lola"

Just a quick update

Hey ladies! Just an update. I still feel good just sore more than anything. Make sure u try to walk it really helps. My problem is every time I get up the fluids rush to my head and I get dizzy. So I bought a funnel to pee standing up. The one time I sit to pee when I got up I was very dizzy and fell on Lola. My friend caught me somewhat but I was ok. I don't have an appetite at all. The pain killers are great u take them and 5mins later you're asleep I love it. Anyway I will post more later.


Thank u SOOO much ladies for all the prayers and well wishes. It means a lot.!Had my 1st massage today with Marion she is great. She knows what's she's doing. Ummm it didn't hurt too bad, more discomfort than pain. She even gave my friend a lesson on how the put the faja and boards on me. She truly was great going above and beyond. My follow up appntmnt went well. They say I look good. I'm still feeling the same sore and a little stiff but not that much pain. Anyway. Happy Healing to all of those dolls in recovery and about to go under.



Sorry ladies if I'm not responding to your individual post it's just easier to do one post. But I do appreciate all the wishes. So todays is day 2post op and Im feeling kind of the same. I'm walking much better. Still somewhat stiff an sore in my lipo areas. Laying on this drain is so annoying. I go for my 2nd massage today. Ladies walk walk walk it will loosen you up. Also if u get dizzy take the nausea medicine. It has to be inserted in the anis but it works. Oh and get this funnel it will be your best friend. It's like $1 at Walmart in the oil/car section. If u don't see it ask for it they have it. I stand over the toilet something like a man and go. It's great easy and mess free. I do fell like once the swelling goes down Lola will back where I started from. My friend thinks I'm crazy but we'll see. I won't take measurements or weight until I'm a lot less swollen. Oh yea even if u don't want to u have to eat. Chicken, beans veggies etc.... Everyone is forcing me to eat so I'll have energy. Ok that's all I can think of now. Hopefully I can get more pic when I go massage today.

2days post op

On The Fence

I'm not sure if Fisher put enough fat. I feel like when the swelling goes then it's gone. Anyway here's a peek at b4 and after


I'm so bored

I'm so bored!!!! My friend left today and I'm all alone. So today I'm 5days post op and no big change except I'm sick of this drain. I'm very swollen at the waist still. I need more compression. Can't wait for my waist to go down so Lola can really pop...yea that's that booty greed.

Lola 5days post op

Drain out today

Hey ladies so I'm headed to Vanity to have my drained removed. I must say I lost a lot of volume I pray that this is just part of the process that I read about. I'm leaving Miami early Im not draining anymore so no real need to be here. So I will post pics of a couple cards of great businesses that was so helpful. The Faja place for one $60 and she was such a sweetheart but I suggest getting 1size up as they are tight. Also Marion for massages. She was great and very knowledgable. She also runs a RH that I did not stay at but In conversation I seen all of her licenses and insurance papers on all 3 businesses. She also said she's starting to offer hotels in south beach with transportation and massages. Again I haven't stayed at her RH just giving info to those that might need but please do your research. As far as Vanity I can't say that It was bad. They checked on my 2 or 3 times this week.


I sure hope she fluffs

Side profile


Hey ladies so I'm 10days post today and it feels like so much longer than that. I feel great for the most part. I'm having pains in my stomach one side much worse than the other. When I make certain movements it feels like my muscles/tissue is ripping apart. I called Juliet and after my second call she and Fisher called me back. He said its normal, the nerves are reattaching. He told me to make sure I finish my antibiotics and in that moment I realized Vanity never gave me a prescription for antibiotics. Needless to say I was annoyed but thank God I never got infected. Lola is actually pretty soft already. My waist is very numb and sensitive. Random sharp pains in my midsection. So a few people asked for info so went I had my drain taken out here's docs instructions:
Sex 3wks
Workout 3wks
Wear pads and board for 6wks
Garment for 3months but don't switch to a smaller one for 6wks
No sitting/driving 2wks
He said the only scar cream he knows to work is Biocorneum on Amazon
No tanning for 6wks and 50spf for 1yr


2wks post pocket of fluid

I'm 2wks post op and I have a pocket of fluid in my stomach. I have to wait 10days from having my drain out to get another massage. I try to massage it myself but it doesn't move. We'll see

Pocket of fluid


Hi ladies! I'm 1month post op today. I feel great. "Lola" changes size everyday. I'm patiently waiting my 3mnth mark to see what I will be left with. My waist is still very numb and sore. I had my 1st massage yesterday since my 5 in Miami and it felt great. I had fluid still in my waist and I can definitely see the difference after the massage. I'm upset with myself because I haven't lost any weight. But this week I started a die hard diet. I started waist training with my cincher which Fisher says is a no no. Also a lady that I got a new FAJA from said the same thing. She said they make u sweat and that's going to be terrible on your scars. I have noticed my drain scar got darker after wearing it so be careful ladies. So I'm the same weight as day of sx my pre sx measurements waist 32 butt sx waist 28 (after waist training, it was 29 before) butt 45. He reshaped me but it's not that much bigger so I'm very scared of losing any. I need to work on getting my waist small. I still don't know the CC's I just called Vanity and of course I got the "ill call you back" ugh. I've gone out a few times and didn't. Wear my garment and ladies u can feel your body swelling and stiffing. Anyway that's all I can think of. I'll post pics

Can't post pics

For some reason RS won't let me post any pics ugh

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