Jumped in Both Feet. Will Be Hassanified on March 17th 2015. Miami, FL

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Hello Dolls (waving)- First off I want to send...

Hello Dolls (waving)-

First off I want to send hugs and thanks to "allaboutme2015" for putting me on the right path. You are appreciated!! Muah!

I'm fairly new to Realself. I created an account September 2014 out of curiosity. I came to the site looking for reviews on Breast Augmentation. And I stumbled onto the BBL Community. I decided to go with the BBL and BA. Taking them one at a time.

I contacted Vanity in December for pricing. I was quoted $3900.00 plus free faja, boards and foams. I got caught up with Christmas and never confirmed. Now February rolls around and I contact Vanity and to my surprise the cost increased to $4300.00 with no extras. After several minutes of "negotiations" we settled on $4300.00 including faja, boards and foams. I paid in full on February 17th and was told that I would have a tentative date of March 17th and a FIRM date of April 8th.

After a few weeks of no confirmations on the tentative date. I settled in and was awaiting the April 8th date. On Friday, my coordinator (Lia, she is the best) contacted me and told me that they could see me on Tuesday, March 17th. So the rat race begins. I ran to get blood work done (STAT), booked flight into Ft. Lauderdale ($190.00 RT), and find a recovery house. Mayda was the only one who could take me last minute. I fly in today (Monday March 16th), and back out on Sunday. She does not pick up from Ft. Lauderdale, although the shuttle to her home was reasonable.

Literally, just walked in from Walmart getting supplies. Whatever I don't have, I will just have to get it when I land.

Here are a few before pics. Hopeful for a nice hourglass figure with a medium size donkey. I'm not sure if I should go big and wait for it to absorb. Does anyone know if a lot of shrinkage will happen?

March 16th Pre-op Pictures

Sorry it took a while. Here are my before pictures.

March 16, 2015 Day prior to Surgery

Needless to say, I missed my flight into Miami this morning...smh. Had to get to Miami before 1:00pm in order to make my pre-op. Paid additional $325.00 to fly on another airline. Mayda was there to pick me up and we drove straight to Vanity. Mayda is such a sweet kind hearted person. She greeted me with a hug and put my bags in her SUV.

At Vanity, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients waiting on services. There was nowhere to sit so we went to the cafe at the end of the strip mall. After 30 minutes, got a call from Vanity that they were ready for me. Had pre-op pics, ekg and signed paperwork. Saw Dr. Hasan and I was finished this process in 2 hours.

You must be patient if you choose Vanity as your Surgical Center. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is unorganized and crazy. From finding parking, not enough seating, seeing patients fresh out of surgery waiting for post op, being told to go to different rooms and no one there, file disappearing, ekg done twice because results lost etc. The best way to describe it would be a clusterfuck. But I knew this going in so I was prepared and it was not a bad experience for me. I packed my patience and it was an experience watching the different patients and how they interact with Vanity Staff.
All of the staff were friendly and smiling. And my most pleasurable experience was with Dr. Hasan. He was thorough and did not rush me. I Had a good comfort level when I left.

Mayda's Recovery House

As you know, I received the phone call from Vanity on Friday that surgery was a go. I Called NewBody and Keyla but they were booked this week. Thankfully Mayda had an opening. Her rates are a flat $130.00/night includes meals and transportation. Her apartment is close to Southbeach, in the Brickell Area of Miami. She is on the top floor so the view from her balcony is amazing. When I got in she had lunch prepared, stewed chicken with chick peas, potatoes and white rice. Ate like a piggy...lol.

Mayda is a sweetheart, very in personable. I'm The only person here until Thursday so I have the room/house to myself. She has experience with caring for BBL patients and she has a medical background. My experience so far has been lovely.

Surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30am. I will see you on the bootylicious side.

Morning before surgery March 17th

Awoke at 5:30 to the smell of Food...lol. Of course I haven't had anything to eat or drink for the past 8 hours. Mayda is up making homemade chicken soup for after my surgery. She says this will be my food for the day. Only soup, pineapple juice, gatorade and water.

Just showered with my antibacterial soap and put on my black dress. Apparently the draining is something terrible over the next 2 days. I was floored when Mayda showed me all of her products that she uses to combat the draining. She has a closet full of Bed pads, plastic sheets, depends, gauze and sanitary napkins. In my Mayda Voice " Oh my god mami! Dere iz so much blood"...lol. She has the cutest accent.

Not taking anything to Vanity. Leaving my purse and phone at The Recovery House. I gave Mayda $60.00 and my identification so she can pick up my prescriptions while I'm in surgery. Got my Boppy Pillow in the car just incase I need it. But Mayda has her back seat already prepared with blankets, pads and plastic...lol. Ain't nobody bleeding all over her Honda CRV... Lol.. But I enjoyed the fact that she has experience and can tell me what to expect for recovery.

Surgery is finished...

Left my computer and ipad at home so doing the reviews feom my iphone..bear with me..the keys look microscopic today.

Surgery went well. I haven't had the opportunity to take any pics been laying down. Dizzy and extremely thirsty. Mayda was right, a lot of draining. Faja is completely covered with blood.
Sorry for thecshort post will try again tomorrow and take pics
Thanks for the prayers and love

I appreciate every single one.


Mayda jimmy rigged my pads. I wanted to send u guys something. I will take more in the morning.

Been peeing standing up. Yes like a dude. Straddle the toilet and it goes straight down...lol. No hovering needed. Stand straight up with ur legs apart.

2nd day post op

First shower since bbl. Here are my day 2 pics.

1 Week Post Op

Hello my realself family-

Here are my 1 week pics. Butt is starting to soften and drop. Don't see any prominent hips but he said they took out 4 liters and put all 4 liters back into my hips and butt. Stitches fell out today and I've had my 5th massage. Not as stiff and starting to loosen up a bit. I have some fluid build up in my abdomen and I go tomorrow to have it drained. U can see it in the pics. I will be giving detailed reviews of Vanity and my experience with Dr. Hasan a little later this week. Super busy, but wanted u guys to have something.

10 days post op

Had my seroma drained yesterday. Feel a lot better, my stomach is no longer filled with fluid. They don't use any numbing prior to shoving the needle in. So i had to bear 5 puncture holes which hurt like hell.

Vanity will recommend that you use a plastic surgeon to drain the fluid. I used my insurance and went to The ER instead. They refused to drain it and gave me an appointment for Outpatient services the next morning and they drained it.
Miami Physician

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