Hasanified!! 6 Months Post Op -- PICS--

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Hey Ladies!! I know I'm SUPER early, and I told...

Hey Ladies!! I know I'm SUPER early, and I told myself I wouldn't start my review until a week pre-op, but the lure of RealSelf sucked me in lol. I've been researching the whole BBL thing for a couple of years now, and I told myself no ifs, ands or buts, this year would be my year!! No more putting it off! I have paid my deposit for Dr. Hasan and have put my time in at work. I live in Atlanta, so I have to fly to MIA WITH my 3 year old son- which will be a nightmare, I'm sure- but luckily, my mom and sister live in Florida. They live an hour away from Miami, so I plan to get a hotel in MIA the first few nights so I don't have to travel too much on my belly for post ops. That would suck :(
Okay, here's the financial part:
I'm paying $4k for the procedure- $3500 for the lipo/bbl plus an additional $500 for upper back/arm lipo. I don't want to come out looking like a linebacker with the small waist and big ass upper back. I hate that look, and I'm sorry to say, but I see it way too often after bbls, and it grosses me out lol. I figure I'll spend about $300 for 3 nights in a hotel, $400 for roundtrip airfare for me and my son, $400 on garment/supplies/meds (my insurance will cover some of the meds), and $300 for massages. That brings my absolute total to $5400, give or take a couple bucks lol.
I'm super nervous about the hip issue with Hasan. I keep hearing that he "doesn't do hips". My coordinator Margaret assures me that he DOES, but of course she will tell me that. I'm just hoping for the best. *Fingers crossed* I'm not too concerned about having a super huge ass. I'm 5'2" and 135 lbs, so what I'm really looking for is aggressive lipo on my upper/lower back, waist, STOMACH for sure!, and I need to have a little projection and some nice round hips. That's all I want :)
I'm going to post some pre-op pics.
I plan to detail ALL of my costs along this journey, talk about what's the best garments, the best jeans, exactly how I feel, what made it better/worse, the best pillow for sitting after the bbl (I have to go back to work at 12 days post, I'm a working single mom like a lot of us on RealSelf, no excuses lol) the best ways to feel comfy driving/sleeping/etc. Basically ALL the questions I'm having now, I plan to answer in my journey!

Photo of the Flatness

I'll post some nudes before my sx, but as you can see here, the flatness is REAL, smh.
5'2", 137lbs.

Question for the Ladies about Stretch Marks...??

I have stretch marks on my belly - below my belly button only- but they're pretty bad. Like, giggly skin, wrinkled, oatmeal looking bad. I can still wear high waisted stuff with a crop top because there is none over my belly button, but under it, I'm ALL effed up.
So, for the ladies who have already had a BBL/Lipo- what happens to a stomach like this? I KNOW they don't go away, but do they get worse with extra skin after the lipo, or do they appear better once your skin tightens up after lipo/wearing garment? I don't know what to expect with this area, and I don't want a tummy tuck. I'm more concerned with the way I look IN clothes, not naked. I can deal with stretch marks, but I can't deal with the hanging nasty belly lol. So what does happen to that part after a BBL/Lipo?

Oh, and sorry about the bad lighting and weird background. I was in the bathroom at work, haha. And yes, that's a hernia I got when I was pregnant with my son. That is being repaired on the 19th of this month, so it will be a non-issue for my BBL.

Pre-op Photos

Okay ladies, my body now :(
2.5 months until that back fat is gone, the waist is pulled in, and I finally have some hips! The butt can use some fluff too, but I don't want to over-do it. I'm not personally going for the Kim K/Nikki Minaj look, but that's just me. Hopefully Hasan can do my body RIGHT!!!

Thinking about pushing my Sx up...?

Hey ladies. First let me say that I LOVE this website. I'm such a RealSelf stalker. I use it to answer all of my questions and comfort myself when I'm having doubts or questioning my choices. The support on here is awesome. So a big thank you for that!!
Okay, so I'm thinking about pushing my date from April 2nd to the beginning of March...IF he has a date available. I was dead set on April 2nd because that's when my daughters have their Spring Break, but I've been thinking... I have a surgery next Monday (1-19) to repair my umbilical hernia, so I'll be out of work for a week- UNPAID-lol because I'm saving my Vaca time to get my ass done, smh HAHA..oh well. So anyway, I figured why not knock out the two surgeries closer together, start recovering sooner than April, try to get ahead of the clock so that by the time April comes I'll be 1 month post op instead of just getting ready to go in. Also, my girls NEVER miss school, so a little week and a half to Grandma's and take their school assignments with them won't hurt. A lot of families go on vaca during the school year. Right? Am I being crazy and impatient? Lol I just want to get it over with and get the healing process on with already. The waiting game SUCKS :(

Dr. James Mcadoo?

Ladies, my coordinator Margaret says that James McAdoo has nice results, and I'm more likely to get my date pushed up if I go with him. Problem is, I can't find any BBL results for him anywhere online!! Is anyone out here who has an opinion of Dr. McAdoo or has photos they can privately send to me? I need to see his work before I make a decision like that. Thanks ladies!

Wish Pics

Just a couple of wish pics....

One Step Closer to the New & Improved Me... Health First!!!

Ok ladies... it's been a hell of a week. I thought I had a swollen gland about a month ago so I went to an ENT doc here in Atlanta. Found out it was actually a tumor!! YIKES!! Did CT scan and biopsy. Results came back benign (yesssss). Doc said I must have it removed because A. It could become malignant, and B. The location of the tumor, my main facial nerves were running right through it, and with tumor growth I could have ended up with permanent facial paralysis. No Bueno. So last Monday I had surgery to have my tumor removed. Dr. Thomas Walker was my surgeon- he is AWESOME! And cute ;) After a 6 hour surgery the tumor was successfully removed. He said it was larger than he thought and that my nerves had clung on to my tumor like "spider webs". He had to move and protect all the nerves before removing the tumor. I spent one night in the hospital and my mom came from Florida to help with the kids. Pain meds have been my best friend, although I am still very uncomfortable, they do help. Had my drain removed yesterday (was scared to death it would hurt, but it actually didn't) and I will have my stitches removed next Monday. Thought I would share that I am tumor-free, healthy, recovering well and anticipating my next procedure- getting this body right!- with Dr. Hasan. Yayyyyy :) Hope everyone is doing well!!

Surgery Paid In Full, I'm ready to go! #2MOREMONTHS!!!

Alright ladies, I have paid my surgery in full today!!! My date is booked April 2nd 2015 with Dr. Hasan. I'm so excited!!! I'm going to book my airline tickets for me and my son this week and a hotel for a few days. After that I will be staying with my sister and mom in Jupiter. I know the time is going to fly by, and before I know it, I'll be Hasanified! I know recovery is going to be taxing physically and emotionally, I'm trying to prepare myself for that ahead of time. Girls, I am a smoker. Yes, that's right. I know I have to quit by the end of this month so I am nicotine free one month pre op. It is going to be SOOOO hard. I've been smoking for 15 YEARS!!! I know after the first three days it's all mental, and I'm trying to prepare myself. This is something that I really want and have been considering the last few years, so it would be a shame to throw it out the window because I couldn't quit smoking smh. Any suggestions from you ladies who are/were smokers on making quitting any easier?? This is going to SUCK!!

What I Have vs. What I Need...Suggestions?

-Boppy pillow
-Arnica gel
-P EZ urinal
-lipo foam
-cotton maxi dresses for comfort
-slip on sandals
(I know, my have list is weak right now lol)

-Garment (2)
-Smaller garment for 1 week post op
-stool softener
-compression socks
-massage package (from vanity $350, or should I go somewhere else??)
-Benadryl gel
-Rx meds the doc prescribes

Any suggestions ladies? I want to pack light and don't want to spend unnecessary money. Anything that was a must have for you or anything that you had that you felt looking back you could have gone without it?

Grocery list for first 10 days post op:
-Low sodium soups
-pineapples, pineapples, pineapples!!
-salad ingredients (salad bag & grilled chicken, keep it simple)
-water. Lots of water. That's all I drink anyway.
-Fish (it will be baked without salt)
-Protein breakfast shakes

Flights Booked & Healing up!!!

Okay- I booked my flights for my son & I!!! Girls, you will NEVER BELIEVE the DEAL I caught on Southwest Airlines!!!! I paid $49 - $69 EACH WAY! I spent in total $223.40 to fly my son and myself ROUNDTRIP from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale. You can't beat it! It's unbelievable!! If any of you ladies are booking your trip soon to Vanity, check out Southwest Airlines @ southwest dot com. They aren't included in the money saving sites like Expedia or Travelocity. The bad news is, I had to shorten the length of my stay in FL because I the $49 tickets were only on one day, so instead of leaving at 10 days post op, I'll be going home at 7 days post op. Kind of pushing it, I know, especially since I'm travelling with a toddler :( For those prices on Southwest, I might pay for my sister to fly home with me and fly her back!! Just so I can have help travelling with my son. Hopefully I'll feel quite a bit better at 1 week post op, but I guess you never know, right??
On another note, I'm healing up from my tumor removal (pic attached) and I am scheduled for my umbilical hernia repair March 6th @ 10 AM. Will recover over the following week, and Doc says it's fine for me to have the BBL April 2nd. I'm so busy the next month, this time is going to fly by!

Umbilical Hernia Repair Scheduled for 3/6/15!!! .....Also, Vanity Recovery House???

Alright girls, I have scheduled my hernia repair. My Vanity coordinator Margaret said I had two options: 1. Switch to Dr. McAdoo and he can perform the hernia repair at the same time, or 2. Get it repaired first and bring a letter from my doctor clearing me for BBL and stick with Dr. Hasan. As much as I would have LOVED to kill two birds with one stone, I don't want to switch to McAdoo. I just don't. If she would have suggested Fisher, maybe yes lol. Anyway I'm scheduled for the repair and my doc here in Atlanta says it's no big deal, I'll be good to go for BBL April 2nd. So I'm considering staying in the recovery house just for the first night, then to the hotel with my mom. Actually, my mom is PUSHING me to stay in the recovery house the first night. I don't know why. I guess she doesn't want to deal with the worst of it, lol. Do any of you already stayed there, and how was your experience in the Vanity recovery house? Is it worth it? I know it will cost me an arm and an eye so I want to make sure before I take the plunge lol. Thanks ladies :)

Detailed Cost Report

Ok ladies, I have purchased everything for my trip (I think), and I want to give a cost breakdown in detail:

BBL w/ Lipo to upper/lower back, flanks, stomach, bra area: $3500
Considering lipo to the upper arms: $500
Flight for me & my son roundtrip from Atlanta: $224
Hotel- Extended Stay America Doral Location, 3 nights: $332
(3) Massage sessions at Vanity @ $70/ea.: $210
Medications (Haven't gotten yet, obviously): $100
Supplies: $255

TOTAL: $5135

Okay, now let me tell you, the hotel I chose has free wifi, breakfast, shuttle to local stores and airport, a kitchenette in every room w/ a microwave, fridge and stove (YAY!!) and the best part is, it's only TWO MILES away from Vanity!! Which is great for me since I'll be riding backseat on my belly to and from my post ops *side eyes*
The massages I am only buying two because I'm only staying in Miami 3 nights, then going to my mom's house about an hour away. I will get one massage the day after my BBL and one the following day. The third one I'll get near my mom's house. I heard your drain sites close on the 4th day, so paying $70 for a massage sounds useless to me. I think I'll be able to massage myself at that point (since fluids won't be coming out anyway). If not, and I feel like I still need them, no big deal, I'll get more massages.
SUPPLIES. Yes girls, I spent less than $300 on my supplies, and here is a full list of what I got- and where:
-boppy pillow (had it already from my son)
-Arnica gel (Amazon)
-Benadryl gel (Amazon)
-Washable 4'x5' waterproof pad (to sleep on incase blood/drainage leaks) from Amazon
-Compression socks (Amazon) - for less than $10. **TIP: Search for anti embolism socks, because I couldn't barely find ISH when I searched for compression socks, smh**
-Stool softener (Walmart)
-Lipo Foam (Amazon for $7)
-P Ez Urinal (Amazon)
-Neosporin (for drain sites) from Walmart
-Hibiclens body wash (Amazon $7)
-Fajas Columbianas Post Op Stage 1 Garment, full body compression suit with half sleeves (incase I decide for sure to lipo my upper arms) with 4 adjustable sizes and open crotch for easy bathroom access. It also has the detachable straps for women who like to wear those straps under their butt cheeks after the operation so they can get that line, I guess? Lol. This is the garment I will wear the first week after my BBL. (Amazon $90)
-Vedette Women's Celeste Front zip compression garment (in a smaller size than the Fajas Columbianas) Sleeveless, no open crotch, to wear one week post op and until I'm 2 months post op. I made a personal decision that's how long I want to continue wearing my garment for best results. (Amazon, $70)
**I read GREAT reviews about both of these garments from BBL patients, and I'll definitely update you and let you know once I try them how they are**

So, altogether so far, I've come in under my $5400 budget by a little over $200. We'll see about that. I'll probably end up spending it, lol. I guess I can't complain. I'm so excited to get on with this!!!

Garments Arrived!!

Hey girls! So, I was super nervous because I ordered my garments on Amazon, and I was afraid I had ordered the wrong sizes based on their different size charts. So I ordered an XL in the fajas columbianas, which actually fits well MINUS the huge arms and long ass pants part that I thought would come right above my knee but is actually right BELOW my knees, so I look like I have some 1990s capris on, smdh. Oh well. I guess it's my fault for being short. Love that it has 4 sets of hooks so it can shrink with me as I do lol. I also ordered a Vedette sleeveless garment in a Medium, just to have an extra. I tried that one on but it isn't included in these pics I'm about to post. I will take some in it and post them. It fits great except the chest area was a little small. I'm pleased with my purchases and love that they both have open crotch for easy bathroom access. Oh, and one last thing: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE excuse my ratchet, mugshot looking self in these pics. I went out last night and woke up super early today, and I'm well aware that I look crazy as hell in these pics, but oh well :) One and a half months left til I have some assssssss!!! Goodnight ladies!

Hernia Repair Rescheduled, and Weight Issues :(

Hey girls! So, my doc for the hernia repair called this morning and said he had to be out of town March 6th, and that I'd need to reschedule. Well, I didn't want to schedule for any CLOSER to my April 2nd BBL date, because I want to allow myself some time between the surgeries. So I rescheduled for THIS Friday. So it isn't a big deal, it just kind of throws a curve ball at me. I had to take off work unexpectedly and now I'm trying to prepare myself mentally that I'm having surgery AGAIN in 4 days when I'm only 4 weeks out of having my tumor removed from my neck and still have a big ass scar from that, smh. I know one thing, I can't WAIT to get all these surgeries over with, because when I'm done, I'm going to kick back, recover, pray for the best, and enjoy the new me!!! My poor little body needs a BREAK!!!
Also, my WEIGHT! I have asked my coordinator at Vanity at least 4 times to please show Hasan my pics and a wish pic and simply find out if I need to gain weight or not to achieve the results that I want. Has she asked him? No. It's been over a month. I keep reminding her, but still get no answer. I feel that I need to gain weight, and so I've been trying to a little, but it isn't working. I think I've actually LOST 2 or 3 lbs, smh *side eyes* I KNOW boost plus works, but I didn't want to go that route, because that's exactly how I started putting on this weight to begin with. Now here I am paying a small fortune to rearrange my body lol. I might say Ef it and drink some boost plus, and hopefully I can put on a quick 5 lbs in the next month and a half. Wish me luck!!!

6 Weeks & 2 Days... and hey, WAIST TRAINERS??

Hey ladies, who else is going on April 2nd?? Also, does anyone know how far ahead of time I need to schedule my massages with Vanity? I'm only getting 2, I'll do the rest closer to my mom's. I hear nightmares about massage appointment times and locations being changed, smh. All I can do is hope everything goes smoothly. It's weird because my coordinator actually mentioned in one of her e-mails to me, and I quote, "Don't pay attention to the negativity you see on RealSelf and you'll be fine."..... Ummmm? I don't know WHY she said that, or what that was supposed to mean, because I didn't mention anything about it, but I found that odd. Anyway, I'm super excited. I just want to take a nap and wake up and it be April 2nd, then take another nap and wake up and it be June 2nd lol, boom! Recovered! No more garment!! Trying to decide if I want a waist trainer, too. I don't know what brand is the best?? Any suggestions?? Are they even worth it?

Hasanified in 5 WEEKS!!

Hey girls! So, last Friday I went under to have my umbilical hernia repaired. No biggie. They put me to sleep, I woke up a bit later with some soreness around my belly button. First day was not so bad. I was nauseous (probably from the anesthesia) but I never threw up. I ate some soup and rested in the couch. Day two I had bruising around the belly button and soreness, which I am taking every 6 hours one 7.5 Vicodin and 3 200 mg ibuprofens. No problem. They said no lifting for a couple of weeks and the only time I even notice it is when I cough or try to get up/down from a chair or my bed. I'm trying to kind of roll and use my arms to push myself up instead of using my core strength to pull myself up. Doc told me to expect swelling 3-4 days post op, and guess what? It came lol. My belly is a little swollen, and hard to the touch around my naval. They used a clear glue to cover the cut, so I can shower and everything. So far this little recovery has been a breeze. I know when I get the BBL it won't go so, lol. I'm trying to prepare myself for it every day :(
So now I have everything taken care of that I needed to do in order to get my BBL. I am so excited, guys! I can't WAIT to get my confidence boost and just feel better in general about the way I look. I know it might sound shallow, but who cares. We all have our reasons, right? I'm totally psyched.
Oh, one more thing: Now that I don't have that little bump in my belly button (the hernia), the skin around it looks even more wrinkly than it did before! Now I'm worried that when I get the lipo my belly is going to look ridiculous with the extra skin. I mean, I knew to be expecting some, but I just hope it doesn't look like a whole bag of wrinkles just chilling. I don't want a tummy tuck. I'm hoping that I can find a nice cream and try my best to just make it smooth out as best as possible. I don't need it to be perfect. We'll see. No sense in worrying myself to death about it.

Here We Go With the Vanity BS...

And I was REALLY hoping I would get through my experience with them everything being good. But nope, now that they collected all my money, here goes the bullsh*t. So when my coordinator Margaret was trying to sell me everything, she had no problem blowing up my phone, even knowing I was at work, even on a Saturday morning when I made my full payment, that phone was going off back to back!!! But NOW that my sx is only four weeks away and I haven't heard NOTHING from her *CRICKET, CRICKET* So I sent her an e-mail like hey, how is everything, I need my paperwork so I can get my blood work done (I want to get it before I go since I'm coming from out of town just to make sure it's no issues) , I asked her does the price I paid include my upper back or not because in the original e-mail it says it does, but I noticed on my paid invoice UPPER back is not listed, only LOWER back *side eyes* and I asked her to let me know what time I need to be in the day before my surgery to meet with Hasan. Do I get a reply e-mail? Hell no. Two days pass now and NOTHING!! So I text her cell phone.... no reply!!! When I get off work at five I'm calling Vanity. FOH. This is a big deal to me, I spent all this money, cash UP FRONT not my damn taxes, and I'm travelling from out of state, I already booked my damn planes and hotels and bought all these supplies and sh*t, now I'm not worried about not getting my SX, cause I know when April 2nd comes, I'm be ON THAT TABLE with Hasan, but it does make me uneasy that my "COORDINATOR" won't even ANSWER me!!! I need to get my blood work done before the time runs out... smh. I'm just going to do it, do what I know I need to do, have my paperwork lined up and ready to go. Margaret can kiss my ass right about now. They got my money and I will get my body, everything in between I can figure out. Believe that ;)

Did I speak too soon?? And Neck/Belly Updates

Umm, maybe I spoke too soon. Although it should never- and never used to- take my coordinator two days to get back to me!!! So I checked my e-mail and there goes an email from Margaret. However, she never respond to my text message and the e-mail I did get was real flat. Didn't even sound like her. So, either they do some serious personality switch up after you pay them, or maybe she isn't working and someone else is responding for her?? Idk. All I know is, I paid you a nice chunk of change and the least you could do is show some politeness smh. ANYWAY, I'm posting some pics of my recoveries so far. My neck scar for some reason looks redder in pics than it actually is in person. Not sure why. It's actually healing really nicely. My stomach on the other hand is a nasty mess. Please excuse my stretch marks and fat cause I had to sit down. It is still swollen, still bruised ELEVEN DAYS AFTER SURGERY lol!!! Maybe I'm being impatient lol but come onnn, I look like I have NO belly button!!! Smh. Hopefully the appearance will get better. Everything is moving along how is supposed to though, so I can't complain. 29 more days til I'm Hasanified, and then ladies- I'm going to sit my butt down and recover. No more surgeries for me for a MIN!!


Hey Ladies! So I'm getting excited, I have 4 weeks left, and I know it will fly by! I am a little concerned though because I live in ATL and I'm flying to Miami WITH my 3 year old son, and I'm coming home 1 WEEK POST OP! Flying. Then when I get home, I have to drive right away, because I don't have any family here to help me and I have kids.
So my questions Are:
*Will I be able to pick up my 3 year old son 1 week post op?
*How hard/uncomfortable is it going to be to drive (no more than 30 mins at a time)??
*What can I do to make either of these more tolerable?
Any of you ladies whose been in similar situation, it would be a life saver for you to give me any advices on these questions!! Thanks!!!


Okay girls, I'm getting excited! And nervous! I am exactly 3 weeks pre-op, and I know the time will fly by. I have all my supplies, hotel, flights, everything in order. I have an appointment to do blood labs next Monday the 16th, and before I know it, I'll be OFF!! I am super excited and a little nervous. I'm praying for health and speedy, smooth recovery and of course beautiful results lol. So, my male friend (that yes, I'm sleeping with lol) has offered to come help me during my recovery process, and also because I'm flying home alone only 1 week post op with my 3 year old son. I would love to bring him along, but here's the catch: I have not had a man around my son yet since his father. My son has met my friend once, and liked him, but I'm worried that spending a whole week together might be a bit of overkill for my son. Also, I don't want my family giving my friend the 3rd degree questions because this is NOT my MAN!!! LOL come on guys, you know how family can be nosy when you bring someone new around *side eyes* So I'm wondering if it's worth it (help wise) for me to bring my friend, or if I should just politely decline and push through it on my own with my son. How bad can it be flying with a toddler for 2 hours, 1 week post op??? HELP!!!

Two More WEEKS!!! Blood labs done today... And the Vanity Shananigans :(

Yasss ladies! In 14 days I will be landing in Miami and meeting Dr. Hasan!! Ass ass ass ass ass lol So excited! A couple of ladies have their dates coming up before me and I can't wait to see their results! I haven't seen any fresh Hasan ass for a minute lol. I need encouragement :) I have everything in order, minus my groceries and things like that which I will get and arrange when I arrive, before my Sx. Although I'm super nervous about travelling home alone only 7 days post op with my toddler, I have faith that everything will be fine. I can't wait! I went yesterday for my hernia repair post op appointment and doc says I'm good to go, everything has healed nicely, and good luck with my BBL. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. I had my blood work done this morning, too. Waiting on the results. NOW- let me tell you about the shananigans with Vanity and my blood work, smh. FIRST of all, I get to the place and try to give them the paperwork that I was e-mailed. Umm, no. They won't take it. They want it faxed directly to them. Fine. Mind you, I made an 8AM appointment to try to miss as little work as possible. So I call Vanity and ask them to fax the thing for my blood. She tells me nobody can do it until 9. WHAT?? You mean to tell me no one can print that shit and fax It for an hour?? Do you have to have a license to fax something? Did I missed something here?? I was so pissed. So I waited. THEN my doc tells me Vanity didn't include any of the insurance codes for the tests they wanted done. My doc called Vanity herself and they told her that the lady with the codes was with a patient and she will have to call her back. So guess what? I was already 3 hours late to work, so I left without doing my labs!!! I was so mad! I called Vanity and spoke my mind, told them how unorganized they are, and how they have 200 reps to hound you down for money but not ONE person available when a patient needs something!! Such BS! So she promised me they would call my doc right away with the codes. Did they? Nope. They waited until the last minute at 6 PM!!! I had to stop and get my damn blood drawn on my way to work this morning because of their unorganized asses, and I missed another hour of work SMFH!!! So I told Vanity I want a credit since they charge me for the labs and I had to do it somewhere else, and they try to told me I'm not charged for the labs. I had to pull up my damn invoice and e-mails to show her. Still waiting to hear back, of course *ROLLS EYES* I can't wait to be done with this, done with THEM, and recovering somewhere enjoying my new little ass and hips, because I don't have patience for this :(

9 day until I leave for Miami!!!

Hey girls! 9 more days until I leave for Miami, and 10 days until I'm Hasanified!! I can't wait! I'm so ready to be through with Vanity shananigans and in my road to recovery!! Seen a couple of vanity dolls results from this past week, Mamita & Nay, looking nice! So I think I have everything altogether for my trip. I packed maxi dresses, two garments and leggings with loose t shirts. I decided to buy a cheap pack of Hanes underwears at Walmart for my trip so I don't mess up my Victoria Secrets normal underwear lol. I have 3 sheets of lipo foam so I hope that's enough, and flip flops, sports bras (figured I don't need a real one for a week or so), compression socks, and some light pajamas shirts. That's about it for clothes. As for supplies, I'm only bringing the boppy pillow for my plane ride home, Benadryl gel for itchies, cocoa butter and cocoa butter oil for my stomach and hips, Neosporin and gauze for the incision sites, gain flings for doing my own laundry while I'm there, P EZ urinal for easy peeing lol, arnica gel for bruising (which I'm sure will be bad, have you seen how white I am lol???), hibiclens to wash my body, and then just the regular hygiene products like toothbrush, paste, hair brush, hair ties, I will buy shampoo when I'm there, deodorant and my mascara. I'm not even bringing a razor because I can't bother to try to shave so soon lol. I also am bringing a washable huge pad to lay on so I don't mess up the sheets. I think that's all I can remember. For my grocery list when I arrive will be: cherries, pineapple, water, chicken (that I can rip up for soup or salads), salad bags, fish (I will cook this), soup (I will cook my own), grain and nut bread, things like that. I know it has to be low sodium and probably easy on carbs. Also read that we need to take baby aspirin after 4 days? I have my son all packed up and ready to go too with his little paw patrol carry on suitcase with wheels. Lol he's the man, so I had to made sure he is fly hahaha. Who else will be there April 1-2-3?? Can't wait to see you dolls!

Blood Work Came Back... I'm going to cry :(

So I got an email from Gladys today saying that they received my blood work results and that everything looks good except my white blood cells is too high and I have to take the test again. SO, I'm leaving work early today to go take the test again. I hope it comes out alright. Everyone please pray for me, I will be totally devastated if I can't get clearance for this, as I have planned and spent a very long time and a lot of money for this to happen. I tried to explain to her that my white blood count may be high because I recently had another surgery, but I haven't gotten a reply yet. It's hard to communicate with administrative staff about medical issues, and to NEVER be able to speak to the actual doctor. Has anyone else experienced abnormalities with their blood labs? I am panicking. :(

Re-Did my Blood Work Yesterday...

So I left work early yesterday to re-do my blood work. I only had to re-do the part for the white blood cell count. Vanity should have my results today. I'm HOPING that everything comes out fine and they clear me, but if not, I already have my antibiotic that Gladys recommended on hand and ready to take! I had my doc call it in for me yesterday in case my results didn't come back right today lol. I am NOT playing, I need to get my blood right so I can get this over with. I'm so upset. I'm trying to stay calm and optimistic, but it is so hard when you have something like this hanging over your head, threatening your entire procedure :( Also, I quit smoking, so my nerves are totally shot. This SUCKSSSSS.

Cleared For Sx!!!

So I got the call from Jessenia- my second round of labs came back good and I'm clear for surgery!! See you Wednesday Hasan :) :) :)

Confusion with Vanity UGHHHHH

So frustrating!! Why did I get a new message today in the Vanity portal from Gladys telling me to call and talk to Dr. Hasan's assistant about my white blood cell count when YESTERDAY Jessenia call me to let me know my second lab results came through good and I'm clear?!? Now, I just called Vanity to MAKE SURE I'm clear, and I AM, but it's another example of NO COMMUNICATION between the employees at Vanity!!! And you all supposed to be COORDINATING a MAJOR PROCEDURE ON MY BODY and you can't even let eachother know what's going on within a small office? Hell no!!! I can't wait to be done with it SMH.

I need Prayers Ladies!!!!!!!!

So I'm leaving for Miami next Wednesday, I have my pre-op the same day, and Sx Thursday. Now, if some of you remember, I had a little umbilical hernia that I had got when I was pregnant with my son that Hasan asked me to repair BEFORE my bbl. SO, I did the repair 2/20 here in Atlanta. I went to my post op on 3/10 and the hernia doc said everything was good and I'm cleared for my lipo/BBL on 4/2. So I wake up this morning and what do you know? I see a small red circle and feeling of tenderness above my belly button SMFH!!! I'm 5.5 weeks post op from my hernia repair, and 6 days before my BBL, and I had to call my hernia doc to ask him about this, because I'm concerned! What do you know? He wants to put me in antibiotics. So I told him I want a letter from him clearing me for the BBL because A. I need to make sure I'm safe, and B. I don't want any issues when I get to Vanity. I need to have all my things backed up and documented *rolls eyes* Please pray for me ladies that this all goes smoothly.

Tiny Update

I picked up the antibiotics and started them at lunch time today. He said if the redness doesn't go away by Monday to come see him (the hernia doc). But for now, it is still red and tender. I will keep you guys posted, wish me luck :)

3 more DAYSSSSS!!!

Hey ladies!! Alright, I have only 3 days left! I'm getting nervous. I have to make sure I REMIND Hasan that I had an umbilical hernia repair 6 weeks ago. Even though "HE" told me to do it, they are so unpersonalized at Vanity, it's like a surgery mill, trust & believe, those doctors know NOTHING about you, so anything you want them to know, you better tell them from your mouth!! I want to make sure he is careful around my belly button area. I watched the video of Hasan doing lipo.... I shouldn't have watched it. That video has me nervous lol, I KNOW I'm going to be all bruised up. Oh well. Let's get it over with.
On a brighter note, I have my bags pack, I have to check my son's carseat which will be a pain in the ass. I'm ready to go. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and please pray for me, I need them lol. I'm thinking about asking my doctor to call me in additional pain meds because I'm concern that what Hasan gives is not enough. Did any of you ladies for Hasan felt like you needed more pain meds? Or were you good with whatever he gave you? I'm a baby, don't like to be in pain!!! I probably won't update again until after my pre-op. See you on the other side!!!

At Vanity Now

Hey girls! I reach Miami and I'm at vanity now for my pre op. Just took my pics and waiting to fill out papers and meet the man of the hour. Let's see what he has to say. I see some girls in here who had bbls yesterday and boyyyyy they look miserable and in pain lol, I'm not looking forward to it. I'll see you ladies on the other side, please send prayers for me a safe surgery and no complications!

Met Hasan

He was lovely, called me "my love", had me take off my top and pull my pants down, said I should be a tummy tuck, told me he would take fat from love handles, waist, lower and upper back, belly. He does do hips!! I told him I don't want a huge ass, I didn't show him wish pics, didn't feel I needed to. He said I would have extra skin in my belly area which I expected, and that he wouldn't lipo my actual belly button because of my recent hernia repair. I feel comfortable, and my sx is at 7:30 tomorrow morning, so we will see how I turn out! Yassssssss lol tomorrow then ladies ????

These Hoes Really Tried Me!!!!!!!!

So I get back to my hotel after my consultation with Hasan, and not twenty minutes later, I get a call from Margaret, my long lost "coordinator" who I haven't heard from ONCE since the day she collected my $3500, smfh. What does she say? She says "Oh, Dr. Hasan's assistant said you just left from your pre-op and Hasan marked you for two additional areas, so we want to know if you want to pay for them?" I said, "OH?? Let me tell you something sweetheart: I paid for ten areas, and I'm going to GET TEN AREAS. I understand that each area really counts for two (left and right), but even still, that will be my FLANKS (love handles), WAIST, UPPER BACK, UPPER ABDOMEN AND LOWER ABDOMEN. Nobody at that pre op mentioned me paying anything additional, and his assistant was sitting right there the whole time, texting away on her phone like a rude ass. So, as far as I'm concerned, I am paid in full, and I will get EVERYTHING done that Hasan said he would do. PERIOD." She said, "They didn't tell you it would cost more? They were supposed to tell you!" I said "Nobody told me anything, and they wouldn't, because like I said, I paid for ten areas, and those are my ten areas. Problem solved. Vanity isn't getting any more of my money, you're not going to pull nothing on me, you understand?" She said maybe they made a mistake and she would call me back. She called back and said that love handles and flanks are different areas. I said oh yeah? Explain that to me in front of Hasan while I have every liposuction area chart known to man pulled up on my phone that PROVES love handles and flanks are the SAME THING!!! She then said maybe it's because his assistant is new, and she will look into it and call me back. I said look here lady, don't play with me, I'm not the one. I gave you $3500 of MY MONEY and I'm no fool. I definitely can count to ten, and guess what? I can also read! So you know what that means? That means I KNOW THAT LOVE HANDLES AND FLANKS ARE THE SAME THING! You might be able to pull that on some of your patients, but not this one, so you don't need to call me back, because I will get exactly what I paid for, and what Hasan showed me at my pre-op." She said she would call me back. She never did. I go in at 7:30 AM, and I will curse everyone in that bitch if they play with me. I have HAD IT with VANIDADES MIAMI!!!! Let me get my little body and get the hell on before I end up can't leave Miami cause I'm in jail for slapping a bitch *rolls eyes* Goodnight ladies, wish me luck!

For My Sisters... post op pics :)

I will write a long review when I'm feeling better, but here is for my RS sisters.

Here goes the start of my real review...

Hey sisters. I'll do as much as I can until I get tired and need a break lol. There will almost most definitely be a part two to this review since I'm standing to type. Okay, lets start with my arrival to Vanity for my pre-op. First of all, they never called me to confirm a time, so just go in. I went in at 1:00pm because I knew Hasan leaves for the day at 2!! Keep that in mind girls. The place was packed, it was no English speaking going on lol. Fine with me, I don't care. I checked in up front, couldn't take a seat because there were none lol, they called me to the back to take my pictures. Sent me back to the waiting room, had me fill out some paperwork, sign my life away. Paperwork was extensive but took no more than 20 mins. You're just signing and initialing. After a 20 minute wait, Hasan came in the office. Asked me what I'm there for, asked me about previous surgeries, where I heard of him, then told me stand up, take off my top and pull my pants down to my hips. Told me I'm a tummy tuck patient and to expect extra skin. Fine, I expected that, I have three kids lol. I did not show him any wish pics. I told him I wanted a slim waist and my hips rounded out. He said fine for the hips, and he will slim my waist as much as my rib cage allowed without making it look like my ribs was showing, which I appreciate, cause nobody wants to have ribs showing. That's gross. He spun me around, grabbed all my fat, made some drawings, I got dressed. He asked me if I had any question for him and asked me where did I come from. Called me "my love" the whole time (which he probably does to everyone), was soft spoken and kind. He has done work on his face and reminds me of a cartoon villain lol but I like the man and his work is truly art. I am 100% happy with my choice of doctor. His assistant sat in the room the entire time, texting away on her phone, looking bored out of this world. I thought it was extremely rude and I think it also annoyed Hasan by the look on his face. She was slumped against the wall with her head on her hand, texting with the other hand. She looked like a bump on a log, like she had a million other things she rather be doing. Scowl on her face the whole time. Whatever, bitch *side eyes*
Get back to my hotel, twenty mins later I get the call from my "been gone since I paid coordinator" Margaret, trying to sell me shit. You can read about that two reviews up if you want. Unbelievable.
Okay, I arrived the next morning at 7:30 for my sx. Walked straight to the back, wait ten minutes. Some lady came and told me to pee. (pregnancy test). I did. Went straight back to the OR. Miserable assistant was there where she had highlighted and starred notes saying that I did not pay the extra $500 for the upper back, with exclamation points, haha, bitch. She looked exhausted like she had gone out the night before and still had on last night's club makeup. Seemed totally uninterested in her job and patients. Hasan was late and had not arrived yet, his assistant was bitching about in Spanish how he is late every day, she kept repeating it in Spanish over and over again to another worker. Like, whatever. Take your miserable ass home and go to bed. The anesthesiologist came and saw me, started me an IV, just fluids. I did wait about 45 mins for Hasan to show up. Annoying, but oh well. He marked me up, took additional photos, and of course his assistant started complaining to him in Spanish to make sure I only get the ten areas I paid for, not 12. He said he will ask me again. They did not know I could understand them, for sure. So, he asked her to excuse herself and then said to me, Hunnie, you paid only for ten areas, I cannot do your upper back. I felt my blood start to boil and said Why wasn't this addressed with me yesterday at my consultation? Why wasn't I told that it wasn't included? He seemed genuinely surprised, and a little pissed, too. He said he contracts with Vanity, and that it was his assistant's job to explain that to me, and that it should have been done after the consultation in the office. Because of that, he said no worries, he will do the upper back. I felt like laughing in her face, since I could see her nosy ass standing there outside the curtain. From there, I went to the operating room. Anesthesiologist gave me a relaxing med through my IV, the assistant wiped me down with room temperature brown liquid. I laid on my back, they put the mask on me and I was out.
Woke up on my back, shivering. Not freezing like everyone says. If you've had surgery before, you will know the shivering is from the anesthesia, not cold. It slowly subsides and is an awful feeling. They gave me something additional for pain as well as muscle relaxer to help with my shivering, but I had to ask for it. Make sure you do, because you aren't actually shivering- what you're doing is tightening your muscles because your body is been through trauma and you are in shock. Tightening the muscles causes pain and panic to set it. You also shake, you can NOT relax your muscles and it is very uncomfortable. After 30 minutes or so mine started to relax from top to bottom. My calves were the last thing to stop tightening up. Then they put my garment on. No bueno. That shit sucked. Wasn't the worst in the world, it was the fact that I could barely turn over to help them pull it on me. I literally felt like my entire body was full of wet cement and had a very hard time to move. Zero strength in my arms, and since my entire midsection is BRUISED BADDDD, you can imagine how it felt to try to roll over side to side. Nightmare. After that, they move me to a different bed to wait for my ride.
I couldn't lay down in the backseat and had to kneel. I barely could make it back to the hotel, less than 2 miles away. When I got back, I laid down across my chucks pad and did not sleep. My mom fill my prescriptions (antibiotic, Tylenol codeine 3 (30 pills), and a anti nausea med) Even though I specifically told Hasan that Tylenol Codeine hurts my stomach, he gave me anyway. I'm glad I had my doc back home give me the Vicodins, because that's what I been having unless at night time so I don't feel stomach pain. I got up and walked a lot, I try to do arm circles and hip circles and very light stretches. I drain a LOT the first day- all blood. At one point it was running down my garment down my legs. Here is a tip- if you need to reach Vanity after hours, do not select "2" for current patient. They send you to voicemail which they don't call you back. Select "1" for new patient. If they think they are making new money from you, they are there around the clock. Whores. I hate that fucking place. Within two hours after my surgery, some hoe at Vanity call me. Not to check on me, to try to sell me massages. Hahha these bitch are unbelievable. Excuse all my cursing but I am still upset. Margaret already told me the massage are $70 each if you don't buy a package, which I wouldn't, because I leave tomorrow to West Palm. This girl on the phone told me they're $100. I said I don't want shit from you, you not getting anymore money from me, I think your customer service at Vanity is the worst, nobody calls to check on you, they call to sell you shit, and I'm not buying it. I'll be there tomorrow for my post op, don't call back my phone. CLICK. I'm sorry girls, but I'm fed up with this BS.
The very worst part for me so far is getting in and out of bed. Other than that, I feel fine. I can tell that my stomach and back is swollen, I am considering buying one massage at Vanity today to make it bearable for the ride to West Palm. Can anyone tell me how effective the massage is as far as making a difference in your comfort level for at least 2 hours?? I will update more with pics after my shower. Loving my results so far, that I can see lol.

Went for my post op...

So I had my post op appointment yesterday morning. When I took that garment off, it was nasty looking! WOOO! Belly was kind of swollen, lumpy looking, back was a little swollen. Lower belly looked uneven and gross, hanging skin. I am completely bruised from under my breast, up my armpit (don't know why, maybe because of my upper back?), whole belly and sides, even my crotch area is so bruised it's almost BLACK! My butt cheeks are bruised. I'm a MESS. Kayla had to drain me with three big ass needles, and my lower belly evened out a little more. I will probably go back Tuesday to be drained again before I leave if it feels like there's still fluids in there. I went back to the hotel, attempted to shower. It hurt. Stung my incisions, so instead, I used a cup and let the water run. While standing up I poured warm water over my body and used my hands to lather soap and gently washed the incisions and rinsed myself. I did start to drain a little when I got out, which is fine. Putting the other garment on was a nightmare. I had my sister tape pads on my incisions, help me put a foam in the front and my triangle in the back. I think the triangle is up too high, but I couldn't fix it once I had the garment on, so fuck it. I would have liked to put foam across my sides or back but couldn't fit it. This is an extra garment I bought for when I wash the other one, and it feels much more uncomfortable than the other. Today when I bathe I'm going to put my other one back on. I did rub arnica gel on my skin for the bruising and have been eating a lot of pineapple. Maybe I'm being impatient because I'm only two days post op, but so far, that shit isn't working for me *rolls eyes*. My neck is stiff and it's a total nightmare to get up from lying down, so I'm afraid to even lay down because I don't want to have to get back up lol. Other than that, I feel okay. I know I'm swollen, I can see my stomach pushing against my garment trying to pop out. Hopefully that will go down soon. It's annoying to feel fat right after you paid for lipo lol. Also, I got my period. Just my luck. Pic updates as soon as I am feeling a little better, maybe later or tomorrow. Did anyone else have as much trouble as I am with neck stiffness and not being able to get up after lying down? Any quick fixes??

Day 2 Post Op, Couple Pics

Here's a couple pics from today. Can't seem to get a good angle when taking selfies. When my stomach swelling goes down a little more I'll post belly pics so you can see my hips. My skin is retracting better every day.

Day 3 Post Op Pics

Hey Girls... I'm day 4 as of today, so these pics I'm posting are from yesterday. I will get some nudes as soon as my bruising goes down a little. It's really bad. I am finding it easier to get in and out of bed, still using pain pills. I have a very stiff neck when I wake up- and I mean VERY STIFF. I get tired of being on my feet after long periods of time, but try to stay up and moving. I still wake up every few hours, although I was able to sleep for 5 hours straight last night. I have found that drinking hot tea with honey in the mornings helps greatly with my stiffness, just regular green tea, no sugar though I do add honey. I am still wearing my garment and foams and compression socks around the clock except to shower. I am not draining anymore but I do feel stuff moving around inside my back and belly if I push. Feels kind of chunky. Belly swelling has gone down just a bit, so has my back swelling. Butt is still rock hard of course. I've been eating baked fish with no salt (black pepper, thyme, old bay) veggies (mostly broccoli and carrots), had a baked potato yesterday lol, lots of fruit- still haven't pooped- plan on taking a stool softener today- one protein shake per day, TONS of water. I did get a beach chair and cut a hole in the bottom like Mamita suggested, it feels SO NICE to be able to sit even if it's just for a few minutes. I get paranoid so I hurry and get up lol. I'm going to attempt to wash my hair today standing in the shower. As of yet I have been standing and letting the water run out the pipe while using a cup to rinse myself because the shower pressure hurt me. Pretty sure my incisions are closed since I'm not draining, so I'll try the shower today. I do find that I get light headed when I get in the shower. Not sure why. It's a bitch to get the garment back over my butt when I get back out. I think today I'll just use Neosporin and bandaids over my incisions and one foam in my belly. Today will be my first day alone with my son because my mom has to work. Wish me luck, lol. He's a handful. Only 3 years old. Itching on my butt cheeks in pretty intense. I started using cocoa butter on them yesterday so I don't give myself stretch marks if I rub or scratch lightly through my garment. I will get some new pics up in the next couple days again, hopefully without my garment so you can see how my belly skin is firming up. It's unbelievable. Gives some hope for the women like me who have stretch marks, wrinkly skin etc. from having kids but didn't want a tummy tuck like myself. See you soon girls! Hope everyone newly recovering is feeling well, you're all looking fabulous. It's worth it, right loves? I think so ;)

Naked Pics... Please Excuse the bruising :(

Here are some pics from right before I got in the shower today. You can see my belly skin is improving. You can also see how bad I bruised lol. Sorry :( Also, had my first bm this morning with no issue. Never took stool softener. Just ate a lot of fruit and healthy, and lots of water. No problem.
Also, remember- I did not ask Hasan for big butt. I told him I wanted something natural looking to fit my frame, so if you feel that my butt looks small, don't let it discourage you from Hasan's work. I asked for it this way :)

Quick update Day 5 Post op...will post some pics after my shower

Hey girls!! So, here's some things I've been noticing... last night I had the WORST headache. I opted not to take any pain pills last night to see if it would help, because I think I might have gotten the headache from the pain pills. Didn't make much of a difference. I think the Tylenol 3's give me headaches, cause when I take the vicodins (which I had prescribed by my own doc in ATL before I came here) I feel great. Problem is, I just took my last vicodin this morning. Oops. I'm fucked now. I'll have to push through it I guess. I wish I could take ibuprofen, I know it would help with the uncomfortable swelling and the headaches, but it says not to take it. I'm going to call the doc and ask why. I take the compression socks off for half the day and I noticed that my legs don't swell when they're off and I feel a little better. I may only wear them on my flight home and then trash them at this point. My belly looks swollen when I have my garment and foams on, but when I take them off, it looks great. I don't know what that's about. SO... I noticed this morning that the top part of my butt is soft!! The bottom is still hard. Is that how it goes? Does it get soft over time or what? That seems odd to me. Also, once it's soft, is it safe to say that the new fat cells have vascularized and are mine to keep in the soft areas? I'm going to post a question to the docs on here asking that. I'm curious to know. I wake up with the stiffest neck ever, I can barely move my arms or turn my head side to side. It BLOWS. It makes me want to cry every morning. But once I get myself up and have my cup of hot tea, I feel 1000x better immediately. I don't know how I'm going to manage flying home at 8am with my 3 year old in two days, somebody better pray for me. Vanity did not give me a travel note for the airline, and I don't have anything to sit on. I can buy something, I just don't know what. I literally have NOT sat down on anything ONCE since I did my sx. I have sat only a couple times for a few minutes in the chair with the hole cut out, which obviously isn't going to be an option on the plane lol. LADIES WHO FLEW HOME ONE WEEK POST OP- please tell me what you used to sit down on the plane??? And one last question- has anyone kept their garment off longer than 30 mins to shower/wash it? I haven't yet, but am wondering if I could try, because when I tell you this thing is annoying, I mean annoying like that one friend we all have who is still obsessed with their ex four years after they broke up and still talks about him every second and screen shots her pics from IG and talks about how ugly she is... ANNOYING. I'm dying to break free from the garment jail. Not to mention, I got my period early and have had it since the day after sx, so it's been really fun stuffing a pad in my open crotch garment and listening to it stick together every step I take because my underwear doesn't fit over my garment. Fun, fun. This is all so wonderful *rolls eyes* Talk to you ladies soon :)

Need Suggestions Ladies!! Plane Ride Home

I leave tomorrow AM at some ungodly hour like 7AM with my toddler to fly home, and I have not sat down ONCE since my bbl. I have sat a couple of time in the chair with the hole cut out, but that's different. I have been trying for the last two days to practice sitting on my mom's chairs with a pillow behind my back and a HUGE rolled up towel under my thighs, but as soon as I start bending to sit down, PAIN! I can't do it. Chicken out and hurry to stand up. I don't know how the hell I'm going to sit on the plane tomorrow!! I know I need a pillow behind my back and towels/blankets rolled under my thighs and maybe on my sides, but did it hurt you guys to sit like this? Why am I having such a hard time doing this??? Also, I keep hearing girls about sleeping on their sides. I can't!!! I have tried! I can't even turn my body, it's like cement. I'm afraid I'll damage my hips, too, plus it's uncomfortable. I would LOVE to sleep on my sides if I could. SO, the question is- someone tell me how I'm supposed to sit down, and how I'm supposed to lay on my sides. I need to KNOW!! Thanks loves :)

Day 5 Pics

Quick pics from yesterday, day 5

Small Update

So I felt like I had to poop today but it never came... so I've only gone once since the sx, which was on day 4. I'm sure it'll come tomorrow as I'm dragging my 3 year old and all of our bags and his carseat through security at the airport. That will be my luck lol. I did go to Macy's and bought a Spanx firm compression bodysuit today with a mesh butt. It's MUCH more comfortable, but def doesn't probably provide the same compression as my vedette or my faja. But is much more comfy, so I'm sleeping in it and wearing it home on the plane in the morning. I'll put my vedette back on when I'm comfy at home. I did get my doctor friend to prescribe me one more round of vicodin, since Hasan said I can't take ibuprofen and Tylenol doesn't work for me. Hopefully that will comfort me the next few days and then I'm hoping fingers crossed that I will feel better by then. I better, because I have to go back to work on day 11. HA! 25 min drive there and back, and I have a desk job. I told my boss I need a chair with a hole in it. She just laughed at me but I was dead ass serious. Watch me bring my beach chair in there and put in front of my desk with a big old hole cut out. They can laugh all they want lol. I need to be comfortable. Damn everyone else, haha. I'll do it, too. I have to get up at 5am, ride 1.5 hrs to Ft. Lauderdale in the morning and catch a 8:20 flight, so I'm off to bed, I'll update once I'm settled in at home in good old GEORGIA :) Goodnight ladies!!

Recovery Day 8

Headaches are killing me. They literally stay for hours and I get no relief. I feel them in the back of my skull like where you would wear a ponytail and in between my eyes and nose. Shoot me. I'm seeing my little butt shrink right before my eyes. Haven't sat at ALL except twice on a huge memory foam pillow AND a boppy under my thighs to drive one mile up the road to the bank. Even then I used my elbows to hold myself up so my butt barely touched the pillows. I go back to work Monday and am so worried about losing my butt. I DID ask for a natural look and now I wish I asked for more lol. I guess anything I come out with is better than what I had before, and at least I have a defined waist now, but damn :*( Headache killing me now as I type, had this one since 5pm. Took a Vicodin finally around 8pm still no relief. Butt has been itchy and so has my back. Body still a little stiff when I get up in the mornings, but it's getting better. The way I look from the side in my garment makes me want to cry. My belly looks pregnant and bigger from a side view than before I had this done. Meanwhile, my butt is going down. Ladies- when did you start to see a flat tummy post op? I feel like crying when I see this in the mirror. I know I'm being impatient but it's tough. I'll post some pics so you guys can see what I'm talking about. Sorry for the crappy pic quality, I'm trying to take pics of myself with my daughters little Walmart stand up mirror in a dimly lit room lol oh well, this isn't JC Penneys studios *side eyes* Oh, I ate some yogurt and cheese and my headache is going away. I guess I was just hungry haha.


So I'm 9 days post op and I realized that I haven't been taking measurements! So here they are, as of right now: 37-29-43. Not great. My before was 38-34-40. I expected after the bbl to be more like 34-27-44 lol. I am still pretty swollen though, so I will continue to measure myself weekly and post them. xoxox

10 Days Post Op

Hey ladies!! So I was having a major case of the booty blues this morning, until I took my garment off to shower and heyyyy.... I don't look so bad after all. Then I was so distracted by that, that I ended up trying on clothes after my shower. I don't have pics of that cause I was home alone lol but I'll have my big daughter take some pics of me in clothes in the next couple of days. I'm attaching some naked pics I got after the shower. Still woke up stiff this morning. It still bothers me to drive short distances. I have to drive 25 miles to work tomorrow. Shoot me. Swelling seems to be going down a bit. I'm down with that lol.

Ready To Cry...And I have some QUESTIONS ladies!!!

So today was my first day back at work. I am terrified that I'm going to ruin my butt driving 25 minutes there and back every day. Then, I got home today and showered, and when I got out, I noticed that A. I still have some upper back fat- it is not fluid, it is fat. And B. For the first time, I found a rather large pocket of fluid in my belly. Right side of my abdomen. I'd say it is 3-4 inches tall and 2 inches wide. I don't FEEL the fluid (hot,lava, etc.) but I SEE it, and I can MOVE it, and I can SEE it moving!!! I don't know if I need to have this drained, or is this common and I just keep wearing my garment and wait for it to go away?? I don't want to drain it and encourage it to keep building more fluid. If I can leave it alone and it will resolve itself, I'd rather do that, but how do I know the difference??? I have worn my garment and foam 24 hours a day EVERY DAY since my bbl except to shower. Even when I wash one garment, I put a different one on. Speaking of washing- can we WASH our lipo foams? I'm totally grossed out by wearing the same piece of foam every day. Right now I do not have it on for the first time ever I am only wearing my fajas Columbiana while I wash my vedette. I am SUPER itchy and also, are we supposed to take our own stitches out? Cause honestly I'm tired of them strings poking me *side eyes* One last question girls-how do I know when my garment is getting too big for me?? I noticed today that I had some wrinkles in my vedette around my back and waist, and when I took it off to shower I sure did had lines in my skin from the wrinkles. Is it too tight? It doesn't feel too tight and I never used to have those wrinkles. It doesn't feel loose either, so I don't know wth is going on. I need help. So many questions, and that is a downside when it comes to having our sx at Vanity- you can't call the doctors and many of us live out of town so we can't see them either. This sucks.

Quick Update- 2 Weeks Post Op- Fluid Pockets :(

So I found another pocket on the other side of my belly. That makes two lol. Also wondering if I have a little in my back. I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon here in Atlanta tomorrow at 3. Tomorrow is my 2 weeks post, so I'll try to post some pics. I'm also going to ask this doctor to remove my stitches. He's charging me $125 for the drainings, that includes if I have to go get them drained again, up to 3 times. Not bad. Hopefully I can get this taken care of and finish up healing because let me tell you, I have just about had it with this nonsense. I'm ready to sleep comfy, sit comfy, and not worry about getting fluids in me or any other CRAP going on. I definitely came back to work too soon, I'm SO exhausted, my ankles swell like little sausages every afternoon. I'm just so tired, guys. Girls, rather - lol. Can anyone 6+ months post op let me know when you got back to feeling normal? Not noticing when you sat down that it felt different? Not wearing a garment anymore and feeling comfy sleeping? Not having to check for lumps, bumps, and fluid pockets?? Someone please relieve my mind :( This is stressful.

My 2 Weeks Review

Okay, I'm a day late. So I'm 15 days post and I took these pics this morning. I had my little fluid drained yesterday, it did not hurt. I can already tell I will have to go back and have it drained another time. It's not a lot of fluid, it's actually just a little bit, but it was back again this morning smh. I feel like my butt has gone down SO MUCH and I regret asking for the "natural look". I should have asked for bigger. I was so sad to see it go. I hope I keep what I have left, but I doubt it. It will probably go down more. I'll end up having to get a round two. I don't want to go through this again. Anyway, I will continue to post weekly updates with photos and measurements. I haven't measured myself yet today, I'll do it tomorrow. I also still haven't asked how many cc's they put. Smh, I'm a mess :(

16 Days Post... And for SMOKERS!!

Hey ladies... so upon waking up this morning I noticed that once again my butt has shrunk lol. I don't think it can possibly get any smaller without going back to it's original size. In fact, it might already BE it's original size, just shaped differently. I can't complain about the shape, cause I love how it looks from the BACK, but not so much the side. I shouldn't have asked for natural, I should have asked for medium lol. Oh well, we'll see, I may get a round 2 next year. Anyway, I've slept on my sides the past 2 nights, which prevents me from waking up with that awful stiff neck. It isn't the most comfortable, but at least I can move my head when I wake up, hahaha. I ordered a size Medium Vedette compression garment from Amazon and it came yesterday. I only paid $22 for it. I paid like $80 for my first Vedette, a size large, which is now too big for my waist. So, I showered and tried to put on the medium- HA! That thing was not going over my thighs. I did eventually get it on, and ended up cutting the butt out, because I felt it was strangling my ass. It is not like my first Vedette. This one looks more like Spanx with no built in bra, but let me tell you- the compression is REAL!!! Or it's too small lol. Can't tell. But that thing is squeezing the hell out of my stomach, I know that much. I took the straps down and just let them hang because they were cutting into my boobs and it was uncomfortable. My bruising is almost gone, except still a little on my inner thighs and top of my butt/hips. Other than that it's gone. Still using arnica gel on my bruises and cocoa butter on my belly/hips/back and butt. My back hurts and is numb, and my sides hurt too. Yesterday I noticed that my bra was too big. I think I'm starting to lose inches off my bust line, which is fine. I started as a 38 and would like to be a 34. My measurements today are 36-28-42. When I got drained the other day my weight came in at 141 which surprised me because I swore I was 137 lol but I don't have a scale at home so I guess I wouldn't really know lol. I'm still 5'2" hahahaa. That's for sure. I'm hoping to get to 34-27-42. I'd like to be a 44, but this butt won't get any bigger. If anything, it'll get smaller. I don't know why some days it looks bigger and others it looks small, it measures consistently at 42 inches. I find driving to be a pain in the ass, literally. It feels like there's eggs inside my butt that will smash if I sit. Can't wait for the 3 week mark so I can sit down without feeling guilty lol.
Okay, many of you are either- not smokers, or don't talk about it on Realself. I am a smoker. Gross, I know, but it is what it is. I did not quit before my surgery. Oh, I tried, but it wasn't happening. I did not quit after my surgery either. I have not had any abnormal complications that any non-smokers haven't had. I'm not encouraging it lol but if you're a smoker and the stress of quitting for your sx is getting you down like it was to me, don't worry SO much. I came out just fine. I don't think my results have suffered at all because of smoking. I have not had fat necrosis (yet lol) or anything crazy that we read about. NOW, with that being said, every body is different and you may have different health conditions than I and maybe you DO need to quit. It's best, I'm sure, but I didn't. That's all I'm saying. Alright then girls, see you at 3 weeks xoxo

3 Weeks Post... Sitting, Sleeping, and NERVE PAIN!!!!

Hey girls!!! Okay, so I'm not actually 3 weeks post until two more days, but whatever. I had more important issues to talk about like NERVE PAIN!! So, I went through my itchy stage, and that seems to have passed, but now, for about the last week, I think what I'm having is nerve pain. It hurts to put on clothes, it hurts to have the garment on, it hurts to have the garment OFF, it hurts when I get touched, it hurts to drive, and when I try to lay down for the night. Everything hurts! My SKIN feels very sensitive like I have a really bad sunburn. It LOOKS totally normal, and I know it's just my nerves, but it keeps me up all night and tortures me all day. Anyone else feeling that or had that around 3 weeks post? How long does it last? They're going to have to give me something, cause babies, I can't even.
Moving on to SITTING. So I been sitting the last two days on a memory foam pillow at work. I couldn't take standing up anymore. Doesn't seem to be bothering me, but I do notice that I feel the need to get up every 45 mins to hour or so, because I feel a little sore and need to stretch out my legs. I feel light pressure in my butt, almost like there's an egg in each cheek or something. I don't know how to explain.
SLEEPING- So I called Hasan this morning, and the rule is, even though we can SIT at 3 weeks, we can't go back to sleeping on our back for 4-6 weeks. Whaaaaaaaaaaack. And the best part was, the girl at Vanity who answered my question didn't know that 6 weeks was equal to a month and a half. You should have heard her babbling to explain and try to do the math in her head. HAHA priceless. I'm sorry, I know that's so mean, but she was like, "Oh, yes, 4 to 6 weeks. So yes that's like, you know, umm, one month and umm... one month and a couple weeks, one month and..." then I heard someone in the background say "A month and a half!!" And she was like, "Yes, that's a month and a half." Uhhh... thanks. I think I could have figured that one out *side eyes*
Anyway, Hasan's "assistant" is supposed to call me back to see what I can do about the nerve pain. On another note, hope all you dolls are healing up nicely, and wishing the best for all of the soon-to-be's!!!

Stage 2 Garments??

Okay, so I was just reading one of the doll's updates, and she mentioned her stage 2 garment. Okay, here's the thing: I have like 4 garments. One is my original sleeveless Vedette with the built in bra. My go-to Fav. The 2nd is a fajas Columbiana with the four sets of hooks that I can't really wear because the legs are too big on me so I can only wear it at home, while washing my Vedette, where I don't have to conceal it lol. My 3rd was a Spanx type that I bought at Macy's, but I quickly realized it does NOT provide the compression I need, so I tucked that away for later on in the process when my swelling is gone. Then I caved and bought a 4th, a Vedette firm compression suit in a size Medium (all my other ones are a size large). I bought this because I noticed my original Vedette was starting to wrinkle on my waist and back and presses into me when I'm sitting down. Well, let me tell you something- I couldn't even get that damn Medium above my thighs. Okay. I did, but it took like 5 minutes legit and I started sweating a little. THEN I had to cut the ass out by MYSELF backwards in the mirror because it was strangling my butt cheeks. Do you know I have never been so scared of poking myself with scissors in my life? And they were those tiny sharp ass scissors you use to like trim a mustache lol. Sharp!!! Then I stopped wearing that one because the strip between my ass (since I cut the butt cheeks out) was too tight and bothering me, smh. Then last night I cut the arm straps off it because they were bugging me. Look, I'm ready to set all my damn garments on FIRE in my back yard. I promise you.

So... do any of you lovely ladies have a nice suggestion for a "stage two garment"??
By the way, I still have some swelling in my abdomen AND I don't even know if my original Vedette is too big or not. It seems to fit me just fine except how it wrinkles up in my waist and back area now. Does that mean it's too big?

(Almost) 4 Weeks

So I'm almost 4 weeks post, and not much has changed. I think what I have will pretty much stay. My butt is getting soft and giggly. Still a bit uncomfortable when I sit down, I'm still using pillows to drive. Still not sleeping on my back at all. A little uncomfortable sleeping on my sides, too. Having bouts of itching, nerve shock pains, and that constant tight-skin feeling. I hear the numbness in the lower back lasts pretty long, I wonder how long exactly, because it's pretty annoying. Had to have the stitch in my butt crack cut off, it was bugging the hell out of me and wasn't going away on it's own. Feels MUCH better now. They actually just snipped it and then it must have came out on it's own in the shower or something. I didn't notice exactly when. I wear my garment a few hours of each day, mostly when the skin on my back and sides feels unbearable and I need to put it on for "support". I have found that the Spanx garment I bought is totally useless. Provides no compression, no support, and is just an extra piece of $80 crap under my clothes annoying me. So to hell with that thing. Wish I could get my money back for that *side eyes*
This recovery is much longer and more drawn out than I ever expected. I would have done it anyways if I knew, because I love my results, but I DIDN'T know lol. I hope that what I share can let someone else know of what's to come. Happy healing ladies xoxo I'll post more pics at 1 month post :)

5 Weeks Tomorrow

Hey girls... not much has changed. Still using a pillow to drive, but not when I'm sitting at work. Still sleeping on my stomach and sides. Wearing my garment a couple hours a day, just to comfort my nerve-crazed skin. Still feeling that tight skin feeling, sensitivity on my sides, abs and back, and numbness in the same area. My butt is soft and normal feeling now, although I did notice it feels really strange to sit in the bath tub- I couldn't do it- and I often feel like I need to stretch after sitting for an hour or so. My incisions are all healed but they look like little red dots, I'm not using anything special on them, I guess they should fade in time. Probably a year or so. I tried to take pics of myself at work this morning lol but I'll try to post some better ones soon. My baby's father finally proposed to me after 9 years. Hah! I get a little ass and now you want to give me a ring *rolls eyes* Boy, BYE!! I took it though, lol. The nerve pains are driving me crazy, they feel like electric shocks. I can't wait for that to stop. I definitely lost volume and don't have very much projection from the side, but from the front and back I look like a new woman lol. It's that waist he gave me. Or took from me, rather. lol. Anyways, hope everyone is healing up nicely and I'll see you guys at 6 weeks xoxox

CC Amount.... And jeans??

Finally these people e-mailed me my info after weeks of asking for it, smh. So Hasan put 780cc in each butt cheek. I should have asked for 1000 lol. She didn't tell me how much fat he took out, of course, because Vanity does everything half-assed.
So for my post oppers, has anyone found a good jeans to wear? Because I haven't gone jeans shopping yet but I need to, I'm getting tired of wearing leggings all the time lol, but I know it will be hard to find a nice fitting one because all my old ones looks funny smh.

6 Weeks Post

So I was 6 weeks post yesterday. Lower back is still numb, my skin on my back, sides and belly still feels uncomfortable. I still get shocking nerve pains. Super annoying. Still use a pillow when I drive. These are some pics from this morning and I will post more later tonight with clothes on cause I'm going outtttttt lol :)

Couple Pics from Last Night

Just a couple pics from last night. Sorry girls I never get to take full pics because I have no one to take them of me LOL but next week am going on vacation and I will be posting some full pics so you can see the body lol
Alright all my ladies take care xoxoxox
I'll be back to review @ 8 weeks!!

Quick 7 Week Update

So today I am 7 weeks, and I just want to do a quick little update. I will try to post some pics later, but like I said, I never have anyone to TAKE pictures of me lol so if anything I'll be posting some for my 8 weeks during my vaca!
Alright... so here's the scoop: Lower back and sides are still numb and painful. Stomach isn't really bothering me too much anymore. Doesn't seem as numb at all. I'm still getting the shock nerve pains, and they seem to be getting closer and closer to my incision sites. They absolutely drive me NUTS. I literally cannot stand them and want to murder the nearest thing moving when I get one. They really suck ass. Actually, I'd much rather be sucking ass than having these shock pains- well, depending on who's ass that is- okay, I'll take that one back altogether lol. I'm a little bit itchy on my lower back, and I still am not lying or sleeping on my back. It still feels weird to me. I never wear my garment anymore. I have been thinking about a waist trainer but am not sure if I want to bother. Cause I don't feel like the results are permanent and I hate to restrict myself in something like that, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try for a month or so at night time. I haven't taken my measurements in a while but I will at 8 weeks. I notice that my stomach lipo appears to be uneven, the top sticks out more than the bottom and I do notice a couple lumps. Whatever. I don't give a fuck cause I have a little ass now, so who cares lol. I mean, I guess I care a little lol. Just when I'm looking in the mirror smh. Well my boos, I will catch up with you next week. All my girls are looking good- you see Cocokisses got her ass, right?? Yasssssssssss bitch get em :) (I might have spelled your name wrong my bad lol) Alright chicas, tty next week. Everyone take care and be safe this holiday weekend!!!

9 Weeks Post Pics

Hey Girls! So I just got back and I've been slacking. So here I am with a few pics for 9 weeks post. I tried to take pics in jeans, but I can't get any decent ones lol.
Okay, here's what's up with my body- My belly is drastically better than it used to be. Yes I still have stretch marks and some wrinkly looking skin but hey I have 3 kids, oh well. It does seem that the belly lipo is a little lumpy and uneven, but it's not that bad. My bra roll/upper back area is uneven, the left side still has some fat. I can't stand my upper arms and armpit fat not but one thing at a time. I'm still numb, itchy, and getting shocking nerve pains. Can't wait for that shit to stop, it drives me insane. I never wear a garment. I need to waist train but am too lazy and keep pushing it off. My baby zaddy says my rib and hips feels like a starving African kid and I agree. They feel very bony to the touch and sensitive. Annoying. My measurements as of right now, today, are 36-30-43 (told u I need to waist train smh) but I did start my period today so cut me some slack lol. I guess that's it? I can't think of anything else. Hope all my ladies are healing well and happy with their results!!

11 Weeks Post Op

So I'm almost 3 months post, and here is the deal:
I'm itchy as fuck.
I still get shocking nerve pains, but not as often.
My back and sides are still numb, and I'm starting to wonder if they will EVER feel normal again.
I'm getting used to my 'natural' sized ass, although I had a TON of fat and could have gotten it bigger and sometimes (okay, MOST times) wish I did.
It's still either A.) Not big enough to twerk, or B.) I just don't know how to do that shit right.
Still feels funny when I sit directly on it on anything hard like concrete steps, the bathtub, hardwood floors. Also feels funny when I lie on my back, so I just don't. Usually.
My little incisions are still really visible, and that's annoying, but I'll just cover them with makeup if I ever really need to, which I can't imagine why I would, except to put ass shots on instagram LOL.
I see all my ladies are recovering well and looking great!! Can't wait to see the upcoming ladies turnouts!! Take care everyone xoxo

Vets-- Gym vs. Round 2 ????

Okay, so I'm 3 months post, and here are my major issues:
Fat upper arms that don't match the rest of my body
Armpit/side boob area fat (that gross roll that sticks out when you have on tank top or sleeveless dress/tube top)
Fat upper back that MUST GO
Side projection (ass)

Now, I don't know if I should go to the gym to take care of these, or get a round two bbl done. I am a little worried that working out to lose the weight from my arms and back will also make my butt go down, and I can't have that lol. Any ladies have experience with this issue?

Almost 3 months post

Damn that passed quickly. Kind of. Not really.

So I still feel a strange pulling/itching/numb feelings in my back and sides, and I wonder if I'll ever feel normal again. This is just a quick update with a couple of pics. I'm going to be 30 in a few days yall *oh shit* getting up there lol. Hope everyone is doing well :)

Hey Ladies :)

Hey Ladies! So I'm 3 months and some days post op. My sides are not as sensitive, my back is much better, I'm feeling 90% back to total normal. My incisions are still visible and probably will be for a long time. Stomach lipo came out uneven, back also came out uneven, hips don't look ROUND as you can see, and my arms look ginormous now, which I'll take care of later this year lol.
It's been real, Realself. I'll be back for any future procedures! I'll check my inbox from time to time.
Take care dolls :)

Couple Pics

Here's a couple pics from the 3 month mark.
You can see how my belly continues to improve (No, I don't exercise or watch what I eat. Are you kidding me? Smh. Not this girl) Also, please excuse that red line from my tight ass work pants *side eyes*
You can also see how it's getting a bit slimmer from the side. You can also see my uneven lipo. I wonder if he would fix that for me? It's all lumpy and shit. It irks tf out of me.
Anyway, this is what I got.

4 Months Pics

Hey ladies :)
Decided I would post a couple of photos at my 4 month mark, which was a few days ago.
Not the best photos, and none in clothes lol, I'll put some up in a few days in clothes. I just took a few last night for myself and decided to share.
As for how I'm feeling with the recovery, I feel 99% better than I did two months ago. Finally.
I do notice that I am still a little numb around my back, sides and maybe even my butt.
The nerve pain has stopped, but I do get little burning sensations at my incision sites every here and there. Not really sure what that is about lol.
I plan to go back and have my back evened out (one side still has fat left) and hopefully he can also even out my belly. I notice uneven pouches, and I think that's because I had a hernia repair 6 weeks before my BBL so he TOLD me he was going to avoid that area, hence the unevenness. Booooo. I also want to do my upper arms and in between my thighs. Maybe he can add that little bit to my ass, too. I'm all for it lol. My husband says I'm doing too much. Whatever. I don't give a damn what he says lol.
Anyway, here are some pics from last night, and you'll see I also put up a stomach pic for those of us like myself lol who had stretch marks and loose skin BEFORE doing the BBL due to having kids. My skin has tightened up much better than I ever expected it to, but as you see, I still have a little loose skin and I'm not sure how I can ever tighten that. Don't mind my belly button. Mine looks crazy because of that hernia repair. It like never went back to normal and looks like a line now instead of a regular belly button how it used to look. Fuck it.
Well, happy healings to my ladies and good luck to the future dolls. I'll be back next month :)

5 Months Post Op

So I'm 5 months post in a couple of days and I wanted to post a few pics. These were taken 3 days ago while I was on vacation in Mexico. I have kind of let myself go, ladies. I don't know what I weigh, and I don't want to know. All I know, is I need to lose at least 10 or 15 lbs. My waist is gotten bigger, my boobs and back fat is bigger. It's a MESS!!! Smfh. I'm going to fix myself. I'll reach my goal of 34-28-40. It might take me a year, but I'll do it lol. Right now I'm like 38-30-42 or 43. GROSS. Anyway, with that being said, I feel 99% back to normal. I did notice that my butt hurts extra if my husband slaps it or grabs it during sex. That sucks. I'll post again at 6 months. Hopefully I'll have lost a couple lbs by then :)

Diet Starts TODAY!!

Alright ladies, as you all see, I have put on some weight. Womp-womp-wompppp. So I spoke to my little sister, who is like a fitness guru lol, and she told me that eating right is the most important thing, and that if I want to tone, cardio and weight training are a must! I am only willing to work out 3-4 days a week, one hour each time. I am NOT an exerciser, never have been, and I don't enjoy it a bit. She said it's crucial to do cardio AFTER weights, and to switch up the days that I do certain parts of the body (upper body one day, legs another). As far as my diet, she said looking up your blood type and seeing which foods best aide weight loss for that type is most beneficial. Different things work for different people. For me, it says to avoid chicken, pork (which I don't eat anyways), and beef, and to instead eat fish (but not salmon, only deep sea fish, which is fine because I mostly only eat snapper anyway), lamb, and venison (which I will not be eating). SO basically my protein will consist of lamb or fish, mostly fish lol. Also says to avoid any type of wheat and corn, as well as peanuts. Stick to darker greens and cashews or pistachios. Fine by me. I love those things. For fruits, it says to avoid pomegranate. Okay, fine. As far as dairy, it says that I can have dairy in moderation, but to avoid processed American cheese, string cheese and swiss cheese, and to instead stick to cheddar or jack. Cool. My sister advised that I make fruit juices without using milk or yogurt, and to instead just use the fruit and water/ice. I don't mind the bitter taste, so that works fine for me. She said it's important to eat 5-6 small meals a day and for at least one of those meals to be a protein meal substitute drink. She makes her own, but I'll buy them at the store lol. Fuck that. What else? I know I'm forgetting something... Oh. Carbs. So, I was thinking I could eat those green looking spinach wraps. Nope. She said stay away from any processed carbs (loaf bread, baked breads, wraps, etc.) and instead eat half of a sweet potato or regular potato if I'm working out that day. She said natural carbs are the best carbs. So, here's a little re-cap:

B-blood type diet

Foods to avoid: Anchovies, avocado, tomatoes (sucks, I love them), wheat, corn, bran, chicken (and other bird meats- duck, quail, turkey), salmon, beef, pork, processed cheese/string cheese, swiss cheese, pomegranate, peanuts

Foods to have: Dark greens, melons, potatoes, lamb, venison, deep sea fish (white fish), rabbit (gross), cheddar/jack/brie cheeses, cashews/pistachios, oats

This is going to suck, but I'm motivated. I want to post pics in those same bikinis in 60 days and hope for a positive change!!

On a funny note, when I was pregnant with my first daughter and they ran all the blood work, they told me I came back positive as a carrier of a blood disease called Thalassemia, which is typically carried by people of Asian or Mediterranean descent. Odd, because I've always thought I was just English/Irish/Ukrainian. The doctor was so surprised that she re-tested me for it, and again came back positive. She joked about how someone in my family wasn't being honest about where they came from. Yesterday when I looked up my blood type (B+), it ALSO stated that that blood type is dominantly Asians and Mediterraneans!! Okay, mom and dad, who's been lying???


Ladies!!! I found some JEANS that fits GREAT and doesn't give that annoying gap between the ass and waist forcing us to wear belts!! I wanted to share my find because it has been SO hard for me to find real denim jeans- not jeggings lol- that hugs my new curves and doesn't have that gap and I don't have to wear a belt with them.
So, I found 4 different kinds-
The first one was from Love Culture. They are shredded boyfriend jeans, and they are Love Culture brand, $32. These ones are not pictured because they're in the laundry, but they're just as good as the rest!!
Next one is also bought at Love Culture, but they are VIBRANT MIU brand. Light denim boyfriend jeans, $37
Third is from H&M, "Super Stretch Shaping Skinny Regular, by H&M". These were a little pricey at $49, but super comfortable and look great, and they even had some with fringed bottoms which were really cute.
Last ones were bought at Love Culture AGAIN lol, the brand is CELLO. They were less than $40, just a regular skinny jean.
Also, I bought a pair of skinny jeans from Forever 21 for $7.80 , dark denim, they don't give me the gap. Other Forever 21 jeans DO give me the gap, so you have to try these on first to make sure. Hit or miss there.
Wanted to share with my boos!!!


OMG, ladies, I never believed the hype I heard about Realself. I have always read about people bullying/starting shit on Realself, but I have never experienced it myself. Like, who has time for that?? Not this chick. So, I had my first Realself Hater experience today and I have to post about it!!!
Vic2012 has been a member since March 10, 2015 and has only ever posted one thing...EVER!!! And it was two days ago, on one of my updates lol... and they said some garbage about me being naked in front of my child, I guess because in one of the pics I posted, you can see my son playing with his tablet on the bed behind me. BOOOOO HOOOOOOO BITCH!!! Guess who DOESN'T owe you an explanation and DOESN'T give a #%&@ what you think?? THIS GIRL! I wish they had big, neon, red, flashing arrow emojis that screamed loud ass sirens so I could point to myself to make you understand that I don't give a shit what you think, lol. Vic, you wasted your time mustering up all that courage to leave one little comment in six whole months to ME. Cause boo, that shit got shot out in the nearest trash can *SCOREEEEEEE* FOH, Vic.
Also makes me wonder if it's someone who knows me in real life who has just been watching my posts all along? Guess what? Idgaf, HAHA!!!

For the rest of my NORMAL ladies, who aren't surviving on chicken bones and haterade, I will be posting 6 month pics tomorrow. I might even do one butt ass naked with all my kids, just for you, Vic :)

Kisses to my bitches - xoxoxox

6 Months With Pics

Okay, I'll admit- this is a quick 6 month review with a couple shitty photos I took quickly lol, but that's because I'm already late doing this update and I had to have something to show lol. I'll try to get some better photos up soon. I have 3 kids, guys, it's hard to find time to try on clothes for a photo shoot smh. Anyway, I did take my measurements last night. SO damn disappointing, ughh. I am currently a 37-30-43. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I need to be a 36-28-43. I WANT to be a 34-27-43. Not going to happen, I know, but I used to wear a 34C after I had my daughters. I had my son and got all fucked up, smh. Anyway, I'll be trying to lose some of those inches yall. So, as I've said before, I plan to have more lipo to the upper arms, back (touch up) and armpit area. I wouldn't mind getting a little more ass lol but I really don't want to go through that horrifically annoying recovery again. I know it only lasts like 3 months, but damn those are such annoying 3 months. So, here's some pics, I'll try my best to post better ones soon. xoxox

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