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I've been doing research and contemplating this...

I've been doing research and contemplating this procedure for a while. I decided to go with Dr. Fischer as I've really loved the outcome of so many of the ladies on here. But... I called in and spoke to a coordinator who gave me a price for the procedure and advised me it would be a set price ($5000) if I paid in full before surgery. I agreed. A week later my coordinator was switched on me and I was told it would be a $1000 more! And if I decided to finance, which I won't, I would have to pay an extra $500. Then, the coordinator (Yaritza) tells me she will talk to her manager to give me a $500 discount if I pay immediately. I'm extremely upset at the level of customer service I've received. And I don't trust a business that will attempt something this shady. Has anyone experienced this?

The madness continues...

So after all this, I switched to Dr. McAdoo because of the price hike. He was my second choice and I did like his work. I set my date for early January. A couple days after paying my deposit I received an email and a missed call stating they needed to speak to me regarding my surgery. I called and the individual I spoke to stated they had no idea what they needed to contact me for. I called a couple days ago with some questions to discover Dr. McAdoo was no longer with the company. There was only ever one call and one email regarding this (which the employees knew nothing about) and I was never notified. So I decided to switch back to Dr. Fisher for a $6000 special package that includes the BBL and a seven night recovery stay or $5000 for just the BBL. The pre op department stated they could not give me the promotional pricing because I wasn't a new patient, (which I obviously am) and I would have to pay full price. I requested to speak to the manager, and another woman(not the manager) stated they could give me the promo price but I would have to pay in full today. Here we go again. *sigh* Don't know what to do as the customer service is abysmal. And they changed the name of the clinic so I'm wondering if there is something else going on...

Day of Surgery!!!

So I flew in and was seen on the weekend for the pre op appointment with Dr Fisher. Did not get to speak to the doctor today as expected. I was given the garments I purchased along with my appointment time. I approved today at 5:45 and had my weight and blood pressure reviewed. I had the chance to speak to the doctor. He was very funny, friendly, and thorough. He took the time to explain everything to me and review my actual body and realistic expectations. One of the nurses discussed the cell saver which helps in the recover process but it was $525 and I declined it. From what I've read it's not necessary and it's quite the price tag. It's now 9 am and I still waiting for my turn. I have the markups which I'm posting and a photo of me in the hotel wearing a dress I will be using for my recovery shots to compare my progress. It's very unforgiving and shows every bump which is why I chose it. I'm so excited to see what my new body looks like!

1 Week After Surgery

Sorry for the late update. Here are my 1 week before and afters.

I woke up from the surgery literally freezing but not in pain. I was driven to the hotel where I had my recovery package that included garments, transportation, a nurse for the first 12 hours of my surgery, and all the necessary medications. I was given the instructions to walk every two hours for 10 to fifteen mins and drink two gallons of water a day. I have to take an antibiotic every 8 hours and the OxyContin every 4 hours. The nurse was an angel and was the best part of my recovery. She was genuinely caring and maintained the highest level of cleanliness and safety precautions. She did not speak much English, but I am multilingual so it wasn't an issue. I ended up not taking the OxyContin at all except for 4 hours post surgery and right before my lymphatic massages. The pain was manageable for me. I really didn't want to risk addiction to painkillers as my husband had developed a slight addiction before. Also, the pills cause constipation and dizziness. I almost passed out after taking the Oxy once, so I decided to forgo it. The first week was just a ritual of waking up every hour to two hours to pee, which was frantic because I drank so much water, then emptying my drain (I drained ALOT) walking, changing the pad I placed down to sleep, and crashing out. You're so exhausted the first day, that all you do is sleep. The massages at the clinic were professional and the therapist was sweet. However, I did not ever see the doctor again except for before my surgery. The "post op consultation consisted of the doctor's assistant walking in and asking me if I was ok and giving me written post op instructions. She did not even look at my body or incisions. I also had issues getting everything that was promised via email in the recovery package. They only have me two lipo foams, when three was needed. They did not want to give me the ab board that was promised. I had to argue with them for two days in order to receive it. My package included three massages, they said it was only two in the system but I had the email proof. I was very unhappy with this. Honestly, many other women that I interacted with throughout my stay were angry at the lack of doctor follow up, charges for things that should've been included in their recovery package, and charges for services/items that were not explained before. On my final day, I had the drain removed, and it HURT. It took two yanks for the doctor's assistant to get it out. I yelled. And I can take pain well. I was given a typed letter for work and the airline, however it was misspelled, grammatically incorrect, and it was obvious that English wasn't the writers first language. Which normally I wouldn't mind, but I had to submit this to my employer for work restrictions when it appeared to have been written by a fifth grader. One would assume they had a prewrittwn template they could add your name to, but oh well.
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