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I am so excited i'm scheduled 10/24/2014 for a BBL...

I am so excited i'm scheduled 10/24/2014 for a BBL with Dr. Fisher at vanity in miami. If anyone had work done by him hit me up i would like to see some pictures. I keep hearing all these bad things about vanity. So far nothing bad about Dr. Fisher. I know one person who went to him and her body looks amazing. I will add some pre-op pics later. please hit me up if you went to Dr. Fisher thanks. So far i'm dealing with anna and she's really sweet. I had an online consult. Dr Fisher said i need to gain atleast 30lbs.


So I rescheduled my bbl with Dr fisher for April 3rd. I'm still so nervous. Now I'm contemplating dr salzhaur. I follow him on instagram (drmiami) and his work is so amazing. Someone help! I have vanity on my instagram too but they never update pictures. I haven't seen any updates since christmas. Dr miami updates every single day. If anyone has been to Dr fisher comment please. I want some stories. Thanks


20 more days until my bbl, im excited and nervous! does anyone have any suggestions for me??? a booty pillow maybe?

2 days left went for pre op apt

Yesterday March 31st I went for my pre-op appointment, let's just say be prepared to wait forever. My appointment was at 3pm and I didn't get to see Dr Fisher until 6pm. Longest wait ever but so worth it. While I was sitting in the waiting area I got to talk to some of his previous patients. They all had great reviews about him and his work. He is a very nice guy makes you feel really comfortable and is realistic about the results.


So today was suppose to be my surgery, i got a phone call from Dr Fisher's nurse yesterday that my hemoglobin is too low. She told me to buy pur absorb iron (its liquid iron) and take it 3 times a day. Morning afternoon and night, I'm so upset, i am rescheduled for April 20th. I really hope my hemoglobin goes up so i can have the surgery, has anyone had this problem????? please comment because i feel so frustrated.

finally got some pics up

So here are my pics after I gained about 25lbs for surgery. As u can see my butt is not smooth at all. My reason for bbl is for the shape more than the size. I had the tummy tuck in 2012 but since then my butt looks all lumpy and misshaped. I asked the dr to inject fat and this is how it came out. Not good. But the tt came out really good before I gained the weight for bbl. This doc I went to obviously did not specialize in fat transfer! I had no stitches in my butt or anything so I don't even know how he did it.

surgery day

I'm here in the waiting room at vanity, waiting to become fisherfied!!! I'm so nervous my stomach is in knots! They told me to be here at 8am it's 8:07 in that 7 minutes I'm getting more nervous lol, just want to get this over with and start my road to recovery, ready for my summer body.

made it through to the other side

Hey dolls I made it! I feel like I been hit by a train but I made it. I had my bbl yesterday and a follow up apt today. They told me I have to start getting messages tomorrow. In alot of Pain will post pics tomorrow.

day 3 post op

Day 2 was the worst day for me, but day 3 seems a lot better. Laying on my stomach so much sucks more than anything. I haven't been taking my pain meds because I'm scared they're gonna make me sick. before surgery I bought go girl so I can pee standing up, it's literally the best investment ever, I don't know how I would pee without it.

4 days post op

Black and blue all over stomach very swollen

one thing i was mad about

Ok so my surgery was fully paid off, I went for my consult 2 weeks before surgery, I asked dr fisher if he can also do my inner thighs and inject my lips with fat, he said yes. That was that, the day of surgery I was told I need to pay $1200 if I wanted my inner thighs and lips done too. I'm sitting there in the compression socks and a paper robe ready for surgery and that's when they decide to tell me. Like where do u want me to get $1200 from 5 min before my surgery. I really wish I was told it would be extra so I could have paid for it. No one ever thought to mention to me that I would have to pay extra money, it really pissed me off. Othe than that Dr fisher is the shit! And I hope he gets his own practice one day so his patients don't have to deal with vanity. They are so unorganized.

post op

4 days

Back view

8 day post op apt

I went to get my stitches and my drain out today. I'm so glad that drain is finally out, it's didn't hurt to take out but it was the most disgusting feeling in the world! I felt like a part of my insides came out. Anyways dr fisher said he expected me to have more swelling, I've been drinking homeade pineapple juice for swelling works miracles. Don't have to go back until next month. He said do not sit on the bbl pillow it's the worse thing for u. I was carrying it with me. He said it stops the blood flow in ur legs and can cause a clot. He also said he's suprise no one has died from using it yet.

8 days post op

Booty on fleek

more 8 days post op

for the swelling

I make homemade pineapple juice to reduce my swelling. Just boil the pineapple skin and add a couple of pieces of pineapple to the water. Boil until water is yellow. It works miracles on bruising and swelling. An old Columbian lady told me about this year's ago. Anytime u have surgery u need to drink pineapple juice and eat pineapple. But not store bought because they add stuff to it.

day 23 post op

I forgot to post how many cc's of fat in each cheek. So dr fisher put 1250cc of fat in each booty cheek

23 day post op pics

Still some swelling in my stomach and back, my booty dropped as dr fisher said it would
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