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Just starting on my BBL journey!!! Ive had 3...

Just starting on my BBL journey!!! Ive had 3 consultations here in MI, and am not happy with both the prices they charge or how 2 of the 3 said I would need a tummy tuck too. Im 5'5 and 155lbs and I have no loose or hanging skin. Just outta nowhere I gained 35 lbs and they made it out like I was obese or something! Im normally small framed with no hips. The 3rd PS stated "you can only inject the fat into the inner areas and top of the booty, but could do nothing for the hip area.... Soooooo Miami here I come! Im working with Anna at Vanity for Dr Jonathon Fisher and Liz at Spectrum for Dr Ortega. Im leaning towards Dr Fisher... Quote is $6000 including staying at their recovery house w/ Vanity for 6 nights. I have heard alot about the communication issues with Vanity (after they get their $ and lock in a date) but since I havent committed yet, Anna has been very good at keeping in touch. However, Liz at Spectrum is terrible at returning calls if you miss her call to you. Even during business hours I cant reach her on the land line or her cell without having to leave a message. And no quotes. I seen they have a special too but it expires this month. I really like Dr Fishers work, but Im not looking for a giant "shelf", just some curves!

wish pics

photos of me... sigh

Deposit made with Vanity and price locked in for $5000 with Dr. Fisher

$1500 deposit made! But round 2 of financial set backs :( This is getting so very frustrating! 1st I intended to pay for it with a small settlement I was receiving, but found out at the last minute that I would be getting 3 installments for it that would take over a year! So, could only cover the down payment with the 1st one. Next one doesnt come till April, and it wont be enough to pay the SX off! Soooo, my boyfriend said he would help out. Now that parts a little tricky. When he got divorced in 2009 he took on all his ex's credit card debts (totaling some $13000) in order to get her to agree to the divorce. So he has 5 years paying these 3 cards of hers off. He only has 1 of them left, thats less than $500 now, never missed a payment, and has paid his mortgage on time every month since 2008 when he bought his house. He makes good money, been at his job for nearly 20 years and also gets $700 a month is back child support! Neither of us considered that he would be turned down yesterday for a $5000 unsecured loan! But he was! Just shell shocked the hell out of us! Now because of my excessive student loans, car loan and a visa, Im tapped out on the payment ratio scale. But what makes me so mad is that the credit union who just denied him the loan, is the one who gave me the car loan and visa back in Feb of this year. I have no idea how I got approved and he didnt, except that a car loan is secured. Care Credit is the only medical financing that will let the card holder use their card to pay on someone else's treatment. I use care credit daily at my place of employment and it isnt all that easy to get approved, so if a bank wont loan to him, I doubt Care Credit will either! With the holidays coming up, saving our extra cash is not an option either. Between the 2 of us we have 3 kids over 18 and 1 that is 15 plus he has a 1 yr old grandson. So, holidays are expensive in our house... Oh well at least I locked in the price and only have $3500 left of SX to pay. Plus travel expenses. I may not get my BBL in Jan as expected but I wont stop trying to find a way lol :)

Financing is secured!

Decided to go with a medical financing company. Just have to finish setting up terms and paperwork, then the rest of my SX is paid in full. :) So nervous now! I am trying to quit smoking, but it is so hard! The patches make me feel terrible and raise my BP and I dont chew gum.. Im going to try getting an RX from my Dr now. Wellbutrin has the same medicine in it that the quit pills do, but at a lower dose and without the nicotine in it. Because thats what they want out of your system for SX. Cant see him till Nov 10th. Then I worry about losing too much blood afterward. I have read so many stories on here about transfusions, getting heprin shots, the draining with massages versus natural draining with just the compression garment and home massaging. And of course there is necrosis and infection! As I know with everyone, I too have been wanting this procedure for years and years! So I just take a Zani and browse through the positive reviews only!

Prices increased with Dr. Fisher

Soooo glad I paid my deposit and locked in my price with Dr. Fisher! The $6000 special from last month is now $7000. (I chose to get 12 areas lipo/bbl for $5000 instead of the package) He is completely worth the extra money, even a $1000 increase is still an amazing deal tho. The bodies this Dr creates are worth much more than he charges! Cant wait for him to sculpt the new me!

Note to Self...

Just giving myself a quick update of how things are going. While Im waiting to finish paying off my SX, Ive decided to make sure Im physically ready and healthy for a BBL. Had yearly blood work back in August so I checked with my PCP and mostly all is good. Great hemo level of 14.3, all other bloodwork within normal rages, except Vitamin D. Guess I was extremely low on that. Got an RX for some strong Vitamin D2, 1 pill a week for 4 weeks. Should be good after that. Getting my 1st mammogram on the 21st. And an MRI for my back. Reason for the MRI is a CT scan from earlier this year showed a herniated disk with bone spur. I already had surgery for the same issue in my neck for 3 disks in 2007. The last thing I want to happen is for my back to go out either right before my SX or during recovery when I can only lay on my tummy, which would be so painful! The results of those will be back in a week or 2. Lets see, what else... oh ya, had a super bad cold for 2 weeks. Hope it goes away soon, so sick of stuffy nose, coughing and congestion. Glad Im off work right now, it would of been miserable working like this. Gave it to my bf and my daughter, tons of cold meds later and 2 dr visits and we all still have it. Till then I will continue to consume as much OJ and water as I can each day and relax, which is my fav thing to do :)

More Wish Pics

Another wish

Pills and what-not... Anyone else taken some of these?

I am a PC for an orthodontist and I had him give me a list of OTC meds to take before lipo or other major surgery. He is a naturalist ( as every Orthodontist Ive worked for is) and came up with a few I havent seen here. List is as follows
1. Vit C w/ Floride and Rutin 3000 a day
2. Zinc 30 mg day
3. B Complex
4. Magnesium 400 mg day
5. womans multiple w/ Iron
6. ProBiotics 1day
7. Bromelain
8. Arnica Montana
He also suggests that anyone who takes diuretics (water pills) should have their potassium checked when they have their other blood work done. Its not good to go in for surgery if your low on that I guess. Hes kinda hard to get full conversations out of lol.

If your going to bother to blog... please make it readable

I absolutely love reading the blogs here, they are extremely helpful in planning for SX and finding the doc thats right for us. I always read each and every entry even if they havent had surgery yet. I am genuinely interested in everyones journey, no matter what surgeon or country. However, some of the reviews are driving me nuts trying to read them. I am from MI, and I know that we all have our ways of shortening words and slang terms. But some of the girls on here just have the WORST vocabulary and it is truly agonizing to try to make sense of of their posts. Its not the misspelled words or the "short hand" thats annoying, its how they TALK. It is embarrassing that I can make more sense out of the foreign womens posts whos English is their 2nd language, than some of the American girls. I honestly have no idea how they made it through school, work or life in general if thats how they have conversations. I WANT to read their blogs, and I try and try, but it makes my head scream! I just try to skip the idiot words, and attempt to make sense of the rest of it. An example I just came across "The first one TOE me UP". I copied and pasted that from an RS blog just now. Its like shes bragging about her horrible spelling/slang..whatever. How much harder would it of been to just add the R in there? Her whole blog is filled with those errors, but they arent errors because its obvious it was typed that way on purpose. Im just saying that it makes for hard reading and usually me giving up on trying because I get so disgusted by the way some girls chop the crap out of our language! Please dolls, tell your story so that everyone can understand what your saying and easily read your blog. Like I said, its not the typo's or the auto correct on your phone, those are easy to skip over, but when your whole blog is like that its just a waste of time trying to read them. This is not to offend anyone, just me complaining on my own blog. I know I make typos too, we all do. But if your going to bother to blog your story for others to read, please make them readable.

After Care

So I was a little nervous about just taking my bf's 19 yr old with me to help out after surgery. But all of that is fixed now. My longtime friend lives in Jacksonville and will be taking the week off of work to come to Miami and take care of me. She is a live in nurse for the elderly, so I will be in good hands. She is used to medical issues after surgery and in emergencies. I will actually be taken care of completely and I am just thrilled about that! Nothing else to update. With the holidays coming, I wont be able to pay more on SX until Jan probly.

Lost some weight

Oops there was one more thing. I did lose 7 lbs :) Brings me to 148 instead of the 155 I was at. Which is the only thing good about waiting for SX. At least I wont feel so crappy looking in the mirror everyday with a lil weight loss. Still have PLENTY of fat for SX tho, since I carry it all in the middle, its the good fat lol

Just updating

Sooo lets see... gained the 7lbs I lost back. That awful ass chest cold wouldnt go away so Doc put me on steroids and yep, back to 155 again. In fact the cold still isnt completely gone. Not sure if every state has the same bugs going around, but up here in MI everyone I know thats gotten sick has had a hell of a time getting it to go away. Next week I will have the rest of my surgery $$ and will be choosing a surgery date. Im hoping for the week of Feb 14th sometime. That way I can be outta Miami by the time the Spring Breakers start coming down. i shall update next week when i get my date locked in.


March 2nd 2015! And as an incentive for paying my balance in full Anna offered me a compression garment, ab board and 2 lipo foams at no additional cost :) SOOO EXCITED! I have ordered my Arnica Montana pills and gel and my bromelain pills. Going to order a few more things tonight too. My super sweet hunnie gave me a $200 in gift cards for christmas, to buy some stuff for surgery recovery. Love that man of mine :)


Heres what I ordered last night.

another wish pic

ok.. reposting actual photos of me

NO BOOTY! Everything is in the middle and in my boobs lol

Before the weight gain over the last 3 years

Flight Booked

Ok, this is getting so real now! Cant believe in just 2 months I will finally have the figure I have always wanted! Im also giving the patch another chance and started on those to quit smoking. If that doesnt work then I believe I may have to have someone lock me in the house and take away my money and keys so I cant go buy anymore lol.

Hotel Booked!

So the last big item on my list is crossed off. Went a little out of the box for my hotel. Since it is going to be Spring Break while Im there, the hotel costs are skyrocketing. I just cant fathom paying $2500 or more in hotel rooms. So I chose a 2 room lodge @ Miami Everglades Resort Campground. It has everything a hotel has full kitchen, full bathroom, loft w/ 2 full size beds, bedroom with queen, screened in porch with table set, bbq and pool. Only difference is I wont be stuck with spring breakers keeping us up all night. My total with taxes and resort fees is $1750. So happy its all starting to fall into place :)

Fav wish butt in jeans

Wow, praying for a booty like that!

more butts

45 more days!

Officially started my vitamins yesterday. Still havent quit smoking all the way. But just a few a day now... so its a start. Trying to strengthen my core and build muscle up in my arms and legs to help make recovery not so miserable. I had cervical fusion of 3 disks a few years ago, and since then havent been able to sleep very well on my tummy. So Im hoping these core workouts help with my neck too. I actually was ONLY a tummy sleeper until my neck problems and I miss sleeping that way. I read alot of reviews that mention face swelling from sleeping that way, does anyone know why? Is it just due to the surgery and random swelling? Or do some people actually do that normally? Also does anyone know how strict they are on smoking test results? Not just cigarettes... I have a medical M (hippie lettuce) license and dont want to be turned away for SX if they test for that... also more wish pics attached.

Tryin out a surgery ticker

Supplies Pics Update

Got all my vitamins and meds for healing and bruising. List is as follows
Before/After Vitamins and Meds
1. Vita Melts Multivitamin
2. B-Complex Stress (this is very important, helps with energy and stress too)
3. Magnesium (helps nerve and muscle function)
4. Iron
5. Biotin (stress is making me loose more "daily" hairs and this helps combat that)
6. stool softner (damn iron lol)
7. dramamine (was feeling nausea from all the vitamins)
8. probiotic (any kind works really)
9. protonix ( feeling heartburn lately too)
Geez, I have a pharmacy In my house now lol.
Then of course for recovery :
1. Bromelain (reduces inflammation and swelling)
2. Arnic montana gel/pills (bruising and swelling)
Then I came across the lawn chair idea on one the the RS Dolls blogs and had to borrow it!! Genius!

Got some ?s for you dolls that had your surgery already. Need help

#1 How soon before surgery did you start your Arnica and Bromelain pills? I think I read somewhere that 72 hours before. However, the directions from Vanity say no vitamins 1 week before surgery. So can these 2 still be taken or should I wait till after surgery to take?

#2 Does Vanity automatically give you compression socks included with surgery? or do you have to bring your own? And what kind is best if I have to bring my own?

#3 How long is the usual ride from Miami Beach to Vanity? Anyone take a cab there for pre-op? Ive got a driver for 10 of the 12 days Im there, but Im on my own the 1st 2 days and I need to do a pre-op appt and will be taking a cab.

Thanks for any help you can give!

pic I forgot to post

Still thinking of getting the BBL pillow I seen on another RS page. Not sure yet.

Might as well be talking to myself, shutting down RS blog

Im done. I have spent countless hours posting pics and blogging and I never get a response to the questions I ask. Ive had it. Been posting updates and asking questions since October and I barely can get a response, if any at all. Thank you to the "few" dolls that have been friendly enough to post on my blog, but seriously annoyed that some people who posts blog entries without photos or useful info get tons more responses than I do. I wish you all luck on your SX journey. I may post my after pictures but I will not blog about my SX experience with Dr. Fisher. Waste of time and effort apparently.

too funny not to share

This wont apply to me for much longer lmao

2 days on Miami Beach

This is the Studio Condo Ive rented for the 1st 2 days of my trip, right on Miami Beach! Since my friend and her daughter arent going to be there my 1st 2 days in town, we rented this condo for the 26th-28th. The woman i rented from sent me a link to a couple of transportation sites. Does anyone know anything about the Airport Flyer? Says it goes from airport to miami beach to metrorail. Sounds like a good deal. Anyone know if its safe or has enough room for your luggage and stuff?

Vets need some help!

What have all of you used for holding up your drains if your doc uses them? Ive seen some "drain bulb holders" online, thin and full ab size... did anyone use these? If not what did you use to hold ur drains out of the way? And does the Faja 929 (one Vanity gives out) have a snap or open crotch for peeing? I asked a Vet that question but I cant find the blog I asked it on so Im asking anyone out there if they used anything. Im a month out from surgery and need to order quick if im going to get one. Thanks!

Changing things up for the better!

Update on hotel. I was originally spending 2 days on Miami Beach (link above) and then 10 days in the lodge cabin at Miami Everglades Resort. Then my girlfriend (my caregiver for surgery) from Jacksonville and her daughter seen the condos I was staying at on the beach and asked me to look for a larger condo on the beach for the 10 days they will be with me and they would pick up the difference in costs. Sooo, I found a 2bed/2bath condo in the same building and the owner accepted my rental dates and deposit so we will be staying there the whole 12 days! For all you ladies looking to have buddies for your SX stay, this is a fantastic place to stay and only $250 a night during high season and even cheaper during off season. So much room! And right on Miami Beach :) Now I just have to cancel the reservation and get deposit back from Miami Everglades. Less than 30 days to go, so much done already and so much more to do! Cant wait to get there!

21 Day Countdown!

So, Im freakin out on a daily basis now, not on purpose, it just happens. Thank you Klonipin for keeping me sane! I ordered a few more things for the trip. Scar Away strips, EZ-P (hehe), compression socks and a new set of luggage. The luggage requirements for airlines has changed since the last time I flew so I wanted to make sure it was specific to what was needed. I stayed up late last night getting my ducks in a row. Dont think Im morbid, but I try to be prepared for any outcome on everything and wrote letters to my daughters and family just in case anything goes wrong.( Im a realist and its just better to be prepared, just in case.) I already printed up a Will and I have to take it to a Notary with 3 people as witnesses. I know that Im in good health, but I needed that peace of mind. And I remind myself that Dr Fisher hasnt ever lost a patient. Ive had lots of surgeries and never had a problem. As a matter of fact, I usually tend to come out with the best possible results. But this is my 1st plastic surgery. 3 weeks from today I will become a Fisher Doll and I am so excited!

my booty

Not an expert on takin pics of my behind. But here is one. I will have my friend take more before photos when were in Miami in a few weeks.

15.6 Hemo level!!!

Yay, all labs are back and Im all good including my super excellent hemo level :) Everything is falling into place so great! 19 days and counting!


I swear the "powers that be" are messing with me! 1st my daughters get sick, its turned into the flu... Ive bought out the store on herbal teas and zinc drops and flu meds to protect us all, plus lysol spray and wipes for everything lol. I have an infection in my boob! one on those boob "bumps" have become inflamed and painful as hell!, have an appt tomorrow to get antibiotics from my doc. And today Ive got a headache that nothing will take away! Grrrr... Hope is well with all you dolls!

Infected cyst

so it turns out it was an infected cyst and she couldnt just give antibiotics.. so she had to open and drain it. Didnt hurt too bad, feels soo much better than it did. She gave me 5 shots to numb me and was like " wow, you tolerate pain well" I said "not really, I prefer to make it look that way but im screaming on the inside" lmao. I start 5 days of Bactrum today and she said that should kill off anything lingering. :)

Help, more medical problems!

So 1 week ago I went on Bactrum to heal an infected cyst in my breast. 2 days after starting the antibiotic I went out and had a couple drinks with friends. That night I threw up blood. Went to ER the next day when I still didnt feel well, but no more throwing up. The ER dismissed everything as dehydration and sent me home to hydrate myself. 2 days after that I was hit with severe stomach pain that was so unbearable after a few hours I went to a different ER. They admitted me (by then I had a bloody/watery BM.) Diagnosis Pyloric Channel Ulcer/Antral Gastritis/Colitis. They have me on 2 different antibiotics, Protonix to heal ulcer and a sucralfate suspension to help ease gastric symptoms. Ladies I am freaking the hell out! My surgery is in 9 days... I just want to cry! Why is this happening? Am I going to be ok for surgery? I dont want to cancel surgery, I have waited so long for this! Yes I can move the surgery out some. But the Condo fee's ($2500 total approx plus deposits) are non refundable and not sure on airline tickets, I did buy Delta's travel insurance so I might get money back from that... My heart is broken! Talk to me ladies!

In Miami!!!

Made it to Miami today. Had some flight delays so I really only got to go out for a great cuban dinner, walk the shops of Collins Ave. and experience the craziest of drivers ever! Tomorrow is my appt with Dr Fisher for Preop. They will run some additional tests and then I should be in the clear for SX on Monday :) After 2 days of constant IV antibiotics, and 3 take home antibiotics his assistant didnt think there should be any problems with SX. But we will know more after we check my white blood count for any left over infection. Thanks for the love ladies, and wish me luck, pray for me, etc... lol I really hope all is good because Ive spent alot of money and so has a friend to come here with me for 2 weeks and although we will still enjoy our vacay if I can have surgery, I would of course be happier with getting surgery too!

1st surgery of the day! yay!

I got the all clear from Vanity for surgery. All labs are good and I got the 1st surgery time slot! Love it! I will post again soon ladies. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I will update as soon as I can after surgery :) Its sooo pretty here! Posted a pic I took while waiting in traffic.

SX just a few hours away!!

Trying to sleep, too nervous and excited! 5 am is going to come quick! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers ladies! XOXOXO


Ive been back at the condo for a few hours now. Took a lil nap, but I wish I was like some girls and could sleep all day lol. but im just not :( Feeling ok. I had air in my drain (only got one, not sure why) and I was a bloody mess! It was leaking all over. Called Yisel after my nap and 1st pee and and told her nothing was going into the drain she explained it had air and it needs to be squeezed when I empty it and replug the hole lmao. So its working again and my friend is washing my stuff. Will update more with some pics tomorrow!!! Thanks for all the prayers! Typing on your laptop while on tummy is sooooo hard lol.

Fisher Dolls, When did everyone start their massages??? NEED HELP WITH THIS PLZ

when I made my deposit with marians office they sent me a schedule beginning the day after surgery. Is this too soon? when did all of you start your massages? I dont want to go if its too soon....

1st pics and update

So I skipped doing the massage, pain level was too much today. Went for post op and of course didnt see Dr. Fisher. I wont see him till next Monday the day before I leave when I go in to get the drain out. They told me to go home and wash the garment then put my lipo foam and board in. Couldnt fit the board in so these pics have the foam on, but I ended up taking them out too after a couple hours cuz I couldnt breathe. But I got permission from Vanity before I did. They said to have them put back in after massage, but I think the garment is just too small for it, dont know, getting frustrated...

Does anyone have Marian(personal #) or someone else's number for massages that can come to me???

Emergency situation may leave me without my caregiver here to give me rides to massages. Please does anyone have a number to someone who can give me the massages here at my condo? My friend is trying everything she can to not have to leave, but it may be inevitable. She is a live in nurse for an elderly lady and the aide she hired is refusing to stay and she cant find anyone else to come cover for her. She has been trying for 2 days now, and this is going to leave me so screwed if she has to go. I need those massages!!

Pics update

Well ladies its been one hell of a day. I went back into Vanity due to legs turning purple for 2 days after SX. 1st day I asked if the garment was too small and was told no by Dr Fisher asst. She said to try not to be up and around as much as I had been. Then today I went back in and showed them to her again and she said she would go call Dr. Fisher. He told her to send me to ER for Ultrasound to see if I had clots in my legs. ER doctors said no clots, but that the garment was too tight on my legs and cutting off my circulation, to get a bigger garment and one that goes to the knees and not just the thighs. (by the way NEVER go to Jackson Memorial Hospital... its like a 3rd world country there.) I ended up at Mount Siani 4 hours later and they are sooo wonderful! Gave me the good pain meds and sent me home with a script for some too. Anyway feeling much better now, Dr cut 2 spots on each leg for breathing room and all is good. Going to be able to finally get those massages started with Marian today. Thanks for all your help and prayers ladies. Here are a couple pics. Tummy is in need of some massage help to start fixing it now. But overall very happy with what I see so far :)

1 week pics and day of surgery story

I was 1st surgery of the day for Dr. Fisher. Because of construction and rerouting, I was nearly 20 mins late! That ate into the time I would of normally gotten with him before surgery but I did get to show him pics of bootys that I did like and did not like. (he laughed at my "no way please dont do this to my butt" pics lol. He also told me he knew I was a RealSelf blogger and that he wanted to squash 2 myths out there about sitting. #1 always sit for 20-60 seconds before standing up. Reduces the chance of getting light headed, dizzy or passing out. #2 SIT when using the toilet, just lean forward and put the pressure on thighs if possible. He said its ridiculous to pee standing up or backwards on toilet. He also said if I wanted to use the pee urinal just to make sure I didnt get anything on the garment, that was fine, but that its not needed. ( We asked the nurse who took us back if we could get the meds script now so they could be filled while in surgery and she said no, slightly rudely too.) Ok, so after pics and consult I was taken back for the surgery. Only thing I remember was lying down and the cutie guy anethesiologist answering my question of whether or not he stays in there the whole time. Yes he says he stays in the OR the whole surgery to monitor vitals :) When I remember waking up I was already in my garment and on my tummy. I asked for something for pain but was told no they couldnt give me anything else. So I dont know if they had already given me something and I just dont remember or what lol. I heard someone playing music (system of a down was playing) so I asked if they could turn it up and it was a male and he laughed and said yes, why? I told him music always makes me feel better and he was playing my kind of tunes lol. But they did tell my caregiver to hurry and get there cuz I needed a pill and they couldnt give me one. So had they just given the scripts to her before surgery she could of given me one when she picked me up, but nope. We dropped off the scripts at walgreens before she took me back to the condo and it took them over 2 hours to get them filled! Stupid walgreens. I couldnt sleep at all the rest of the day after getting my pills, which insurance of course didnt cover due to me being out of state. But I wasnt in much pain anyway, just sore. I pee'd almost every half hour that day, and I did sit and lean forward as told by Dr Fisher. But I stilled used the P-ezy thing just so I didnt get myself wet lol. Only could sleep 1-2 hours at a time (been that way all week) so I was up and moving alot. At post op I seen claudia, one of Fishers assts and told her my legs had started turning purple when I got up to walk on Day 2. I told her I think its how tight the garment was and she said no, your just walking too much, try to sleep and only walk once every couple hours. Day 2 is alot more painful than day 1 for sure. On day 3 I called Vanity and told them even when I only got up to pee every hour that my legs were purple so they had me come back in. It was a Wed so Dr Fisher wasnt working but they called him and he said to go to ER for ultrasound to make sure it wasnt a blood clot. If you have read my last couple posts you know that it wasnt a blood clot, it WAS from too tight a garment. I couldnt even get the lipo foam pads in that thing! And I wasnt even swollen very much. So I missed 2 massages because the pain and purple legs caused by vanity putting me in too small a garment. The ER docs put 2 cuts in each leg of the garment so my legs would be ok. On day 4 I had my 1st massage with Marian. It hurt but was relieving at the same time. I bought a size larger garment from her and thinner lipo foams. Much better quality than what Vanity gave me in my "package". After that, no more purple legs. Day 5 and 6 I got massages and same thing, painful but beneficial. Today I woke up super swollen in my back and tummy as u can see in the pics. I felt awful and finally did get some rest cuz I didnt feel well enough to be up and about. Its Sunday so no massages today. I get 1 more tomorrow before going to see Dr Fisher for final follow up to remove drain and stitches. Oh ya, one more thing, I did go see Dr Fisher again after the hospital visit and he said its trial and error kind of thing when fitting into the garment after surgery. But joked and said I now have my stage 2 smaller garment lol.

super swollen and in pain, massages arent helping!!

not sure what to do dolls! i had my last massage with marian on monday, came home tuesday and Ive been so swollen and in pain since! I dont live in a city with many options for lymphatic massages, but I did find a lady who has done post tummy tuck lymphatic massage and finally got to see her today. none of the swelling went away afterwards, she even said that she was watching as the fluid went right back to where she just pushed it from... I dont know if its cuz the drain is out and theres no place for it to come out of now, or that it was a completely different massage than the ones in miami... this one was soft and gentle could barely feel it. my tummy is lumpy with fluid and my sides and back are puffy and sore as hell. I even tried self massage and its not working. ANY thoughts or ideas for relief would b much appreciated!!

2 weeks post op and issues

so here are pics of my f-ed up tummy with 2 large seromas. And what Dr Fisher said was a "garment burn" is actually tisssu death. measuring 10 in by 7 in. Just left my PCPs office, she had to refer me to a wound clinic to take care of the issue. I also am going to have to pay out of pocket around $1000 min. to a local plastic surgeon to drain the seromas because they are so large he will need to do it under ultra sound to fully get all the fluid out. And it will probably cost more because I will have to go in more than once to be drained. I am sooooo very angry at Dr Fisher and his assistants that put me in the too small garment the day of surgery!!!! My doctor told me that it is due to extreme compression that the tissue death occurred. Had they have listened to me the day after surgery post op and given me a larger garment, the damage would have been less. Now Im stuck back at home paying even more money to fix his f-up and missing time at work due to his and his staffs negligence. I called Vanity and of course I "waiting for the manager" to call me back because I am demanding a partial refund to cover the cost of his mistakes. I know thats going to take alot of phone calls and alot of bitching and fit throwing, but I am going to try my hardest to get something back from them. He admitted after the ER doctors told me the garment was to tight that " ya its difficult to know the right size garment to put a pt in after this surgery, but hey, at least you have your phase 2 garment now" when I had to buy a larger garment 3 days after surgery because of that issue.... So damn pissed off right now!!!

Day 18 pics before seeing the new PS to get rid of seomas

Went to get the seromas drained today. Instead the new PS put in another drain. OMFG SO MUCH PAIN!!!! He numbed up the area to insert the drain, but not the rest of my tummy. It felt like ripping and shredding as it went thru. before I left the office they drained over 400 ccs out and told me to keep a log on how much fluid i drain daily. Now I can barely move without excruciating pain :( Hoping it subsides soon. He didnt use my original drain site but went in lower near my c-section scar. Probly alot of scar tissue there and hoping that is the cause of pain and not yet another stupid issue... I just talked to him and he said to massage the area, but that I shoulnt be in pain since he only added a drain and to keep him posted. My boss gave me another week off work, I love my office, such wonderful and caring people :)

3 week post op with new drain :(

the right 3 week pics

A couple forgotten pics and short update

Finally able to access some pics on my phone, so I went ahead and posted them too. The last one is the current state of the necrosis on my side. The wound clinic says its healing nicely and should leave little scarring. Hard to imagine the final result of it when it still looks so yucky lol. Just a reminder girls, make sure that garment fits you right. Its supposed to be tight, but if it feels wrong or too tight, dont ignore your instincts. Get a larger size garment and then just add foams if you feel you need more compression. It only takes a day for a compression ulcer to form!!!

5 weeks post op

Things are starting to get a lil better. Still have lots of pain in the lipo areas. Got my 2nd drain out yesterday and that helps alot lol. The necrosis area is healing nicely, but it will take a year to completely heal. My new PS told me no bikini this year, that tanning the lipo areas may cause permanent discoloration in the skin. I FINALLY got to shave the lower half of me today, the drain made it impossible cuz it felt like a scalding hot knife being jabbed into me when I bent over to try to shave. I feel so free now :) Altho I didnt keep as much of the booty and hips that I had hoped, I still have more than when I started and I do love having a slim waist again. I spoke with Dr Fisher finally and of course he deflected the issues to normal healing and problems, but said that IF I decided to go for round 2 that I would get it at a big discount. But that I need to give it a good 4-6 months for my body to finish shaping and then decide. I cant fathom doing this again tho lol

The only view I actually like....

My side view is pretty nice, still wish it was more. Dr Fisher has created some amazing hips and ass outta nothing on some girls.. just wish I could of gotten more. I had tons and tons of tummy fat, let alone sides, back and bra line. No clue why I didnt get more put in...

TY Ladies for sharing my story and helping girls take control of their own recovery!!!

It means the world to me that you ladies are sharing my experiences with Vanity and helping others prevent this from happening to them! I am beaming with appreciation in that my story has touched you dolls and your helping each other prevent more problems in the future. Not just with Vanity but with any PS and after surgery garment. Please buy from a reputable dealer when you get your garments and take care of yourselves! XOXOXO

new pics 8 wks post op

Been healing up more each day finally! The necrosis is almost gone, just a couple millimeter line of it left. Still sore enough to have to take tylenol and a tramadol too. But Im sitting for half the day and laying down the rest. I still get that tightness that you have to stretch out after sitting too long. Im hoping I dont lose any more volume. I am ok with it right now, but any smaller and Im not going to be happy. Here are some pics Ive taken over the last week

oops heres the rest lol

damn click happy

Loving my closet again!

For years now my closet was a huge sore point with me. Having gone from 115 lbs to 155 lbs in just a couple years made me hate my closet. I had pants ranging from size 3 to 13 and when the 13s got too tight, I decided on the BBL. I used to just be pissed when trying to find something to go out in public in that didnt make me look or feel pregnant. I had all these great clothes, and couldnt wear them. Altho I didnt get as much booty as I wanted out of this journey, when I go to my closet now I can literally grab any shirt and look good. Im only wearing my size 10 pants now, but every shirt I have looks amazing on me and I couldnt be happier!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Its too early to tell exactly how the fat transfer to my booty will look at final results, and I do like the shape he gave me with the lipo. However the care after surgery was neglectful to say the least. Because of their mistake in putting me in a garment that was too small, I am now suffering the consequences. I had 4 post op visits in 1 weeks time and let them know that the garment was too tight and causing problems at the 1st 2 appointments, I was forced to go to the ER because my legs were turning purple and they felt it was a blood clot. I learned at ER that I was right, the garment was cutting off my circulation and causing the leg discoloration. The ER doctors cut the leg part of the garment to allow blood flow until I could get another garment that was larger. When I went in for my 3rd post op and actually seen Dr. Fisher he acknowledged that it was basically a guessing game for after surgery garment size and joked that at least I had my stage 2 garment. This is incorrect, all they had to do was measure me and follow the guidelines for size. I was brushed off by the assistants and Dr Fisher, and now I have a 10 in by 7in area of TISSUE DEATH due to extreme compression and 2 very large seroma's. Ladies, get your own garments before surgery in the correct size you already are and then buy smaller garments as needed. Or at least get the garment insert that has 3 rows of hooks to give you extra room if needed on the smaller garment you expect to fit into.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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