5'2 150 BBL Fisher Journey - Miami, FL

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Hey everyone in new to RS but I've been seeing...

Hey everyone in new to RS but I've been seeing everyone's reviews and originally wanted to have Salzhauer do my bbl but after seeing amazing results on Fisher and the price drop I couldn't refuse! The front desk lazy Stephanie Montoya was so nice and answered my questions although it seemed like I called a hotline not an office... Keep trying to rush me in mid sentence, maybe it's just because I'm southern lol. Anyways Im a hairstylist and don't make 6k in a month or even 6 so I've decided to do a medical loan which costs $500 more... Not worried about that much but the only thing is I'm 19 and have no credit. Stephanie told me that he can do my surgery in as little as a month and a half! I was shocked because I felt like Fisher is very popular on RS and vanity at Miami for a low price seemed unreal... So I decided to work on my credit and push my date towards November so then I'll hopefully have credit and can be approved For a medical loan.. If any of you have done this can you tell me what you usually pay a month? I've never done a loan or anything so your info would be nice!

Payment options

I've decided to put everything on hold, and save it all out of pocket, this is something I want and need more than anything to be happier with myself. I'll be ready for fisher hopefully in a year. It's still hard because I wanted to do so many other things but my pay just won't allow it. Only 4,900 more left to save (: pray for me that this money will add up quickly and I'll be working on losing weight and working out, seeing that my self confidence has hit an all time low, I don't even go out of the house anymore, hate being naked in front of my partner.. Something has to change!!!

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